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In the process of making the switch from floppies to collected editions. It's become too much of a hassle to go into the store every week, get a few minutes enjoyment from an issue, and then have to spend as much time bagging, boarding and boxing it, or track it down should you miss an issue. Seems like a good time to make the switch too with all the relaunches over the past 18 months. Anyway, wanted to know what ComicVine preferred, TPBs, Hardcovers, or just whatever comes out first/ you can find. Thanks!

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Thanks for the spoilers dick.

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@The_Tree: That's how I feel and why I made this thread, I've got a pile of around...50 to 60 single issues sitting here waiting to be read, going pretty far back, there's Batman 0 so I'm at least a month behind. At first it was fun collecting single issues, but now it's just become a chore and it's taking the enjoyment out of reading comics for me. I have to go in every Wednesday to buy the issues, If I don't when I go in later that week at least one book will have sold out, then I have to go on ebay and order the issues they didn't have in store, then I have to bad + board, which leaves me less inclined to reread them, plus adds, plus you don't really know what you're getting. You make a really compelling argument, and you're right, can't think of a single negative besides having to wait a while in between trades.

Thanks for that, feel much better about making the switch now.

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How do you read the MAJORITY of your stuff? I'm starting to get burnt out on comics, and I think the format I read them in is a big part of that. It's a pain to have to go to the comicbook store every week, and then bag/board and all that nonsense. Curious what ComicVine does, and if anyone has made the switch to reading everything in trade, as I'm considering it. If you have made the switch, how was it? Thanks.

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I'm considering switching from weeklies/floppies/whatever you want to call them to trades. Getting a bit burnt out now and I think reading single issues is a big part of that, It's a pain having to go in every Wednesday, then you have to store them, bag, board all that nonsense, then wait four weeks for the next 20 pages. Has anyone else made the switch? How was it?

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Wolverine and Storm.

Logan gets brainwashed...again, kills his wife, Storm is gone from comics and you stop with these god damn threads.

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A good writer can change my mind on a character, and get me to like someone I was never very keen on, but a character, cannot make a bad writer more talented. That being said, if I like the character enough I may persevere with book inspite of it's poor creative team.

Ultimately it's a combination of both, I'm not going to buy Morrison's new Pedo Santa Image series, but I probably won't carry on with Action Comics once Andy Diggle takes over either.

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@Osian2 said:

@god_spawn said:

I'm kind of like stunned beyond belief that this is the legit picture. And Cykes has his blue and gold and not that crappy X shaped visor. Awesome.

That x shaped visor is just ridiculous it's like if Captain America got rid of his mask and just painted a big A on his face.

My fav characters from the extinction team being still alive makes this even better. But where is Colossus and is Storm officially going to leave the team? At least Namor and Brat Summers aren't there.

She leaves to teach at Wolverine's school