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gotta say it's gotta be pym... if it's going to link up with avengers..  no other way to do it  really..  other wise you've got all those newbie dumb questions all fans will hate having to answer or even deal with...

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looks like their going to with the ultimate  thor version as a charactor base,  sounds good to me  works  as far as the costumes too   once yo have the light their designed for..   yeah im interested   thanks babs for the effort :)

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i go in on thursday's to get my comics down here in melbourne, australia  a liattle gem of a city shop classic comics..  thursdays being my day off since i work round the weekend

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bloody typical...   have to agree  ed norton was pretty much the best banner we've had so far...  majorly screws up what ever their going to do with the avengers movie...    NOT HAPPY MARVEL!!!    "where did i put my red lantern rings".....

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sorry to say but  superman wouldn't be able to defeat cell mainly since the levels they use in dragonball dwarf cd comic power levels  if you  go head to head   plus,  supes  wouldn't be able to get a handle on cell fast enough to be able to take him out properly..  try to beat him then cell would evolve past supes  and would be a whole new ball game...  sad to say no contest long term...  worse than when he came up against doomsday...

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This could be really good just hope how ever they actually do it  they work with the books  as close as possible just so we get as true as possible..   the books arn't broken  so don't mess with em as a source