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A clear soup and no flavour .. Architectes: Tous imbéciles. Oublient toujours l'ESCALIER des maisons .. Meister-Eckhart: Aber ich behaupte: Sie sind ESEL ; von der Wahrheit begreifen sie nichts .. .. ZUM SPAß .. ESEL tragen nicht DAS HÖCHSTE EHRENZEICHEN? .. That is very evident! .. .. The Idiomatic Translation of arabic [ba-ha-im بِهَائمٌ] correspond to german "ESEL" (=donkey) .. Tous [imbéciles] = Tous [Esel] = Tous [ba-ha-im بِهَائمٌ] .. .. .. ESCALIER? .. l'ESCALIER = THE EAGLE'S BACK = das Rücken des ADLERs .. .. Charles Berlitz — Eines Tages kamen die Vögel zusammen, um zu erproben, welcher von ihnen am höchsten fliegen könne .. Manche stiegen sehr schnell auf, ermüdeten aber bald und wurden von anderen mit stärkeren Flügeln überholt .. Doch der Adler stieg höher als alle empor und wollte schon den Sieg beanspruchen, als der graue Hänfling, ein sehr kleiner Vogel, von dem Rücken des Adlers aufflog, wo er sich unbemerkt niederlassen hatte .. Und da er frisch und noch nicht erschöpft war, gelang es ihm, am höchsten zu steigen .. Als die Vögel wieder herunterkamen und Rat hielten, wem der Preis zu verleihen sei, wurde er dem Adler gegeben, weil er nicht allein näher zur Sonne hinauf gelangt war als die anderen größeren Vögel, sondern auch noch den Hänfling auf seinem Rücken getragen hatte .. Aus diesem Grunde wurden DIE FEDERN DES ADLERS, das höchste Ehrenzeichen, das ein Krieger tragen kann .. .. .. ESEL (=unwise) as opposed to EAGLE or ADLER (=wise) .. .. KING OF BOHEMIA, as opposed to KING OF THE BIRDS .. .. .. WHY THE WREN FLIES CLOSE TO THE EARTH? .. The wren thought she was wise before, but now she is really wise, for she always flies close to the earth, and never tries to do what she cannot .. By analogy, and metaphorically speaking, OUR GREAT WRITERS (Shakespeare, Goethe, Jules Verne, Conan Doyle, etc.) tragen nicht DIE FEDERN DES ADLERS, DAS HÖCHSTE EHRENZEICHEN?? ___ ____ ____ BOHEMIENS EN VOYAGE .. BOHEMIA NARRENSCHIFF .. SHIP OF FOOLS .. A clear soup and no flavour .. The name [Bohemia] refer to [Animals = بِهَائمٌ ba-ha-im]? .. A SCANDAL IN BOHEMIA —Textanalyse und Interpretation .. Bohemia? .. .. [KING OF BOHEMIA] is connected with [IDIOCY غَباوة] akin to [Animals = بِهَائمٌ ba-ha-im], as opposed to [IRENE ADLER], who is distinguished by [WISDOM حكمة] .. .. There is an allegorical connection (ein Zusammenhang) between [ATHENA] and [IRENE ADLER] .. Wie so? How so? .. [Athena is known by her acuteness of mind] .. [Fi(ط)-na فِطْنَة] = WATCHFULNESS + AWARENESS .. WATCHFULNESS presuppose [spying on sb.] + [being on his guard], in order to prevent harm .. .. AWARENESS as opposed to IDIOCY [الفِطْنَة ضِدُّ الغَباوة] .. .. Athena is characterized by her [(AWARENESS + KEENESS OF MIND) = فِطْنَة] .. She is quick to understand and to recollect .. .. .. [فَطَانَة Fa-(ط)a-na]=[قوَّة استعداد الذِّهْن لإدراك ما يرد عليه]=[Acuteness of mind] + [Cleverness + Adroitness or Geschicklichkeit الحِذْق والمَهَارة] ___ ___ ___ The Greek historian, Herodotus (c. 484-425 BC), noted that the Egyptian citizens of Sais in Egypt worshipped Neith and that they identified her with Athena. The Timaeus, a Socratic dialogue written by Plato, mirrors that identification with Athena.

Plutarch (46 - 120 A.D.), said the temple of Neith (of which nothing now remains) bore the inscription:

I am All That Has Been, That Is, and That Will Be.

No mortal has yet been able to lift the veil that covers Me .. ?? .. .. Athena = Irene Adler? .. .. Explanation and Decipherment of the name "ATHENE" by the help of Arabic Language .. .. The litteral meaning of [THANA ثَنَى] = [to turn away or aside] , [to look back]* .. .. From there, comes the figurative meaning of [THANA ثَنَى] = [to prevent from, to break resistance, to defeat] .. .. Sherlock Holmes — IRENE ADLER, AS I WILL STILL CALL HER, had hurried up the steps; but she stood at the top with HER SUPERB FIGURE outlined against the lights of the hall, LOOKING BACK* into the street .. .. [AS I WILL STILL CALL HER] suggest that the name "ATHENE" might have a CLOSER CORRESPONDENCE, in [Meaning + Pronunciation], with arabic [THANA ثَنَى] = [to look back] or [turn aside] .. .. to represent = bildlich darstellen = To figure form or shape .. .. IRENE ADLER represent ATHENA? .. .. .. .. [Adler] = EAGLE .. Eagles and hawks are said to have the keenest sight .. The Eagle is a large FIERCE LOOKING BIRD, and AN EAGLE'S EYE is not agreeable to sight --> Irene Adler is thus comparable to A WARRIOR .. .. You do not know her, but she has a soul of steel. She has the face of the most beautiful of women, and the mind of the most resolute of men. Rather than I should marry another woman, there are no lengths to which she would not go—none .. .. 2. [Irene] = PEACE .. PEACE and WARRIOR(=eagle) are irreconcilable! --> Consequentlly, The term "Irene" would be A euphemism? .. euphemistic = verhüllend, beschönigend .. ..​hs-24grammata.com_.pdf .. .. Plato identified Athene, patroness of Athens, with the Libyan goddess Neith, who

belonged to an epoch when fatherhood was not recognized. Neith had a temple at Sais, where

Solon was treated well merely because he was an Athenian (Plato: Timaeus). Virgin—

priestesses of Neith engaged annually in armed combat (Herodotus), apparently for the

position of High—priestess .. .. .. THE AEGIS was ATHENES's long before ZEUS claimed to be her father .. THE AEGIS originate from LIBYA .. Herodotus

writes: ATHENE's GARMENTS and AEGIS were borrowed by the Greeks from THE LIBYAN WOMEN .. .. GODDESS-WORSHIPPING LIBYAN REFUGEES introduced ATHENE'S GARMENTS and AEGIS into GREECE ? .. .. THE BIRTH OF ATHENE .. Virgin Mother Goddesses of Antiquity —Marguerite Rigoglioso— Athena's springing from Zeus' head "fully grown", for example, echoes the idea of the click beetle that originally belonged to Neith emerging fully grown from the earth .. .. .. .. .. .. Robert Graves — Apollodorus's account of the fight between Athene and Pallas is a

late patriarchal version: he says that Athene, born of Zeus and brought up by the River—god

Triton, accidentally killed her foster—sister Pallas, the River Triton's daughter, because Zeus

interposed his aegis when Pallas was about to strike Athene, and so distracted her attention.

The aegis, however, a magical goat—skin bag containing a serpent and protected by a Gorgon

mask, was Athene's long before Zeus claimed to be her father .. .. Gyges (' earth—born') has

another form, gigas ('giant'), and giants are associated in myth with the mountains of Northern

Greece. Briareus ('strong') was also called Aegaeon (Iliad), and his people may therefore be

the Libyo—Thracians, whose Goat—goddess Aegis gave her name to the Aegean Sea .. Esculent

acorns, a staple food of the ancient world before the introduction of corn, grew in Libya; and

the Garamantian settlement of Ammon was joined with the Northern Greek settlement of

Dodona in a religious league which, according to Sir Flinders Petrie, may have originated as

early as the third millennium BC. Both places had an ancient oak—oracle. Herodotus

describes the Garamantians as a peaceable but very powerful people, who cultivate the date—

palm, grow corn, and herd cattle — THE OLYMPIAN CREATION MYTH .. The myth of Erechtheus and Eumolpus concerns the subjugation of Eleusis by Athens,

and the Thraco-Libyan origin of the Eleusinian Mysteries —Erechtheus And Eumolpus .. .. Souls that thrice on either side - Free from evil can abide - Travel the road of Zeus to Kronos' tower, -

Where round islands of the blest - Ocean breezes lull to rest - And forth there flashes many a golden flower .. Zeus, by A. B. Cook — The word elysion, which thus signifies both the spot struck by

lightning and the abode of the divinised dead, is presumably related

to elysie, a ' way' The term is remarkable, and its applicability is not at once clear. We must suppose that the Greeks recognised a

definite ' way ' from earth to heaven, along which those honoured

by the summons of Zeus might pass. This conception would at

least square with certain Pindaric phrases .. .. .. Neith, THE SKIN-CLAD TRIPLE-GODDESS OF LIBYA,

anticipated ATHENE with her AEGIS .. [The Egyptian deity NEITH + the Phoenician goddess TANIT] are PRECURSORS OF ATHENE ? .. Atlas And Prometheus —Robert Graves— According to Diodorus, when most of the inhabitants of

Greece, were destroyed by the great flood, the Athenians forgot that they have founded Sais

in Egypt. This seems to be a muddled way of saying that after the submergence of the Pharos

harbour-works the Athenians forgot their religious ties with the city of Sais, where the same

Libyan goddess Neith, or Athene, or Tanit, was worshipped .. .. .. Robert Graves — According to the Pelasgians, the goddess Athene was born beside Lake Tritonis [Chott Djerid] in

