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@Deranged Midget said:

Still not convinced that Lobdell will do Superman justice. He's a terrible writer, Superboy is perfect proof of that.

Superboy #1 - 4/5 stars

#2 - 4/5 stars

Additionally, Superboy started out very well and ifanboy recommended that I pick up Superboy and I have been reading it since then. General consensus was that the issue got bad after Tom Defalco co-written it. I think #10 and #11 were one of the better issues.

IGN gave #9 - 7/10 and mostly 6.5/10 for the other issues.

Additionally the same team with Rocafort and Scott Lobdell that did Red Hood and the outlaws have been getting great reviews almost for every issue. 4/5 stars consistently on Comicvine. Red Hood and the outlaw also has a growing fanbase with 1580 members since its debut last year. Popular video bloggers like Nug and Cymek has also been giving the book tons of praises.

Additionally sales for all 3 of Scott's book were fantastic for the character. TT almost more than double their pre flashpoint numbers and is one of the titles with the lowest drop since #1. RHATO also more than doubled their pre flashpoint numbers if comparing to TT spin off book "Titans". Same goes to Superboy.

But I know, you're pretty biased cos you hate lotsa popular writers like Geoff Johns and Scott Lobdell. So... can't really convince you there.


I completely agree with midget, dropped Red Hood and Teen Titans, so mediocre, and the Red Robin mess? Not a fan of Lobdells, bit worried for Supes, especially with Grant leaving.

The fact that they're crossing over so soon doesn't exactly inspire confidence either.

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Iron Man =)

Gillen =D

Land =(

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@Original_Sin said:

Fake. Just wishful thinking.


Not sure they even have the license anymore.

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Irrelevant, all I want are good books, and whether or not the hero is fighting fellow heros isn't at all indicative of the quality of the book. Swapping in the Masters of Evil wouldn't suddenly improve Civil War or AvX. I'd take a good Daredevil vs Cap story over a poor Cap vs Red Skull story and vice versa.

For over the past decade, Marvel has created many stories about heroes fighting other heroes rather than creating stories focused on heroes fighting villains. What could have caused this and is this a good idea or a bad idea?

And this is flat out false, heroes vs heroes are the exceptions, we get them maybe once in a year in big events, but the majority of books throughout the year still contain the classic good guy vs bad guy.

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Thank goodness, not a fan of Winnick.

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I knew Gillen was leaving, sorry JV.

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Good for him, that's a pretty big deal, just hope it doesn't interfere with his work on Chew.

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Apparently one of the eleven will be New Avengers, also by Hickman, illustrated by Steve Epting.

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@Jonny_Anonymous: Seems likely to me with the pending movie and RR was on the poster, we'll see I guess.

@War Killer: Eh, wasn't a JRJR fan but I just read some of his Spiderman stuff and it wasn't too bad. I'd rather they didn't pair land with Gillen again though.

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@SuperShafe: All we've heard is #700 is going to shake things up big time.

@thveej: It's a relaunch, continuity is staying the same, it's essentially just some new series and jumping on points.

@Cap10nate: I was worried about that too but in the Interview where Ed announced his departure from Cap, he stated he wants to carry on with Winter Soldier for a long time.

@Boogiepop: I'm not thrilled either but I'll take what I can get, it's better than no Marvel Cosmic at all...I think