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Hey dudes. Not been able to watch any videos for the last few weeks, they just don't play on my browsers. Firefox and Chrome. Some assistance, mayhaps?

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Man, this looks soooooo awesome! In the first that Hyperion? He's not benching the planet or anything is he?

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@Zeeguy91: This is purely a personal thing, but my favorite version of the character was the post-crisis John Byrne incarnation. He had limits that were more....umm...workable?

I'm not saying he should be brought back down to Byrne levels. I get that he needs to be the most powerful guy in comics, powerful enough to fly wherever he wants and do whatever he wants. Fly to Antarctica and back, lift and use giant keys, turn tornadoes inside-out, catch falling aircraft, the works. That could done while still stipulating a more plausible power level. He doesn't have to underpowered, he can still be insanely powerful and believable at the same time.

Say, Supes could barely.....just barely....if he pushes himself to the EXTREME and exhausts all his reserves....nudge the moon out of orbit (and then nudge it back). And then he and Superboy/girl/dog could play catch with a decent sized asteroid. That is still a very high level of power. Quite ridiculous, in fact. People might still have trouble believing it. But it wouldn't insult anyone's intelligence. At least not as much as this.

This is a little too far. Benching the equivalent of the planet for five days, to extract a single drop of sweat? Does Scott Lobdell even know what the Earth is? How old does he think we are? 7?

He could have tailored the new Superman's strength to fit the world, and the people he interacts with, better. This seems like he just looked up a fact on Wikipedia and said, "My Sooperman can lift THAAAAAAT much". It's just bad writing, and seems to be setting itself up for yet another retcon, sooner or later.

Basically, at these levels, he needs to be super-ultra-extra careful about how he exhales in the company of mere mortals, lest his breath vaporise them. And God forbid he ever sneezes. Want to massacre the Justice League? Screw exotic weapons, just blow some pepper up Supe's nose! Job done!

It's just annoying, that's all.

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All the new books look amazing. What I love about Marvel NOW! is that instead of a reboot, it's just a general re-toning and re-colouring of the Marvel U, seems to be darker and more realistic overall. Esp loved what Remender and Cassaday have done with Uncanny Avengers, loved seeing the characters interact, totally into the new everything, cannot wait for the rest of the Avengers books. Particularly looking forward to the Cable's XForce, the new Thunderbolts (which bears absolutely NO resemblance to Remender's Xforce, as some people have ridiculously claimed.), Superior Spidey (only if it's Peter in the mask), Mark Waid's Indestructible Hulk and Iron Man (Hell YEAH!). Also gonna have to find a way to fit Thor and DD on the pull list. I....I think I need to get another job.

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The Hawkeye fight is badass. And Valiant is indeed, back in a big way. Awesomeness, all around.

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@mr.obvious said:

Looks bloody good.


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This is Rubbish. That is all.

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'Ask G-Man' Video Questions G-Man : I was wondering, if Cable has been cured of the T-O virus, does that mean he's back up to full power? That would be awesome.

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: Should've gone with a bow-tie. Bow-ties are cool. :)