Libya, where she was found and nurtured by the three nymphs of Libya, who dress in goat—

skins .. .. The Argo Returns To Greece

— 5. Lake Tritonis = Chott_el_Djerid, once an enormous inland sea that had overwhelmed the lands of the

Neolithic Atlantians, has been slowly shrinking ever since, and though still of respectable size

in Classical times—the geographer Stylax reckoned it at some nine hundred square miles—is

now reduced to a line of sack marshes. Neith, the skin-clad Triple-goddess of Libya,

anticipated Athene with her aegis) .. e. The Argonauts then sailed in fine weather along the coast of Eastern Sicily, where

they watched the matchless white herds of Helius grazing on the shore, but refrained from

stealing any of them. Suddenly they were struck by a frightful North Wind which, in nine

days’ time, drove them to the uttermost parts of Libya; there, an enormous wave swept the

Argo over the perilous rocks which line the coast and retreated, leaving her high and dry a

mile or more inland. A lifeless desert stretched as far as the eye could see, and the Argonauts .. .. Libyan immigration into Crete as early as 4000 BC ?? — Athene was born beside [Chott Djerid] about 4000 BC ?? .. .. GODDESS-WORSHIPPING LIBYAN REFUGEES migrated from NORD AFRICA (=Libya) to CRETE .. Robert Graves proposes that the worship of Athena was brought from North Africa to Crete as early as 4000 BC. He suggests a complex origin, from both Libya and Egypt and proposes that Her name was derived from Anna, or Ath-anna, an inversion of Anatha, another name for Neith. (8) .. .. .. Tritone means "the third

queen": that is, the eldest member of the triad — mother of the maiden who fought Pallas and

of the nymph into which she grew — just as Core—Persephone was Demeter's daughter .. .. Robert Graves — 2. Pottery finds suggest a Libyan immigration into Crete as early as 4000 BC; and a

large number of GODDESS-WORSHIPPING LIBYAN REFUGEES from the Western Delta seem to have

arrived there when Upper and Lower Egypt were forcibly united under the First Dynasty

about the year 3000 BC. The First Minoan Age began soon afterwards, and Cretan culture

spread to Thrace and Early Helladic Greece .. .. Robert Graves — Athene, the Athenians' city—goddess, was the parthenogenous daughter of the

immortal Metis, Titaness of the fourth day and of the planet Mercury, WHO PRESIDED OVER ALL WISDOM AND KNOWLEDGE .. Plato identified Athene, patroness of Athens, with the Libyan goddess Neith, who

belonged to an epoch when fatherhood was not recognized .. .. .. .. IRENE ADLER = [ATHENA]? .. .. The attributes of Athena ..​na.htm .. [ATHENA + IRENE ADLER] are characterized, identified, marked, gekennzeichnet, distinguished by [ACUTENESS OF MIND فَطَانَة] + [THANA ثَنَى = TO TURN, TO BREAK RESISTANCE] + [MURU-A مُرُوءَة = Bravery / Mut = Manhood / رُجُولَة] + [AEGIS or GOAT-SKIN shield] alluded by [Jersey] meaning "woolen knitted close-fitting tunic," especially one worn during sporting events, is from 1836 .. .. .. .. .. .. Robert Graves — Goat-skin aprons were the

habitual costume of Libyan girls, and Pallas merely means 'maiden', or 'youth'. Herodotus

writes: 'Athene's garments and aegis were borrowed by the Greeks from the Libyan women,

who are dressed in exactly the same way, except that their leather garments are fringed with

thongs, not serpents.'.. ZEUS AND METIS - It would be a mistake to think of Athene as solely or predominantly the goddess of

Athens. Several ancient acropolises were sacred to her, including Argos, Sparta, Troy, Smyrna, Epidaurus, Troezen, and

Pheneus (Pausanias). All these are pre—Hellenic sites ..​hs-24grammata.com_.pdf .. INTRODUCTION —Robert Graves— The Akan people result from an ancient southward emigration of

Uyo-Berbers—cousins to the pro-Hellenic population of Greece—from the Sahara desert

oases and their intermarriage at Timbuctoo with Niger River negroes .. Four different cult-types persist

among them. In the most primitive, the Moon is worshipped as the supreme Triple-goddess

Ngame, clearly identical with the Libyan Neith, the Carthaginian Tanit, the Canaanite Anatha,

and the early Greek Athene. Ngame is said to have brought forth the heavenly bodies by her

own efforts, and then to have vitalized men and animals by shooting magical arrows from her

new-moon bow into their inert bodies. She also, it is said, takes life in her killer aspect; as did

her counterpart, the Moon-goddess Artemis .. .. .. .. .. .. “MY DEAR MR. SHERLOCK HOLMES,—You really did it very well. You took me in completely. Until after the alarm of fire, I had not a suspicion. But then, when I found how I had betrayed myself, I began to think .. Allusion to [Fi(ط)-na فِطْنَة]=[Awareness, présence d'esprit] .. .. I had been warned against you months ago. I had been told that, if the King employed an agent, it would certainly be you .. Allusion to [Fa-(ط)a-na فَطَانَة]=[Acuteness of mind] .. And your address had been given me. Yet, with all this, you made me reveal what you wanted to know .. Allusion to [Fa-(ط)a-na فَطَانَة]=[Cleverness + Adroitness or Geschicklichkeit الحِذْق والمَهَارة] .. Even after I became suspicious, I found it hard to think evil of such a dear, kind old clergyman. But, you know, I have been trained as an actress myself. Male costume is nothing new to me .. allusion to [MURU-A مُرُوءَة] .. I often take advantage of the freedom which it gives. I sent John, the coachman, to watch you, ran upstairs, got into my walking clothes, as I call them, and came down just as you departed.

“Well, I followed you to your door, and so made sure that I was really an object of interest to the celebrated Mr. Sherlock Holmes. Then I, rather imprudently, wished you good-night .. Allusion to [ فَطِن]=[to realize, to be aware of] .. .. Watson: We had reached Baker Street and had stopped at the door. He was searching his pockets for the key when someone passing said:

“Good-night, Mister Sherlock Holmes.”

There were several people on the pavement at the time, but the greeting appeared to come from a [slim youth] in an ulster who had hurried by .. A SLIM YOUTH allude to [مرء (=an individual, a person)], a term, that refer indistinctly to both men and women .. --> That is easily explained, because Holmes did not recognize The voice ..

“I’ve heard that voice before,” said Holmes, staring down the dimly lit street. “Now, I wonder who the deuce that could have been.” .. .. [SLIM YOUTH] allude also to [MURU-A مُرُوءَة] .. because [IRENE ADLER = A WOMAN] was disguised as a [SLIM YOUTH] .. [MURU-A مُرُوءَة = Manhood / رُجُولَة] is a quality ascribed to manliness! .. It refer to manhood qualities of spirit and conduct, as they are generally considered superior to the qualities of spirit of women .. [MURU-A مُرُوءَة] is used generally to denote courage; bravery; resolve; Chivalry; Sense of honor .. .. Curiously, [MURU-A مُرُوءَة] a quality ascribed to manliness, derive from the arabic word for [WOMAN امرأة] .. It is a remark made by ROBERT DE BORON in PERCEVAL .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..__________ ZUM SPAß .. .. ADVENTURE I. A SCANDAL IN BOHEMIA .. .. Canaanites, Arameans, Chaldeans .. .. Wilhelm Gottsreich Sigismond von Ormstein, Grand Duke of Cassel-Felstein, and hereditary King of Bohemia .. .. [Cassel], as Kassel Hercules, derive ultimately from Arabic [castle القصر (al-qasr)] .. .. .. [Felstein] suggest [Fels, Stein Hauer] .. .. .. .. Both [Ormstein + Sigismond] suggest [Nordic Names], and then [Nordic Legends] .. .. [Sigismond] suggest [Sieg-mund], and then [Siegfried the dragon killer] .. In their turn, [Nordic Legends] + [dragon serpent symbolism], recall to mind [the nordic legend of beowulf], and then [hrothgar's castle pillars] .. .. [Pillars] symbolize [Grandeur - High station - Pride] .. .. [Orm-stein] become thus associated with [Pillars (=Grandeur)] .. .. .. Der Ursprung des Namens „Grendel“ ist bisher noch nicht abschließend geklärt .. GRENDEL may allude to GRANDEUR=PRIDE .. .. In another respect, [Pillars (=Grandeur)] suggest [IRAM OF THE PILLARS]=[South Arabia, The original location of the Arameans] .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ___ ___ ___ [Sigismond] suggest [Sieg-mund], and then [Siegfried the dragon killer], and then [Eckart] .. .. ECK-HART is probably a reference to [Prophet's Lot] phrase: (أو آوي إلى ركن شديد)=(or I take refuge in a strong place) .. surat Hud ayat 80 .. ..​kart.html .. ECK-HART is alluded by [(Winkel ركن) or (zur Seite treten)] - die Knaben versteckten sich in einen Winkel .. .. ECK - .. .. ECK-HART is alluded by Grimmelshausen's cute_witty_phrase: [STEH AN EIN ORT, DA NIEMAND HINSCHEUST, SO BIST DU SICHER] which refer , playfully, to AN INVULNERABLE PLACE = A STRONG [PLACE or ORT or ECK زاوِيَة] .. ZEUS (probably derived from zawa زوي) is associated with the meaning of ECK زاوِيَة .. ECK meaning REFUGE, SHELTER, UN ABRI, OBDACH .. ECK refer, thus, to SECURITY, PROTECTION, SCHUTZ .. .. [Eckart]=[Invulnerability]=[une place forte - a strong place] .. .. [Eck Hart ركن شديد] = [un coin fort = a strong corner] .. .. a corner, un coin, ein Ort, eine Ecke, زاوِيَة, Winkel, ركن, place .. .. Grimmelshausen .. ›Das Mittel der folgenden Schrift

