The characters and their teams as they exist in my vision of a rebooted DC Universe 
The teams in my universe include: 
Justice League-The premier hero team, taking on national and global threats 
Justice League International- A hero team run by the UN that consists of representatives from major countries 
Suicide Squad- A group of villains (as well as heroes watching over them) founded by Checkmate to take on threats that are to dangerous for any heroes. 
Shadowpact- A team of magic based characters that handles all threats dealing with magical, demonic, or supernatural beings 
Outsiders- A team consisting of the 3rd generation heroes ( such as Nightwing and Cyborg)  
The Black Hand- A supervillain team consisting of the enemies of the Green Lanterns (ones that aren't part of another corps)  
Legion of Light- A gathering of supervillains whos' identities are kept secret from their henchmen 
Teen Titans- Includes many 4th generation heroes (Red Robin, Superboy, etc) that are sidekicks of the Justice League 
Young Justice- Includes other 4th generation heroes and serves as the Teen Titans covert counterpart (run by the League) 
Freedom Crusaders- Consists of heroes that fought during WWII in a different universe, and somehow ended up in our universe (much younger than they should be) 
Justice Society- Unlike the Crusaders, these WWII heroes fought in this universe, and therefore are much older than the League.
Oracle- An organization that is considered an ally to all heroes. They are the computer hackers and information specialists 
Checkmate- A government organization that is tasked with keeping files on metahumans to ensure that they don't become a danger.

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