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Just seen the sales numbers...ugh

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I, Vampire may not be as safe as I thought. Quote from Joshua Hale Fialkov in a recent Newsarama article.

If you like the book, tell people about it. We've been holding steady, which in this market is an impressive thing to do. But if you want the book to continue, you need to help us grow. It's been intimated that we're safe for the short term, and it's because of how vocal and loving the fans have been. So, keep it up! We're Tinkerbell, and you need to keep clapping... or else.

That's worrying, #9 was one of my favourite issues last month, just checked and apparently 5-8 all sold under 20k... =(

Meanwhile Detective and Dark Knight are selling quadruple that =/

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@jsphsmth said:

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@Show me someone quitting after six months and we'll talk.

Remender off Venom and Brubaker off Captain America.

You've misinterpreted me, Venom was two years and Cap was eight. My point is, no one is suddenly quitting after six months on a book, the examples you used had a pretty long run and came to a natural end. All I was trying to say is that clearly he's burnt out on Cap, but to put that soley down to double shipping when there's other factors (like an eight year tenure with the character) is a little short sighted, and should probably be considered before you go hate mongering.

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@jsphsmth: Fatale, Cap and Winter Soldier were a drop in quality? That's completely subjective anyway. Co-writing commonplace? If by common place you mean the last arcs of their runs. You're talking out of your ass. Remender admitted he was done with Venom, and Ed was on Cap for eight years so it's no surprise he's leaving. Who exactly is it then that can't handle this schedule? I completely agree with you that double shipping is risky in terms of quality and writer well being, but I can't agree with your examples. Show me someone quitting after six months and we'll talk.

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@jsphsmth: Ok, prove it. You've given two names, Remender, who got to write 92% of the Venom stories he wanted to tell, and Brubaker, who has been working Cap for eight years. There's no one else today who's been writing and still is writing a character for that period of time. In this case, double shipping is irrelevant, maybe the extra issues brought it on a little sooner but he was going to burn out regardless. You're taking completely unrelated cases and shoving double shipping in to make Marvel look like the bad guy. Show me a writer who's left a book after a reasonable period of time because they can't handle the schedule.

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Sounds like a real mess

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This has nothing to with Marvel, Ed has been writing Cap for eight years, there's very few, if any, people still working on the titles they were at in 2004 when he started, I can't imagine anyone not being burnt out after so long on a project, but whatever, carry on with the irrational Marvel hatred.

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I don't know how many of you still read the letters section, but in the most recent issue of Venom, someone wrote;

''Please don't leave! Not to say that Cullen Bunn is not a fine writer, but I want more Remender Venom. I feel that you have a grasp on the character that will be hard to measure up to. Why are you leaving? Please at least tell me you have something else coming soon from you from Marvel.''

The editor's response was;

''We're all sad to see Rick go, but fear not - America's going to be hearing some BIG news about where he'll be heading next soon.''

Could the rumours be true of a new Astonishing Avengers series? Or perhaps he'll be taking over Captain America in the next few months as Brubaker's eight year tenure comes to an end. He's also got some creator owned stuff in the works (which is currently untitled but some teasers have been released which I'll post below,) so Venom may not be the only title he's leaving. What you like to see him do next?

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Slott, Gillen, Aaron etc manage it fine. He's been doing Cap for 8 years, anyone would get burned out after that, and as far as Remender goes;

I got to do about 92%," Remender said in regard to how many of the stories he wanted to tell got told during his tenure.