Behütet, daß dich keine Kugel trifft.‹

Solches verstehe der Herr recht und nehme aus jedem unteutschen Wort, als welche weder zauberisch noch sonst von Kräften sein, den mittlern Buchstaben heraus, setze sie der Ordnung nach zusammen, so wird es heißen: ›Steh an ein Ordt, da niemant hinscheust, so bistu sicher.‹ Dem folge der Herr, denke meiner zum besten und bezeihe mich keines Betrugs, wormit ich uns beiderseits Gottes Schutz befehle, der allein beschützet, welchen er will. Dat. etc.« .. ..,+Hans+Jakob+Christoffel+von/Roman​e/Der+abenteuerliche+Simplicissimus+Teutsch/Zweiter+Teil/Sechstes+Buch/Das+13.+K​apitel .. Connection between [Eckart] and ZEUS .. .. because ZEUS may refer to The meaning and pronunciation of [zawa زوي]=[to conceal oneself, to withdraw into a corner], in order to take refuge, hence to [avert a danger, (to turn away a disaster, to avert evil] .. .. Zuflucht suchen, sich verstecken in einer Ecke, [um ein Unheil abzuwenden, um eine Katastrophe zu verhindern] .. .. .. .. Greek Myths - Robert Graves - When

Typhon came rushing towards Olympus, the gods fled in terror to Egypt, where they disguised

themselves as animals (--) Athene alone stood her ground, and taunted Zeus with cowardice until, resuming his

true form, he let fly a thunderbolt at Typhon .. .. Zeus [fled in terror = zawa زوي = take refuge] to Egypt .. .. INTRODUCTION —Robert Graves— (1) Athene was the parthenogenous daughter of Metis; i.e. the youngest person of the

Triad headed by Metis, Goddess of Wisdom.

(2) Zeus swallowed Metis; i.e. the Achaeans suppressed her cult and arrogated all

wisdom to Zeus as their patriarchal god.

(3) Athene was the daughter of Zeus; i.e. the Zeus-worshipping Achaeans spared

Athene’s temples on condition that her rotaries accepted his paramount sovereignty .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Whether merchants, peasants, shepherds, soldiers or bandits, the Arameans were originally uncouth bedouins and contributed nothing to civilization – The Kings of Damascus, for instance, employed Phoenician sculptors (Arameans are unskillful?) – The Aramean language, or Aramaic, belongs, like Canaanite and Hebrew, to the north-western group of semitic dialects, BUT ON MANY POINTS SHOWS STRONG AFFINITIES WITH ARABIC — and it must be recalled that the memory of a close, though unspecified, ethnic relationship between Arameans and Hebrews has been preserved in the Bible, were Jacob (Israel) himself is once qualified as a "wandering Aramean" – Georges Roux, Ancient Iraq .. .. .. .. .. .. ARAMEANS is associated with UNCOUTH BOORISH UNGESCHLIFFEN UNGEHOBELT UNKULTIVIERT UNSKILLFUL BEDOUINS .. A contrast to IRENE ADLER associated with INTELLIGENCE CLEVERNESS GESCHICKLICHKEIT .. .. .. .. “It is true. And yet—! Well! I wish she had been of my own station! What a queen she would have made!” He relapsed into a moody silence, which was not broken until we drew up in Serpentine Avenue .. .. .. .. [Chaldean خالد] means [Everlasting خالد], hence IMMORTAL, because [Chaldean] is the same as [Beni Khaled بنى خالد] .. .. HISTORICAL GEOGRAPHY OF ARABIA .. The Chaldeans of south Irak p. 210 .. As the [Beni Khaled] have always composed the main population of Bahrein, they could not be overlooked by Ptolemy, in his enumeration of the tribes on the Persian Gulf. .. The Chaulothaei of Eratosthenes, the Chaulasii of Festus Avienus, the Chablasii of Dionysius Periegetes, and the Chavelaei or Ca lingii of Pliny, it has been elsewhere shown*, are only so many idiomatic modifications of the more famous name, Chaldaei : and the Chaldaei are no other than the [Beni Khaled بنى خالد] ; once the founders of that "Great Babylon," ..​r_the_Patriarchal_Evidences_of_v2_1000124605/215.. .. .. You may address me as the Count Von Kramm, a Bohemian nobleman .. .. A man entered who could hardly have been less than six feet six inches in height, with the chest and limbs of a Hercules. His dress was rich with a richness which would, in England, be looked upon as akin to bad taste. Heavy bands of astrakhan were slashed across the sleeves and fronts of his double-breasted coat .. .. [astra-khan] suggest [city of astra]=[city of Astronomers or astrologers] .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..​D8%A1%D8%A9/ .. .. MEDUSA = SHERLOCK HOLMES ?? .. “It is simplicity itself,” said Sherlock Holmes .. MEDUSA is associated with ETONNEMENT, WONDER, MARVELLOUS, ERSTAUNEN, MIRACULOUS, SICH WUNDERN, S'EMERVEILLER .. .. [être médusé] = to be dumbfound, sprachlos, verblüfft sein, s'étonner fortement .. .. MEDUSA is associated with [ETONNEMENT - ERSTAUNEN] .. .. Thereby MEDUSA become connected with [THUNDER - DONNER - TONNERE] .. .. hence the connection with [ZEUS, JUPITER] .. .. hence the connection with [THURSDAY - DONNERSTAG - JEUDI] .. .. Hence Watson's reference to THURSDAY .. It is true that I had a country walk on THURSDAY and came home in a dreadful mess .. .. .. .. .. .. .. IRENE ADLER refer to [ATHENA]? .. because [ATHENA] is characterize or (identified gekennzeichnet) by [ACUTENESS OF MIND فَطَانَة] + [THANA ثَنَى] + [MURU-A مُرُوءَة] + [AEGIS or GOAT-SKIN shield] .. .. .. .. .. .. [MURU-A مُرُوءَة]=[manhood, chivalry, sense of honor] .. .. .. .. .. .. .. To Sherlock Holmes she is always the woman. I have seldom heard him mention her under any other name. In his eyes she eclipses and predominates the whole of her sex. It was not that he felt any emotion akin to love for Irene Adler .. (--) .. “I see it, I deduce it. How do I know that you have been getting yourself very wet lately, and that you have a most clumsy and careless servant girl?”

“My dear Holmes,” said I, “this is too much. You would certainly have been burned, had you lived a few centuries ago. It is true that I had a country walk on Thursday and came home in a dreadful mess, but as I have changed my clothes I can’t imagine how you deduce it. As to Mary Jane, she is incorrigible, and my wife has given her notice, but there, again, I fail to see how you work it out.”

He chuckled to himself and rubbed his long, nervous hands together.

“It is simplicity itself,” said he; “my eyes tell me that on the inside of your left shoe, just where the firelight strikes it, the leather is scored by six almost parallel cuts. Obviously they have been caused by someone who has very carelessly scraped round the edges of the sole in order to remove crusted mud from it. Hence, you see, my double deduction that you had been out in vile weather, and that you had a particularly malignant boot-slitting specimen of the London slavey. .. .. .. .. Mary Jane? .. .. [Mary Jane] suggest [MOR-GIANA مرجانة], The clever slave-girl of Ali Baba .. As contrasting with The careless servant girl of London slavey? .. .. [MORGIANA مرجانة] = [CORAL] .. .. Watson: My marriage had drifted* us away from each other .. .. Medusa + Coral + drifted* ?? .. .. .. Let us glance at our Continental Gazetteer.” He took down a heavy brown volume from his shelves. “Eglow, Eglonitz—here we are, EGRIA. It is in a German-speaking country—in Bohemia, not far from Carlsbad. ‘Remarkable as being the scene of the death of Wallenstein, and for its numerous glass-factories and paper-mills.’ Ha, ha, my boy, what do you make of that?” His eyes sparkled, and he sent up a great blue triumphant cloud from his cigarette.

“The paper was made in Bohemia,” I said.

“Precisely. And the man who wrote the note is a German .. EGRIA (in Bohemia) suggest [ إغْراء] .. similarity with [the AGRA treasure] (in India) ..​9 [يُحَاوِلُ إغْرَاءهُ بِالْمَالِ] --> [“Then, as to money?”

“You have carte blanche.”


“I tell you that I would give one of the provinces of my kingdom to have that photograph.”] .. .. .. .. “When Mrs. Turner has brought in the tray I will make it clear to you. Now,” he said as he turned hungrily on the simple fare that our landlady had provided, “I must discuss it while I eat, for I have not much time .. [Mrs. Turner] allude to [THANA ثَنَى = to turn], hence to [ATHENA] .. .. .. .. ..“Some cold beef and a glass of beer,” he answered, ringing the bell. “I have been too busy to think of FOOD, and I am likely to be busier still this evening. By the way, Doctor, I shall want your co-operation.” .. .. [your co-operation] refer also to [FOOD الطعامُ] .. .. [mara-a] refer to [الطعامُ الذي لم يَثْقُل على الـمَعِدة وانْحَدَر عنها طَيِّباً] .. .. he turned hungrily on the simple fare that our landlady had provided, “I must discuss it while I eat, for I have not much time .. .. [المَرِيءُ: مَجْرى الطعام والشَّراب، وهو رأْس الـمَعدة] .. [turned on the simple fare] allude to [mara-a مرأ], hence to [MURU-A مُرُوءَة] .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. __ __ [She lives quietly, sings at CONCERTS, drives out at 5 every day, and returns at 7 sharp for dinner] .. ?? .. .. .. [from 5 to 7] suggest approximately TWILIGHT TIME = NIGHTFALL =[نَاشِئَةَ اللَّيْلِ]= [Nachteinbruch, Beginn der Nacht] .. .. .. CONCERT derive from Latin CONCERTARE .. There is a [competitive idea implicit in Latin concertare] .. CONCERTARE suggest A COMPETITION (of ideas) .. .. [CONCERTARE]=[lottare uno contro l'altro] + [unire i propri sforzi, cooperare] suggesting [a battle of ideas, a conflict of ideas] --> hence [Godfrey Norton waving his arms]=[CONCERTARE] --> [the soul begins to take account of its gains and losses, its assets and liabilities] .. The conjunction [and] = [و] .. [CONCERTARE] refer, for instance, to the conjunction [و] between [المال والبنون زينة الحياة الدنيا] and [الباقيات الصالحات خير عند ربك ثوابا] .. --> That is, [الباقيات الصالحات] overbalance - outweigh [زينة الحياة الدنيا] .. [CONCERTARE] refer also to [و] between [بل تؤثرون الحياة الدنيا] and [الآخرة خير وأبقى] .. --> That is, [الآخرة] overbalance [الحياة الدنيا] .. .. To "overbalance" is to throw the balance over on one side .. .. If endless ages can outweigh an hour Let not the laurel, but the palm inspire .. .. Ah! what is human life?

