Rob Liefeld: The Biggest Jerk in Comics

As you probably know, Rob Liefeld announced a few days ago that he's leaving DC Comics because of heavy editorial interference. Don't get me wrong, I never used to be a Liefeld-hater. I might not like his art, but I never saw a problem with Rob least, until he started his already infamous Twitter war...

When Rob quit, he decided to make it as public and painful for DC as possible. Instead of calmly pointing out the problems (which George Perez did), Rob blamed EVERYTHING on his editors. According to him, he was stuck in the middle of his editors' "pissing contests". Let's not forget when he called out one editor specifically, who he said had a "little pecker". This same editor was publicly defended by many other writers and editors, including Gail Simone (who has also had previous problems with editorial)

Some people said this was brave of him, and it's good that he exposed DC's editors. With his more recent tweets, I think it's becoming more clear that he must be horrible to work with. Not only did he say the art on Grifter was "crap" (he later deleted that tweet), but he began a war with Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo (of Batman fame) today. He said that Scott sent him harassing private messages, so Rob began to tweet that Batman's current book is not succesful because of the writing or art. According to Rob, people buy it because it's Batman, not because Scott and Greg are doing a great job. Since then, Rob has tweeted pictures of Scott's private messages; honestly, I have no idea what Rob was talking about. In the messages, Scott asked Liefeld if he was mad at him for somthing. Rob replied "You are f-ing crazy" (

I'm sure I will update this later, because I doubt Rob will give up anytime soon.

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Posted by BiteMe-Fanboy

Good riddance.

Posted by hpwaz

I know right? If he had just explained what the editors did, it wouldn't have been a big deal. But he decided to take the Alan Moore route, and criticized all of his colleagues

Posted by borges

After looking at those pictures, he's definitely a sociopath. 

Posted by hpwaz

I agree. I've actually seen some people saying that Scott started it! Rob made a comment about Batman, so Scott wondered if it was about him. It's obvious that Rob doesn't care who he insults

Posted by Suprman

There is no reason for him to do this except to get publicity for himself. He's a jerk and he's jealous of Snyder's work.

Posted by X35

I thought Namor was the biggest jerk in comics.

Posted by theTimeStreamer

@X35: but namors a lovable jerk

Posted by Savage_Hawkman

Liefeld needs to remove the Hawkman twit pic. It's embarrassing to Hawkman fans.

Posted by BlackArmor

Can we just stop talking about Liefeld's dumb @$$? Yes he's a terrible writer, artist and human bieng and frankly he deserves every bad thing people say about him but now that he's finally gone from DC I figure we can give insulting him a rest, it's no longer a necessity

Posted by hpwaz

@BlackArmor: I created not to bash him, but to show his defenders what he's really like. There were so many people that said the entire thing was DC's fault, and refused to accept that he had anything to do with it. I just wanted to point out what I see as proof that he was probably also to blame

Posted by JoseDRiveraTCR7

Liefeld is an a** and is handling this situation poorly, but I still side on him in this situation. Plenty of former talent that have walked off have mentioned the editorial problems DC has. Speaking out isn't a bad thing.

Posted by hpwaz

Oh, I completely agree that it is ok to speak out. My only point was that critcizing your colleagues shows that you may not be the easiest guy to get along with. I certainly didn't blame Rozum, Perez, or Gail Simone when they spoke out; they were all at least half-decent with the way they handled it

Posted by darkrider

now he is fighting Scott Snyder on twitter

Posted by JoseDRiveraTCR7

@hpwaz:Yeah, he's a jerk, but that doesn't mean he was difficult to work with. All the people you mentioned also had similar problems. Like Gail said on tumblr, Liefeld is pissed and he's lashing out at everyone. IMO, even though this is immature, it doesn't make what he said any less true or false.

Posted by darkrider

who's next jim or dan

Posted by ThePRez

the twitter war between those two is very fun. But it's sad that Rob as a "professional" is acting the way he's doing.

Posted by danhimself

it just shows how unprofessional he is and he's really burning a lot of bridges here

Posted by joshmightbe

Liefeld's crowning achievement was a rip off of Deathstroke that he created almost 20 years ago and whose best stories occurred after he left the character so he really has no reason for this ego and sense of entitlement he's acquired. I think he saw Alan Moore and Frank Miller get away with being assholes and thought he could too but here's the thing Millar and Moore actually produced something of substances prior to becoming huge assholes where as Liefeld is the guy who gave Captain America B**ch tits.

Posted by straightedgejoe

Rob Liefeld taking shots at Scott Snyder? What's next Michael Bay calling out Christopher Nolan?

Posted by joshmightbe

@straightedgejoe: Actually I'd say its more like the guy who directed Porky's 2 calling out Christopher Nolan

Posted by Fuchsia_Nightingale

@X35 said:

I thought Namor was the biggest jerk in comics.

Nope this Guy

Posted by Madame_Mist

LOL, I love behind the scenes fights.

Posted by Decept-O

I've actually defended Liefeld in the past. I've seen some of his art that has actually been very good and a lot of it has improved, but, sadly, his bad art is more in the consciousness of a lot of comic book readers, and his former comments as well.

I've been following Liefeld on Twitter for some time, long before any of this occurred. He had been a good promoter of his work and others in general and I thought he seemed like an interesting person, despite a lot of the controversy surrounding him.

Lately, though, he really disappointed me. In fact I know of a few people he's disappointed with his comments. It simply isn't professional to throw insults around but while they are his opinions, he could have taken the high road and simply pursued other avenues and kept silent, even if things really bothered him.

We as comic book readers and fans don't need all this. I've had many an argument as well on the Vine but have done my best to refrain from using insults. I'm just a reader, Liefeld is a Pro. He should have acted like one.

Posted by Deadpool_AZ

Dont take shots at the 'Pool bro. His conception was ordained by the gods!

I digress... Leifeilds behavior in the industry has been dubious at best. He's a loose cannon thats for sure but nows he's acting too wild.

Posted by Joygirl

Someone hasn't browsed Lobdell's comments on CV.

Posted by CrazyScarecrow

@joygirl: Lobdell has account?????????RIDDLE ME THIS????????????

Wow. I never thought he was a great artist or writer, but I thought he probably be a nice person and maybe be a little better if he were assigned more muscular characters like Lobo or the Hulk. But him going off on Scott and Greg? Plus, from the way I read those Tweets it sounds like Scott was supportive of Rob.

To go along with Rob's Batman comment I'll answer this for why I am reading this as a die hard Bat fan. 1) Because I am a die hard Bat fan. I even find enjoyment out of the Silver Age Batman if that says anything and 2) Scott's writing has amazed me and I find Greg's take on Batman as amazing and is possibly one of my favorite artists! Which is really great in my opinion since my favorites are a lot of the Golden Age and Silver Age artist (Sheldon Moldoff, Jack "King" Kirby, CC Beck)