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anyone else think that marvel comics need to update their classification system for their characters strength etc needs to be updated?

E.G. Thor class 100, seems a little lacking in clarity.

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hehe great idea but isn't xavier and other more moral telepaths kind of big on the whole.. only surface thoughts? if only for their own peace of mind... cause dam being that open all the time would be kind of stressfull to deal with all that information all the time.. almost like being autistic or reading body language all the time...

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good on you gregg sure it's uncool to actually think about what's being offered to the fan community and be purely YAYY oh OH NOO YOU SUCK but sorry i'd rather be optimistic but mainly realistic when it comes to big money projects and showing a new vision on an old title.. but personally i didn't mind the transformers movies bay made and if you have a problem with that just dont waste everyone's time by having a war with me... projects like this isnt' easy to make

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wow bay must really be hard up for megan fox again...all that running around in the yellow jumpsuit she wears...

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just finished pilot.. overly violent? queen in arrow is a man that's been through some stuff and he's clearly thinking long term but can't have a bad guy run off.... seems fine that he's going to be a killer.. hell supernatural is on cw and that gets pretty dark... more please :)

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for those that missed it.. this all got going from the 1st story arch of justice league NEW GODS! i'll be in sounds good though...all those cool charactors and stories with this new flavour and not having to spend a but load to catch up on old books.. win win

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how dare you even think a mess on shoe band like creed would be in the wolverine comic.... hehe for shame...

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hmm interesting i'll bet post avengers v x-men hope kicks the mutant population back into king of the world

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well for one reason i can think of they used a story like ultimates to basically tell the tale of something that would be difficult otherwise.. most of the hard work was done for them plus well obviously the actors were perfect but they used a director like joss wheedon who by his very nature with shows like buffy angel has a near natural flare for handling multiple large characters while making them all feel a peace of a puzzle without one actor doing most of the heavy lifting

but with the dc movies the nature of what their attempting to put on screen they should just keep to animated movies.. dc doesn't fit so perfectly well in the real world..great in comic or animation though :) (big fan of dc in last few years..)