How, like the dial's tardy-moving shade,

Day after day slides from us unperceiv'd!

The cunning fugitive is swift by stealth;

Too subtle is the movement to be seen;

Yet soon the hour is up—and we are gone .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. [NIGHTFALL = نَاشِئَةَ اللَّيْلِ] .. The ideal time for REMOVING INNER ROAD-BLOCKS, or for REFLECTION, or for "CONCERTARE" is [EVENING - TWILIGHT - نَاشِئَةَ اللَّيْلِ] .. .. [ان ناشئة الليل هي اشد وطئا واقوم قيلا] --> Because the time of [EVENING=نَاشِئَةَ اللَّيْلِ] is [أَشَدّ وَطْئًا = (more impressive, einprägsam) + وَأَصْوَب قِيلًا = (more agreeing with clear thinking)] .. .. Sidney Lanier — I say to myself, Where are the strong arms in which I, too, might lay me and repose, and yet be full of the fire of life? And always through [THE TWILIGHT نَاشِئَةَ اللَّيْلِ] come answers from the other world, `Master! Master! there is one — Christ — in His arms we rest! .. .. "This Godfrey Norton" was evidently an important factor in the matter .. [Godfrey خشية الله] is evidently an important factor in the matter .. .. He was in the house about half an hour, and I could catch glimpses of him in the windows of the sitting-room, pacing up and down, talking excitedly, and waving his arms .... [Godfrey خشية الله] = [The Fear of God - Gottes Furcht] .. .. .. [THE FEAR OF GOD] make us TURN AWAY (turn away from foolishness) .. hence [THANA ثَنَى] --> hence ATHENA .. [Mrs. Turner] allude to verb [to turn] .. It is [THE FEAR OF GOD = GOD-FREY], that make us [THANA ثَنَى] = [turn away from foolishness] --> hence ATHENA .. .. .. .. .. [THANA ثَنَى] = [to prevent from ; turn (away or aside)] .. .. .. The evening walk provides a powerful way to quickly become fully disengaged from [the activities of the day] [vgl. mit (إن لك في النهار سبحا طويلا)] .. EVENING naturally inspires a different sentiment than MORNING .. The rising sun calls for activity, the setting sun for reflection .. As the sun sets, as work ceases and [the busy day] [vgl. mit (إن لك في النهار سبحا طويلا)] merges into the quiet night the soul begins to take account of its gains and losses, its assets and liabilities .. The dying day also conveys a sense of insecurity, of approaching death and the need for pardon and protection .. All these sentiments, so different from the hopes and [36] prospects of the morning, are wonderfully portrayed in Kingo’s evening hymns - Jens Christian Aaberg - Hymns and Hymnwriters of Denmark .. .. .. .. .. __ __ She left this morning with her husband by the 5:15 train from Charing Cross for the Continent .. .. .. .. DAWN = to begin to be perceived or understood .. ex: THE TRUTH finally dawned on us .. .. [this morning by the 5:15] suggest approximately DAWN .. .. .. .. [DAWN] may allude to [realize, to be aware of] = [ فَطِن] .. hence ATHENA, that is, [THANA ثَنَى] .. .. .. .. __ __ __ THE BIRTH OF ATHENE .. .. .. Robert Graves — In Classical times, music, poetry, philosophy, astronomy, mathematics, medicine, and science came under Apollo’s control, hence APOLLO'S NATURE .. .. .. .. ATHENE, in contrast to Apollo, is associated with PERCEPTION, WAHRNEHMUNG, AWARENESS, hence INVENTION .. .. ATHENE invented the flute, the trumpet, the earthenware pot, the plough, the rake,

the ox—yoke, the horse—bridle, the chariot, and the ship .. [ATHENE refer to AWARENESS [فَطِن], and then to INVENTION] .. She first taught the science of

numbers, and all women's arts, such as cooking, weaving, and spinning. Although a goddess

of war, she gets no pleasure from battle, as Ares and Eris do, but rather from settling disputes,

and upholding the law by pacific means [=THANA ثَنَى]=[to turn, to bend, beugen, hence to break], as in [to bend or break sb. resistance, to break sb. stubborn proud nature] --> hence the meaning of ATHENA .. .. ATHENA is associated with [MURU-A مُرُوءَة]=[Manhood, Chivalry, Sense of honor] .. Ancient Greeks identified Athena with the ancient Egyptian goddess Neith, who in some ways resembled the ancient Berber goddess Tanit .. .. [TANIS] meaning [a departure from ancient CUSTOMS and traditions]? = [THANA ثَنَى] .. .. .. [The following poetic descriptions] suggest a metaphorical relationship between [MERAPI] and [MURU-A مُرُوءَة] .. Since then I have seen Merapi, Moon of Israel, as she was called, clad in the proud raiment of a queen, and once even of a goddess, but never, I think, did she look more beauteous than in this hour of her slavery. Her large eyes, neither blue nor black, caught the light of the moon and were aswim with tears. Her plenteous bronze-hued hair flowed in great curls over the snow-white bosom that her rough robe revealed. Her delicate hands were lifted as though to ward off the blows which fell upon him whom she sought to protect. Her tall and slender shape stood out against a flare of light which burned upon some market stall. She was beauteous exceedingly, so beauteous that my heart stood still at the sight of her, yes, mine that for some years had held no thought of woman save such as were black and evil.

She cried aloud. Standing over the fallen man she appealed to the soldier for mercy. Then, seeing that there was none to hope for from him, she cast her great eyes around until they fell upon the Prince Seti.

"Oh! Sir," she wailed, "you have a noble air .. [noble air] allude to [MURU-A مُرُوءَة] .. Will you stand by and see my father murdered for no fault?".. ..​hs-24grammata.com_.pdf .. 21. Apollo’s Nature And Deeds .. e. Next, Apollo killed the satyr Marsyas, a follower of the goddess Cybele. This was how

it came about .. One day, Athene made a double flute from stag’s bones, and played on it at a

banquet of the gods .. a double flute = [THANA ثَنَى].. She could not understand, at first, why Hera and Aphrodite were

laughing silently behind their hands, although her music seemed to delight the other deities ..

she therefore went away by herself into a Phrygian wood, took up the flute again beside a

stream, and watched her image in the water, as she played .. Realizing at once how ludicrous

that bluish face and those swollen cheeks made her look, she threw down the flute, and laid a

curse on anyone who picked it up .. .. [She realized at how ludicrous is her look] allude to [AWARENESS = Fi(ط)-na فِطْنَة], and to The negative connotation of TRUMPETER, as in Matthew 6:2 .. Therefore when thou doest thine alms, do not sound a

trumpet before thee, as the hypocrites do in the

synagogues and in the streets, that they may have glory

of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward .. .. Zum Spaß - ATHENE versus HARUN RACHID .. .. Fischer Chalifa" Na schön, und wer bist du, was ist dein Handwerk? Du bist gewiss ein TROMPETER .. Der Kalif verbarg sein Lachen und sagte: " Wie, woran erkennst du denn das?" .. "Es ist" entgegnete Chalifa, " weil deine Naslöcher so groß sind, deine Backen so rund und dein Mund so klein. Komm mit mir, ich zeige dir das Fischerhandwerk, das ist besser als Trompeten, und ein ehrliches Gewerbe" .. Beheim-Schwarzbach, Martin: Schirasades Nächte - Liebes- und Wundergeschichten aus 1001 Nacht – Der Fischer Chalifa .. .. .. the morale of the story, or the message conveyed or the lesson to be learned from the story .. --> one ought not confuse (verwechseln) Apollo’s Nature and Athene’s Nature .. --> ATHENE as A WARRIOR, eignet sich nicht als TRUMPETER .. .. The domain (das Arbeit-/ Wissens-/ Aufgabengebiet) of ATHENE as A WARRIOR, contrast with the domain of A TRUMPETER .. .. .. .. .. .. ATHENE is principally characterized by, gekennzeichnet durch [MURU-A مُرُوءَة (=Manhood, courage)] .. .. ATHENE'S LUDICROUS LOOK (with a bluish face and swollen cheeks) refer to the expressions: DAS SIEHT IHR NICHT ÄHNLICH - Dieses Bild trifft sie nicht - Ce portrait ne lui ressemble pas - This portrait does not resemble her .. .. .. .. __ __ __ I soon found Briony Lodge. It is a bijou villa, with a garden at the back, but built out in front right up to the road, two stories. Chubb lock to the door. Large sitting-room on the right side, well furnished, with long windows almost to the floor, and those preposterous English window fasteners which a child could open .. .. Briony Lodge? .. .. Briony suggest [ AL BIRR البر = BENEVOLENCE, MAGNANIMITY ; charity ; performance of good deeds ; philanthropy]+[ BARA-A برا = TO BE HEALED, TO RECOVER from a malady, to get well, guérir, genesen von einer Krankheit, recouvrir la santé] .. [بَرأَ المَريض]=[the sick man recovered] .. .. .. “Is the poor gentleman much hurt?” she asked.

