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well for one reason i can think of they used a story like ultimates to basically tell the tale of something that would be difficult otherwise.. most of the hard work was done for them plus well obviously the actors were perfect but they used a director like joss wheedon who by his very nature with shows like buffy angel has a near natural flare for handling multiple large characters while making them all feel a peace of a puzzle without one actor doing most of the heavy lifting

but with the dc movies the nature of what their attempting to put on screen they should just keep to animated movies.. dc doesn't fit so perfectly well in the real world..great in comic or animation though :) (big fan of dc in last few years..)

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go be a troll somewhere else you hating braindead fool

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oh please there is no real comparison between ross and bruce as hulks of course ross is more suited to team dynamics he's able to control his rage more than bruce can, bruce is and has always been not a team player

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of course they do it allows them to show themselves in their "true"light when their not playing nice like everyone else like as if for example dr zoom would be dr zoom without his reverse flash gig going on...

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only a matter of time before she works it out but with luck they wont repeat the same problems with pre-launch

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an R rated wolverine movie? yay no more having to restrain what they can work with and hopefully not a short movie lets have fun with it producers and others involved.. oh and to the suits in case you read this the people that can second guess and wind up weakening a movie leave it alone.. let the makers GO NUTS! :) SNIKT!!!!

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what ever the team that wolverine forms definatly more brutal and pro-active yaeh basicaly x-force on a wider scale

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definalty strikes me as a great idea..  smiles all those non mutants walking round   watching their heads explode with everthing they didn't know :)

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can't have real toe to toe fights without some civilian being scared or at the very  least hurt.. even killed in some cases...  just doesn't feel right to be that clean... no fight is perfect

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marvel should leave it as it is having just cap and  nick fury with their respective serums..  that's enough   wouldn't want to cheapen what makes cap and nick