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Why does it always have to be Batman?

because he is Batman!

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But I hope DC doesnt go too comic booky

Yep, down with comic books! We all hate comics don't we?
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@DaltonMunnal said:

I'm not okay with this. If you want your character to be creator owned, then keep him/her out of the universe of other creators so you don't screw it up when you don't want to work with them anymore.

well actually it would be all sorts of awesome if some characters could roam free from one fictional universe to another and still be in continuity. of course it takes interesting characters and interesting storylines otherwise it's just a gimmick.

i have never read the spawn's stories featuring Angela but Gaiman is a blank cheque for good stuff so bring it on.

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Cornell's Stormwatch was one of my favourite books in the new 52, when he left thigs really went south quickly. I don't know what good this localized reboot might bring, i am not really familiar with the wildstorm version of stormwatch (except form what i read the team is not even stormwatch but the Authority) but i don't think they'll be going with a very edgy storytelling given Starlin's "classic" style (surprises would be welcome). I also really liked the idea of mixing old-school DC characters with Wildstorm and MM was a great choice. Bummer to see him leave.

The old logo is an eye-sore but i think it's just showing up for this specific cover.

I just hope they don't kill Zealot as i wish they'll bring the WildC.A.T.S. back. most of the characters are there already and some groundwork has been laid in Team7 which btw was a good example of integrating WS and DC and i'm sad they're axing that book as well.

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well, he does look the part.

while watching The Man with the Iron Fists i was thinking he could play a decent Juggernaut without the ridiculous styrofoam muscles.

also RZA could pull a great blaxploitation Heroes for Hire flick, possibly a period piece set in the 70's with a funky soundtrack. Should be PG-13 at least tho, so there's no chance .

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@spinningbirdcake said:

The Phantom Pimp is more like it.

LOL, my thoughts exactly. Yo, show'em some bling!

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I too think this is too much speculation on what is just a trope functional to the story. Scott just kept some stuff in a safe deposit and the caveau of a Manhatthan bank looks like a good, safe place as any even for some one who has access to some remote locations. In a sense the normality of this might even be reassuring for someone living a wild unpredictable life like a comic book character. It's a sort of everyman's Fortress of Solitude and, being the action type character it fits the spy-movie trope to keep passports (even fake ones) and cash handy for worst case scenarios. I don't think the vials and floppys' content will ever turn out to be important story-wise (you never know though). Probably the floppys are a cue to the fact he's been adding to the stash during various times.

Also i don't think he needs to keep tokens of his past love(s) away from Emma, or Logan. I can't really think of Logan's stealing a lock of hair belonging to Jean, i mean that would be below a decent man and creepy too. And Scott can't really hide anything from Emma because she can read him literally like an open book. It's funny tho that she doesn't need to probe Scott's mind, Uncanny X-Men #2 (the current one) just proved she still feels a bit of competition from Jean but she's confident and in the end she is the strongest one in her relationship with Scott, just like Jean was btw.

The cash is another funny topic, i mean common issues like money, rents, debt, bureaucracy are usually left out of comics and for good reasons, they're not entertaining to read about and totally break the supension of disbelief necessary to enjoy fiction. Like, did Illyana Rasputin ever get an american citizenship? What's Cable social security number? Not really interesting stuff anyway. And where do they keep their documents, money and cellphones in the tight spandex? Liefeld poaches don't seem so silly now don't hey? Ok they still do. But anyway, in the Hawkguy series by Fraction one of the premises is that Clint has got quite a good amount of money and he basically owns the building where he lives, also the first issues of WatXM have various references to Xavier spending a huge amount of his fortune to build and rebuild (and rebuild...) the school and Wolvie's going almost bankrupt to set up the JG school. Also when young-Scott escapes from the school with Logan jacket and ride in a nod to Logan's borrowing Scott's bike in the movie, he finds a huge roll of banknotes in the pocket. So how comes all these full-day superheroes have access to big amounts of cash? Did Xavier and Stark provide monthly allowances for their associates? On a sad note, Peter Parker, one of the only heroes to have a day job has always been struggling with late rents and sparing a penny for aunt May's birthday present or to take MJ out to dinner. Sucks to be Parker.

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This title choice is a move i don't really understand. I don't think it's cashing-in on Tarantino's movie, actually it only seems to attract sarcastic remarks and i guess they're deserved. Besides, Superman is such a huge name/franchise it doesn't really need any kind of gimmicks. Besides, the title breaks the pattern they've used so far. Just look at the Bat-titles: Detective Comics (legacy book title), Batman (just the name of the hero) and Batman: the Dark Knight (the hero's most popular nickname). It made perfect sense to go with Action Comics (legacy book), Superman (name), and The Man of Steel (nickname). Also it would have made sense marketing-wise to go that way with a movie coming soon in theatres by the same name which will probably be a huge blockbuster. Strenghten the brand value and cash-in on the hype (just look at what Marvel did attaching Avengers to basically every title which didn't already have this or an X in it). Plus, comics publishers are periodically recycling titles and character names to keep their trademarks safe so going with this Unchained thing is quite puzzling. Let's hope the book is good at least.

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Zealot is a great character and reading the issues in Deathstroke where Liefeld made her act like "the babe" to Slade's "come gimme some sugar" act was rather depressing. I really wish they can put out a decent WildC.A.T.S. book sooner or later with her and some of the Wildstorm characters that got their books axed. I think the idea of mixing Wildstorm with some classic DC was a winner when Stormwatch came out with Martian Manhunter in it, maybe thay could do the same with OMAC taking over Maul's role in the Wildcats book.

And, am i missing something or wasn't Midnighter the more openly gay of the duo? Reading back issues it looked like he was the one actively pursuing Apollo's affection

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@Superguy0009e said:

Honestly, I don't think this will work out great. I like Nolan, but he is not the type of Sci Fi guy I think should be helming ALL Dc Cinematic Decisions. We need someone like Whedon who has past work in comics and movies similar to that of the company they are working for,

now that would be funny, Whedon helming bot Marvel's and DC's cinematic universes. I mean, it's like JJ Abrams helming both Star trek and Star Wars...