“He is dead,” cried several voices.

“No, no, there’s life in him!” shouted another. “But he’ll be gone before you can get him to hospital.”

“He’s a brave fellow,” said a woman. “They would have had the lady’s purse and watch if it hadn’t been for him. They were a gang, and a rough one, too. Ah, he’s breathing now.”

“He can’t lie in the street. May we bring him in, marm?”

“Surely. Bring him into the sitting-room. .. .. .. [Briony Lodge] allude to [BARA-A برا TO BE HEALED, TO RECOVER] + [AL BIRR البر BENEVOLENCE and MAGNANIMITY] .. .. .. .. [BARA-A برا] refer simultaneously to Sherlock_Holmes and Irene_Adler .. .. Because of Irene_Adler's [MAGNANIMITY and BENEVOLENCE = AL BIRR البر] --> She did not let Sherlock_Holmes be transported to A HOSPITAL --> but to her own house, to [Briony Lodge] .. .. [Greek βρυωνία] may refer to [a healing plant], whose name might derive from arabic [BARA-A برا]=[TO BE HEALED] .. .. Latin bryōnia (“bryony”), from Ancient Greek βρυωνία (bruōnía, “bryony”) .. .. .. __________ __________ _________ CONCERT allude to [CONCERTARE]=[lottare uno contro l'altro] + [unire i propri sforzi, cooperare] suggesting [a battle of ideas, a conflict of ideas] --> hence [Godfrey Norton waving his arms]=[CONCERTARE] _____An extract from the book of Jan de Hartog — "The Spiral Road", gives a clear idea of the meaning of [CONCERTARE] .. .. .. .. Die Pest auf Borneo — Auszug aus dem Buch.. Anton Zimmer war kahl und heiß. An der Wand hing ein eingerahmter Spruch: Morgen kann es zu spät sein .. Als er, endlich allein, in diesem Zimmer stand, spürte er seine Gedanken wie schwere Koffer, für die er keinen Platz zum Absetzen fand .. Morgen kann es ... – – – "Sie glauben an Gott?" .. "Nein" hatte Anton geantwortet "Die Theologie ist meiner Ansicht nach ..." "Davon werden Sie bald kuriert sein" hatte der Pflanzer gesagt .. "Wer im Dschungel sagt "Es gibt keinen Gott" den nimmt Er auf Seine Mistgabel und läßt ihn zappeln .. Im Osten ist das nämlich was anderes; in Holland brauchen Sie sich nicht um Ihn zu kümmern, aber im Dschungel, da hört man Ihn summen" .. [summen = عسعس] .. Da hört man Ihn summen ... Anton warf sich ruhelos herum. Wie konnte er an Gott glauben? .. Seine Gedanken gingen zurück zu der Scheinheiligkeit in seinem Elternhause, zu seinem Vater, der Landpfarrer gewesen war — "... Ich mußte das Kreuz auf mich nehmen, als Pfarrer im ödesten Winkel dieses ödenLandes zu leben, um endlich unserem Herrn Jesus nachfolgen und Menschenseelen retten zu können ..." Während er in seinem kühlen Kinderverstand überlegte: alles gelogen, alles Geschwätz! Da redet er vom Seelenretten und läßt mir kein Stückchen Käse übrig .. .. .. Sherlock Holmes' Science of Deduction and Analysis .. What does it mean [da hört man Gott (=Ihn) summen] ? .. Man recall Death, hence God, in the dangerous situations of the jungle, where people might be faced with life-and-death situations .. This however is not enough to explain the reference to the term: "SUMMEN" .. Often what is out of the common is usually a guide rather than a hindrance .. Indeed, ["SUMMEN" associated with "GOD"] is [out of the common = odd = bizarre] .. It happens by coincidence that [summen = عسعس] recall to mind [والليل إذا عسعس والصبح إذا تنفس] in Surah 81. At-Takwir, where God swears by the night .. God swears by [والليل إذا عسعس] .. .. Consequently, a relationship emerges between [da hört man Ihn summen] and [والليل إذا عسعس] ..

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King Solomon's Mines .. Henry Rider Haggard

[King Solomon's Mines - South Africa] allude to [Yemen] .. .. Truly the universe is full of ghosts, not sheeted churchyard spectres, but the inextinguishable elements of individual life, which having once been, can never die, though they blend and change, and change again for ever. All sorts of reflections of this nature passed through my mind—for as I grow older I regret to say that a detestable habit of thinking seems to be getting a hold of me—while I stood and stared at those grim yet fantastic lines of warriors, sleeping, as their saying goes, "upon their spears." .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Warlike fragments from the "Ingoldsby Legends" sprang up in my brain like mushrooms in the dark .. .. [The Ingoldsby Legends] originate from [ANCIENT ARABS] = [ancient semitic peoples] ?? .. who have long since died ?? .. .. .. .. The brook, of which the banks were clothed with dense masses of a gigantic species of maidenhair fern interspersed with feathery tufts of wild asparagus, sung merrily at our side, the soft air murmured through the leaves of the silver trees, doves cooed around, and bright-winged birds flashed like living gems from bough to bough. IT WAS PARADISE .. .."Well," said Sir Henry, after inspecting this ancient work of art, "it is very well to call this Solomon's Road, but my humble opinion is that the Egyptians had been here before Solomon's people ever set a foot on it. If this isn't Egyptian or Phoenician handiwork, I must say that it is very like it." .. .. .. .. Indeed, as we afterwards found out, the language spoken by this people is an old-fashioned form of the Zulu tongue, bearing about the same relationship to it that [the English of Chaucer] does to [the English of the nineteenth century] .. –> .. by analogy that [The ancient arabic of Yemen] does to [Arabic of Today]? .. hence The word "paradise" entered English from the French paradis, inherited from the Latin paradisus, from Greek parádeisos (παράδεισος) –> "PARA-DISE" would not ultimately derive from Old Iranian, attested in Avestan as pairi.daêza .. .. [PARA = FARRA / FIR / فَرَّ] ?? .. "paradise" would derive from [PARA = to fly = to flee from = vor jmdm flüchten / fliehen = fuir = fugere (latin) = ( فَرَّ)] .. .. .. [DISE = (داس)] is suggested by [gigantic species of maidenhair fern interspersed with feathery tufts], that are trodden down, trampled under foot .. .. .. [dasa (داس)] = [trod under foot - trample down]=[zertreten] .. .. .. [DISE = (داس)] = ZER-TRETEN = TO ENTER (the enclosure "Paradise") by TRAMPLING DOWN (=ZER) The maidenhair fern .. .. .. [DISE] would refer to the enclosure (enclos), where maidenhair fern grows .. hence [DISE] would refer to The name derived from verb [داس] .. .. .. PARADISE is associated with VENTVÖGEL, with DEATH .. because –> Just before they discovered (the enclosure "Paradise"), the Hottentot Ventvögel died .. .. [Vent-vögel = Vent-birds] allude to [doves cooed around, and bright-winged birds flashed like living gems from bough to bough]=[Vent-vögel] –> hence (FARA فَرَّ) = PARA .. .. .. .. ________________ It follows that PARADISE would refer to a REGION in THE NEIGHBOURHOOD of ADEN (SOUTH YEMEN) ..​r_the_Patriarchal_Evidences_of_v2_1000124605/163 .. * About the identity here, no question can be raised. The Arabia; Emporium of Ptolemy is the Arabia Felix of Arrian ; and Arabia Felix is simply the Greek version of the Arabic Aden. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Straight before us, rose two enormous mountains, the like of which are not, I believe, to be seen in Africa, if indeed there are any other such in the world, measuring each of them at least fifteen thousand feet in height, standing not more than a dozen miles apart, linked together by a precipitous cliff of rock, and towering in awful white solemnity straight into the sky. These mountains placed thus, like the pillars of a gigantic gateway, are shaped after the fashion of a woman's breasts .. .. .. SOUTH AFRICA'S [Mountains shaped after the fashion of a woman's breasts] may refer to YEMEN'S [Gibul Fouthelee or Gibul Harrasse, is an immense mountain, or range of hills], because This hill is very remarkable, from an opening like an immense embrasure (which gives it, from the eastward, the appearance of a double peak), an analogy with [woman's breasts]=[Sheba's Breasts] - 164 HISTORICAL GEOGRAPHY OF ARABIA .. .. [Sheba's Breasts] had scarcely vanished into cloud-clad privacy, before our thirst—literally a burning question—reasserted itself. .. [Sheba's Breasts] allude also to the biblical kingdom and The famous [Queen of Sheba] .. .. .. .. We then discovered that we were clear of the town of Loo, and approaching a large flat-topped hill, measuring some two miles in circumference. This hill, which is of a formation common in South Africa, is not very high; indeed, its greatest elevation is scarcely more than 200 feet, but it is shaped like a A HORSE-SHOE, and its sides are rather precipitous and strewn with boulders .. .. The [large flat-topped hill, like A HALF-MOON] refer to [The Syagrian promontory, I am prepared to show with Dean Vincent, is that named by the Arabs Cape Fartask ; and the mountains, intended by Ptolemy, and represented by Mercator, are the Djebel al Camur, or " Mountains of the Moon" (their name being obviously derived from their form); a chain which, instead of running up the country towards the northwest, wheels eastward round the coast in the form of a HALF-MOON, or HORSE-SHOE] – 161 HISTORICAL GEOGRAPHY OF ARABIA .. .. –> .. "Incubu, Macumazahn, and Bougwan, brave white men, Ye see how the hill curves round like THE HALF-MOON, and how the plain runs like a green tongue towards us within the curve?" .. .. .. .. .. We sat down for a while and gazed in silence at this wonderful view. Presently Sir Henry spoke.

"Isn't there something on the map about Solomon's Great Road?" he said .. As for the road itself, I never saw such an engineering work, though Sir Henry said that the great road over the St. Gothard in Switzerland is very similar. No difficulty had been too great for the Old World engineer who laid it out. At one place we came to a ravine three hundred feet broad and at least a hundred feet deep. This vast gulf was actually filled in with huge blocks of dressed stone, having arches pierced through them at the bottom for a waterway, over which the road went on sublimely. At another place it was cut in ZIGZAGS out of the side of a precipice five hundred feet deep .. .. compare with –> .. .. In 1838, accompanied by Lieut Swan, Dr. Arbuckle, and Mr. Hamilton, I ascended this mountain, and discovered, to my surprize, that an excellent road had already been made, from its base to the very edge of its summit, BUILT IN ZIGZAG direction, or (I would rather say) in one continuation of irregular angle, varying from twenty to forty degrees, ten and a half feet broad, and, in some places, raised to the height of twenty feet. Many centuries must have elapsed, since this great and skilful undertaking was completed; yet it is extraordinary to observe how slightly it has suffered from the destructive consequences of time. An engineer of the present day might be inclined to question the antiquity of such efficient labours: but I believe there exists no doubt of the remote era in which this road was constructed." – 160 HISTORICAL GEOGRAPHY OF ARABIA .. .. .. .. KING SOLOMON'S [MINES] .. [MINES] = [MA(عْ)-DEN مَعْدِنِ] .. –> [MINES] allude to [ADEN] = [عدن] .. because both [مَعْدِنِ] and [عدن] derive from the same root .. .. PARADISE = GARDEN OF DELIGHT (bible) = [جناتُ عَدْنٍ] (quran) .. .. it follows that KING SOLOMON'S [MINES], allude geographically to [ADEN - SOUTH YEMEN] .. And metaphorically to PARADISE = HEAVEN = [جناتُ عَدْنٍ], personated by [THE DEATH OF FOULATA] .. "Macumazahn, be my tongue for a moment, I pray thee, for Bougwan cannot understand me, and before I go into the darkness I would speak to him a word."

"Say on, Foulata, I will render it."

"Say to my lord, Bougwan, that—I love him, and that I am glad to die because I know that he cannot cumber his life with such as I am, for the sun may not mate with the darkness, nor the white with the black.

"Say that, since I saw him, at times I have felt as though there were a BIRD IN MY BOSOM, which would one day fly hence and sing elsewhere. Even now, though I cannot lift my hand, and my brain grows cold, I do not feel as though my heart were dying; it is so full of love that it could live ten thousand years, and yet be young. Say that if I live again, mayhap I shall see him in the Stars, and that—I will search them all, though perchance there I should still be black and he would—still be white. Say—nay, Macumazahn, say no more, save that I love—Oh, hold me closer, Bougwan, I cannot feel thine arms—oh! oh!" .. .. BIRD IN MY BOSOM allude to PARADISE .. because PARADISE (in Arabic) is a [compound word] constructed with [فَرَّ=fliehen - fuir - fly], that refer to birds + [dise (داس)] .. .. .. .. [for the sun may not mate with the darkness, nor the white with the black] refer to PARADISE .. That is, THE CONTRAST between The white and The black, is comparable to THE CONTRAST between EARTH and HEAVEN .. between THE WORLD and THE HEREAFTER .. between JENSEITS and DIESSEITS .. .. .. .. Tere are some similarities between [THE BOOK OF THE CAVE OF TREASURES] and [SOLOMON'S TREASURE CHAMBER and The Place of Death] .. .. .. [HADRAMUT حضرموت = court of DEATH??]= SOUTH YEMEN .. .. .. But the colossal Death, who sits at the head of the board, is far older than that, and, unless I am much mistaken, owes his origin to the same artist who designed the three Colossi .. .. [HADRAMUT حضرموت Hazarmawet] .. .. Hazarmawet in Genesis 10:26[2] and 1 Chronicles 1:20[3] in the Bible (meaning "court حضر of death موت", according to various Bible dictionaries). There, Hazarmawet is the name of a son of Joktan, one of the sons of Shem in the table of the Sons of Noah[4] in Genesis 10—i.e., the founders of nearby nations including Sheba, also a son of Joktan .. .. .. .. .. .. [The Phoenicians] originate from [HADRAMUT حضرموت] ? .. .. .. .. ..

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VERITATEM DICERE .. The great [English + German Writers] are not AUTHENTIC ?

VERITATEM DICERE .. The great [English + German Writers] are not AUTHENTIC ? .. Ich bin klug und weise und man betrügt mich nicht! .. Finished!

Aber Mutter weinet sehr. Hat ja nun kein Hänschen mehr .. .. Karkendär, brik nich, bün de rechte Brut nich .. .. .. .. .. .. "Ich liebe Ophelia" las Arthur und zeigte mit dem Finger auf den Satz, den jemand dick mit roter Tinte über das Schild geschrieben hatte .. "Gebildet ist man hier also auf jeden Fall" bemerkte Arthur lächelnd .. Lalu Lalula [Fanny Morweiser] ___ [OLD ACRE - THE SOLE ARABIAN TREE] __ Wer die Wahrheit nicht weiß, ist bloß ein Dummkopf.

Aber wer sie weiß und sie eine Lüge nennt, der ist ein Verbrecher.

Bertolt Brecht - .. .. TEILNEHMEN - Saint-Exupéry .. .. Erkennen heisst nicht zerlegen, auch nicht erklären. Es heisst, Zugang zur Schau finden. Aber um zu schauen, muss man erst teilnehmen - Saint-Exupéry .. .. .. “Wer fremde Sprache nicht kennt, weiß nichts von seiner eigenen. (Those who know nothing of foreign languages know nothing of their own.)” ??? .. .. .. .. .. .. _________________ .. .. "How wonderful is the Great Medicine of the Opener-of-Roads, that it should have been able thus to instruct the Baas," said Hans .. .. "HANS" refer to [NOSTALGIA / YEARNING / LONGING / INTENSE AFFECTION / DESIRE] .. "HANS" would derive therefore from arabic word: HANIN=[حَنِين]) .. .. .. But suspicion is a hard metal which does not easily yield to fire. It can come to white heat easily enough, but its melting-point is high indeed - Bram Stoker - The Man .. ..

.. .. .. .. .. She and Allan— H. Rider Haggard .. "You will perceive, Hans," I added, "that those Amahagger cannibals have forgotten their caution and lit a fire yonder, which they have not done for a long time. Perhaps you would like to know why this has happened. If so I will tell you. It is because for some days past I have purposely lost their spoor, which they knew we were following, and lit fires to puzzle them. Now, thinking that they have done with us, they have become incautious and shown us where they are. That is my reason, Hans."

He heard and, although of course he did not believe that I had lost the spoor on purpose, stared at me TILL I THOUGHT HIS LITTLE EYES WERE GOING TO DROP OUT OF HIS HEAD .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. /zum spaß/ .. "Do you dukker?" I asked.

She slapped me on the arm. "Well, you are a pot of ginger!" said she.

I was pleased at the slap, for it put me in mind of the peerless Belle. "You can use Long Melford," said I, an expression which, with the master, meant fighting.

"Get along with your sauce!" said she, and struck me again.

"You are a very fine young woman," said I, "and remind me of Grunelda, the daughter of Hjalmar, who stole the golden bowl from the King of the Islands."

She seemed annoyed at this. "You keep a civil tongue, young man," said she.

"I meant no harm, Belle. I was but comparing you to one of whom the saga says her eyes were like the shine of sun upon icebergs."

This seemed to please her, for she smiled. "My name ain't Belle," she said at last.

"What is your name?"


"The name of a queen," I said aloud.

"Go on," said the girl.

"Of Charles's queen," said I, "of whom Waller the poet (for the English also have their poets, though in this respect far inferior to the Basques)—of whom, I say, Waller the poet said:

'That she was Queen was the Creator's act,

Belated man could but endorse the fact.'" .. QUEEN refer to WISDOM .. .. .. For the English also have their poets (??) .. .. .. The great ENGLISH WRITERS are not AUTHENTIC? .. ..The style is the man himself (Le style c'est l'homme même) - Buffon] .. .. CORRESPONDANCES from other sources, give rise to JUSTIFIED QUESTIONS and create SUSPICION! –> THE ATTENTIVE READER, find similitudes with other authors! .. There is SUFFICIENT SUSPICION about THE ACTUAL ORIGIN OF THESE WRITINGS .. THESE WRITINGS don't originate from THE OWN THOUGHTS of these AUTHORS! .. Simply because –> Their INTELLECTS cannot reasonably and logically GRASP and EMBRACE TOO MUCH INFORMATIONS and DETAILS .. BECAUSE THERE ARE LIMITS on brain intellectual capacity!! .. THE GREAT QUANTITY OF INFORMATIONS don't reflect neither their EDUCATION, nor their BACKGROUND (their social status - Herkunft), nor their INTELLIGENCE (?!) .. .. It follows that THEIR LITERARY PRODUCTIONS don't come from their own minds and souls (?!) .. Il s'en suit que leurs productions littéraires ne proviennent pas de leurs propres pensées (?!) .. Simple! logical! .. THE WAKE-UP READER detect some irreconcilable facts concerning THE AUTHENTICITY of the productions (die Erzeugungen), ascribed - belonging - zugeschrieben - to these authors .. .. .. .. Können wir entdecken? Can we discover? that their WRITINGS, are partly, or for the most part, not their own (?!) .. YES! –> because [What one man can invent, another can discover - Holmes] .. because it's actually THE THOUGHT THAT COUNTS! .. The spontaneous thought, without external interferences! .. THE THOUGHT activated without [external interventions and manipulations] from other MINDS and other INTELLECTS! .. .. ________________ .. .. _________________ BEAUTY, TRUTH and RARITY,

Grace in all simplicity,

Here enclosed in CINDERS lie .. .. Aber auch da hieß man sie weiter gehen, bis endlich der Koch sagte, sie könnten in der Küche bleiben und als ASCHENPUTTEL dienen .. .. CINDERS –> ASCHENPUTTEL –> [JUNGFRAU MALEEN] .. [Karken-där] [Kirchen-tür]=[Church-door] .. .. [Karken] allude to [كركر] = KERKER = PRISON .. (?) .. in arabic, KERKER refer to REPETITION .. .. KERKER can mean [repeated efforts]=[wiederholte Bemühungen] - ex: To drag down (كركر) prisoners to the cells .. Hans Jakob Christoffel von Grimmelshausen: Simplicius Simplicissimus - Kapitel 165 – dafern wir auch vielleicht die Bäum, so solche Pflaumen trügen, nicht kennen würden, so sollten wir nur Achtung geben, an welchem geschrieben stünde:

»Verwunder dich über meine Natur,

Ich mach es wie Circe, die zaubrisch Hur.« –> [Karken] suggest [Circe] ?! .. ..​mitFormSearch=Finden%21&stype=0 .. Karken allude to [Kerker كركر], which allude to [repetition Wiederholung] as contrasting with [ONCE upon a time. Es war einMAL. Il était une FOIS] .. [كَرَّرَ الشيء وكَرْكَره: أَعاده مرة بعد أُخرى.

والكَرّةُ: المَرَّةُ، والجمع الكَرَّات.

ويقال: كَرَّرْتُ عليه الحديث وكَرْكَرْتُه إِذا ردّدته عليه] .. hence [Kerker كركر] can also refer to [bending, twisting, circles, circonvolutions], [contortions that make the acrobats of a Cirque], [JAR], [Cercopes], etc. .. .. Omphale-Greek-Myths .. The Cercopes, as their various pairs of names show, were ceres, or Spites, coming

in the shape of delusive and mischievous dreams, and could be foiled by an appeal to

Heracles who, alone, had power over the Nightmare. Though represented at first as simple

ghosts, like Cecrops (whose name is another form of cercops), in later works of art they figure

as cercopithecoi, ‘apes’, perhaps because of Heracles’s association with Gibraltar, one of his

Pillars, from which Carthaginian merchants brought them as pets for rich Greek and Roman

ladies. No apes seem to have frequented Ischia and Procida, two islands to the north of the

Bay of Naples, which the Greeks called Pithecusae; their name really refers to the pithoi, or

jars, manufactured there (Pliny: Natural History).

.. .. Atlas And Prometheus .. 8. Prometheus’s name ‘forethought’, may originate in a Greek misunderstanding of the

Sanskrit word pramantha, the swastika, or fire-drill, which he had supposedly invented, since

Zeus Prometheus at Thurii was shown holding a fire-drill. -— The brothers Pramanthu and Manthu, who

occur in the Bhagavata Purana, a Sanskrit epic, may be prototypes of Prometheus and

Epimetheus (‘afterthought’); yet Hesiod’s account of Prometheus, Epimetheus, and Pandora is

not genuine myth, but an antifeminist fable, probably of his own invention, though based on

the story of Demophon and Phyllis. Pandora (‘all-giving’) was the Earth-goddess Rhea,

worshipped under that title at Athens and elsewhere (Aristophanes: Birds; Philostratus),

whom the pessimistic Hesiod blames for man’s mortality and all the ills which beset life, as

well as for the frivolous and unseemly behaviour of wives. His story of the division of the bull is equally unmythical: a comic anecdote, invented to account for Prometheus’s punishment,

and for the anomaly of presenting the gods only with the thigh-bones and fat cut from the

sacrificial beast. In Genesis the sanctity of the thigh-bones is explained by Jacob’s lameness

which an angel inflicted on him during a wrestling match. Pandora’s jar (not box) originally

contained winged souls .. .. THE REMARK –> [a jar (not box)] allude to THE ARABIC MEANING of [Jar جرة] .. [Jar] derive from verb [Jarra]=[to pull], [to drag] =entraîner [tirer avec soi] mit sich fortreißen, fortziehen, fortschleppen .. figuratively [Jarra] means mitreißen, hinreißen, fortreißen; ziehen; führen. | Enthusiasm: to carry along | [l'esprit, le coeur] Entraîner les coeurs - die Herzen hinreißen | Cela nous entraînerait trop loin - das würde uns zu weit führen .. by analogy [Jarra] = verführen, verleiten, to lead, influencer | [Jarra Entraîner] qn. à voler - to get sb. to steal sth. .. to be carried away by his passions .. [Jarra =Entraîner] ses camarades à voler - to encourage one's friends to drink .. .. .. .. IDEAS associated with [Jar] –> BREAK (brechen, brich nicht) + PANDORA Jar + REPETITION + APE (der Affe) + PRISON .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. [Die falsche Braut] returns to [the prince], and repeats the words of JUNGFRAU MALEEN, saying that she is not [die rechte Braut] –> Karkendär, brich nicht, bin die rechte Braut nicht .. [Die falsche Braut] returns to [the prince], and says unknowingly that she is not [die rechte Braut] .. .. There is a parallel with Die Gänsemagd .. .. In both tales, Der Königssohn erfährt die Wahrheit, durch [Die falsche Braut] .. Die falsche Braut lässt der König unwissentlich (unknowingly) ihr eigenes Urteil sprechen, wonach sie in einem mit Nägeln beschlagenen Fass zu Tode geschleift wird .. [JUNGFRAU MALEEN] .. .. [MALEEN] refer to [ONCE - EINMAL], as a contrast to [REPETITION]=[كركر] suggested by [KERKER] through KARKEN .. .. [وَرْدَةً كالدِهانِ] - During the cold winter time, a certain species of mare (a female horse) change its skin-color to red –> because she suffers many privations! .. .. BRENNETTELBUSCH allude to BRENNEN = TO BURN, hence [TO REDDEN (sich röten)] –> hence the allusion to [وَرْدَةً كالدِهانِ] .. .. The comparison with [وَرْدَةً كالدِهانِ], imply an allusion to HARD TIMES .. hence [وَرْدَةً كالدِهانِ] allude to the mare's [condition of health - das Befinden] characterized by LANGUIDNESS - LANGUISHMENT - SCHMACHTEN - LEIDEN .. .. hence it alludes to THE MARE'S NOSTALGIA (HANIN) or LANGUISHING for THE RETURN of BETTER TIMES .. .. hence the reference to [Hänschen mit de bunte Jak] .. .. [Hänschen] allude to Hanin=Nostalgia .. [bunte Jak] may allude to [the mare's changing its skin-color] .. bunt / color .. Jacke / skin (leather) .. .. .. Die falsche Braut hilft sich gegen die Fragen des Prinzen mit dem Satz:

„Mut heruet na myne Maegt, (Muss heraus nach meiner Magd,)

De my myn Gedanken draegt.“ (Die mir meine Gedanken trägt) –> [de rechte Brut (=die Jungfrau Maleen)] trägt [meine Gedanken] .. ..​and_turtle.htm .. The Phoenix and the Turtle

Let the bird of loudest lay


Herald sad and trumpet be,

To whose sound chaste wings obey ________ »Karkendär, brik nich,

bün de rechte Brut nich.« .. BEAUTY, TRUTH and RARITY,

Grace in all simplicity,

Here enclosed in CINDERS lie .. .. [Karken+där] –> [KARKEN=CHURCH=REPETITION] .. [Jungfrau_Maleen] is not [die rechte Brut], in both senses of the word –> 1. (Church =repetition =many times) has no correspondence or agreement (Übereinstimmung) with ([Jungfrau_Maleen] –> Maleen =once =einmal) .. 2. [Jungfrau_Maleen] has no right to usurp the place of another woman .. .. Apart from the normal its meaning, [Karken or church] may allude to [The place of The Master]? .. .. [The Master or Ogre] who is capable of transforming himself into a number of creatures .. [The Master] est un personnage avec plusieurs facettes [a man with multiple facets] –> The ogre displays his ability by changing into a lion, frightening the cat, who then tricks the ogre into changing into a mouse. The cat then pounces upon the mouse and devours it .. hence The etymology of [CHURCH] allude to REPETITION [=many facets] (?) –> hence [Witchery works] and DECEPTION .. Who hath ever been lured and bound by a spell

To wander, fore-doomed, in that circle of hell

Where Witchery works with her will like a god .. The Poetical Works of Thomas Hood - LYCUS THE CENTAUR - .. The Golden Bough, by Sir James George Frazer .. The temple of the sylvan goddess, indeed, has vanished and the King of the Wood no longer stands sentinel over the Golden Bough. But Nemi’s woods are still green, and as the sunset fades above them in the west, there comes to us, borne on the swell of the wind, the sound of the church bells of Aricia ringing the Angelus. Ave Maria! Sweet and solemn they chime out from the distant town and die lingeringly away across the wide Campagnan marshes. [Le roi est mort, vive le roi! Ave Maria!]=REPETITION [=many facets of ancient religion are still repeated today] .. The Origin of the Word "CHURCH" .. .. .. .. .. .. ___________ .. _ »Kling, klang, kloria,

wer sitt in dissen Thoria?

Dar sitt en Königsdochter in,

die kann ik nich to seen krygn.

De Muer de will nich bräken,

de Steen de will nich stechen.

Hänschen mit de bunte Jak,

kumm unn folg my achterna.« .. .. __ PARALLELS between MOMO (Michael Ende) and JUNGFRAU MALEEN .. [Thoria] correspond to THE AMPHITHEATER .______ HANS refer to NOSTALGIA (HANIN) .. JOHANNES refer to [WISDOM + PRUDENCE + FAITHFULNESS or TREUE] .. .. .. .. It follows that –> [Hans and Johannes] have completely unrelated topics !! .. That is –> HANS bedeutet etwas ganz anderes als JOHANNES .. Consequently –> HANS ist nicht vergleichbar mit JOHANNES! .. .. .. ((Johann)) Georg Faust - Christopher Marlowe - - .. .. Leben und Tod des Königs ((Johann)).

William Shakespeare - König Johann von England - .. Der Bettler von Granada: Ein Lebensbild des hl. Johannes von Gott (3 editions)

Regensburg: Johann von Gott-Verlag, 1949 .. .. _______ What do you make of that, Watson?" .. "Deeply interested–yes. There is a thread here which we had not yet grasped and which might lead us through the tangle. Cheer up, Watson, for I am very sure that our material has not yet all come to hand. When it does we may soon leave our difficulties behind us." _______________ PHILOSOPHY is really NOSTALGIA, the desire to be at HOME - Novalis ____ ____ A TREATISE NAMED BENJAMIN – The Cell of Self-Knowledge – .. A GREAT clerk that men call Richard of Saint Victor, in a book that he maketh of the study of wisdom, witnesseth and saith that two mights are in a man's soul, given of the Father of Heaven of whom all good cometh. The one is reason, the other is affection; through reason we know, and through affection we feel or love.

Of reason springeth right counsel and ghostly wits; and of affection springeth holy desires and ordained feelings. And right as Rachel and Leah were both wives unto Jacob, right so man's soul through light of knowing in the reason, and sweetness of love in the affection, is spoused unto God. By Jacob is understanden God, by RACHEL is understanden REASON, by LEAH is understanden AFFECTION .. BENJAMIN TREATISE .. [HANS –> AFFECTION –> LEAH] .. [HANS –> LEAH] .. .. ________ The name [HANS] refer to the meaning of the arabic word [HANIN حَنِين] = [NOSTALGIA - SEHNSUCHT - HOMESICKNESS - DESIRE*] .. .. .. .. The Ghost Kings – H. Rider Haggard – "A sad story. Truly there is much evil in the world beyond the country of the Trees, for here at least we shed little blood. Now, Maiden, what is thy DESIRE* ?"

"This is my DESIRE," said Rachel, "to be joined again to him I love, whom Ishmael slew; yes, and to my father and mother also .. .. .. .. ([DESIRE] + [TEILNEHMEN] + [SCHEIDEN TUT WEH] + [AFFECTION]) relate to [HANIN حَنِين] .. ________ [Hänschen or Hans] – .. Der Name Hans (von Johannes) war im 16. Jahrhundert im deutschsprachigen Raum so häufig, dass er sprichwörtlich „in jeder Gasse“ zu finden war .. ..[jack-of-all-trades = de bunte Jacke] and [Hans in jeder Gasse zu finden] are events, which have an [outré] and [grotesque] aspects .. .. The more [outré] and [grotesque] an incident is the more carefully it deserves to be examined, and the very point which appears to complicate a case is, when duly considered and scientifically handled, the one which is most likely to elucidate it. .. .. The first documented appearance and rapid diffusion of the names "JACK" and "HANS" constitute STRANGE COINCIDENCES and the very point which appears to complicate the enigma ..

.. Who dares to call the child by its right name? .. Ja, was man so erkennen heißt!

Wer darf das Kind beim rechten Namen nennen?

Die wenigen, die was davon erkannt,

die töricht genug ihr volles Herz nicht wahrten,

dem Pöbel ihr Gefühl, ihr Schauen offenbarten

hat man von je gekreuzigt und verbrannt - Goethe .. .. Hänschen klein ist ein deutsches Volks- und Kinderlied aus dem 19. Jahrhundert von Franz Wiedemann (1821–1882) (??) .. .. .. 1. Hänschen klein

Ging allein

In die weite Welt hinein.

Stock und Hut

Steht im gut,

Ist gar wohlgemut.

Aber Mutter weinet sehr,

Hat ja nun kein Hänschen mehr!

"Wünsch dir Glück!"

Sagt ihr Blick,

"Kehr' nur bald zurück!"

2. Sieben Jahr

Trüb und klar

Hänschen in der Fremde war.

Da besinnt

Sich das Kind,

Eilt nach Haus geschwind.

Doch nun ist's kein Hänschen mehr.

Nein, ein großer Hans ist er.

Braun gebrannt

Stirn und Hand.

Wird er wohl erkannt?

3. Eins, zwei, drei

Geh'n vorbei,

Wissen nicht, wer das wohl sei.

Schwester spricht:

"Welch Gesicht?"

Kennt den Bruder nicht.

Kommt daher die Mutter sein,

Schaut ihm kaum ins Aug hinein,

Ruft sie schon:

"Hans, mein Sohn!

Grüß dich Gott, mein Sohn!" .. .. It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is INVISIBLE TO THE EYE - Saint-Exupéry .. .. .. [sehnen nach, to long for sb.] .. “The Greek word for "return" is nostos. Algos means "suffering." So nostalgia [حَنِين], is the suffering caused by an unappeased yearning to return.”

― Milan Kundera, Ignorance .. .. Homesickness or Nostalgia or Heimweh .. [والحَنينُ: الشديدُ من البُكاءِ والطَّرَبِ، وقيل: هو صوتُ الطَّرَبِ كان ذلك عن حُزْنٍ أَو فَرَحٍ.

والحَنِينُ: الشَّوْقُ وتَوَقانُ النَّفس، والمَعْنَيان متقاربان، حَنَّ إليه يَحِنُّ حَنِيناً فهو حانٌّ.

والاسْتِحْنانُ: الاسْتِطْرابُ.

واسْتَحَنَّ: اسْتَطْرَبَ: وحَنَّت الإِبلُ: نَزَعَتْ إلى أَوْطانِها أَو أَوْلادِها، والناقةُ تَحِنُّ في إِثْرِ ولَدِها حَنِيناً تَطْرَبَ مع صَوْت، وقيل: حَنِينُها نِزَاعُها بصوتٍ وبغير يصوتٍ والأَكثر أَن الحَنين بالصَّوْتِ.

] and [ وأَصلُ الحَنِينِ ترجيعُ الناقة صوْتَها إثْرَ ولدها] .. How SON and MOTHER get to know each other (sich kennenlernen) ? .. THE SON recognize HIS MOTHER, firstly by HEARING .. secondarily by SIGHT .. [(eine bekannte Melodie) erkennen] –> By Frequent Listening, THE SON get to recognize HIS MOTHER'S MELODY .. SPEECH or MELODY is the first personification of THE MOTHER –> it is not HER IMAGE (?!) .. [Schaut ihm kaum ins Aug hinein] –> [hinein] suggest a a questioning look? A humour joke? .. MOTHER might have a double-meaning? .. THE MOTHER get to recognize HER SON by listening to his BABBLING or MELODIES .. Allegorically speaking, MOTHER may stand for [TO HAVE GOOD EARS FOR HEARING] ? .. .. [(eine bekannte Melodie) erkennen] = [become aware of a familiar melody] –> presuppose [sich anders besinnen]=[to think better of it]=[to change one's mind]=[to decide otherwise]=[se raviser] .. [sich anders besinnen] owing to [remembrance of some MELODY]=[eine erinnerung] .. –> .. Da besinnt

sich das Kind .. [da] is A CLUE + ein OrientierungZEICHEN .. .. [c' est là que le bât blesse] [That's where the shoe pinches] .. There is parallel between arabic [da]=[داء = disease, Krankheit, mal] and french [là]=[da] –> Là où le bas blesse–> [là]=[da] wird ein ORIENTIERUNG-ZEICHEN –> hence the phrase [Da ist der Hund begraben!] would serve for localizing or location : to find one's way about or around .. [da]= repère - marker - indicator .. .. .. [da] with reference to (Progression in time or space - zeitlich / örtlich) would serve as EIN ORIENTIERUNG-ZEICHEN –> because [da] represent [a turning-point, ein Wendepunkt] .. It follows –> [da] would serve as A CLUE, in order to decipher AN UNDERLYING TRAIN OF THOUGHTS! .. Indeed, [da] represent a [Keyword], ein [Schlüsselwort], un [jalon clé], un [jalon de marquage] –> [Un jalon est un point clé] pour marquer une progression! .. .. [da] is comparable to a [demarcation limit] .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. MOTHER would ultimately refer to the activity of DER SINN –> that is, to REMEMBRANCE after SEVEN YEARS .. .. firstly BESINNUNG or DER SINN or AWARENESS or WAHRNEHMUNG .. 2. Sieben Jahr

Trüb und klar

Hänschen in der Fremde war .. .. [after 7 years] –> [da] mark off THE TIME of the resurgence of [the pains of separation] –> The Time, when it began to hurt .. The Time, at which [Scheiden tut weh] .. [da] refer to the time of "Wo tut's weh" .. Hänschen hat [SEHNSUCHT الحَنِين] nach der Heimat .. Hänschen éprouve de [LA NOSTALGIE الحَنِين] pour sa famille et son pays natal .. Hänschen is homesick for his family and native country. And he feels nostalgia for past times .. .. .. wordplay with ALI+DA –> [da] as A CLUE is comparable to THE CLUE [da] in the story of [Der Kuchenbäcker von Amsterdam] 6 Carla Hammer .. .. .. .. Hänschen klein .. .. There is a difference of meanings between the following phrases: 1. ETWAS ERKENNEN AN, RECOGNITION, because of a particular characteristic of THE EYES, as the physiognomy of the eyes (iris, colour, size, etc.) .. As on the occasion of like an encounter of old friends or acquaintances .. 2. INS AUGE SCHAUEN, meaning AWARENESS, refer usually to cases where an individual is found guilty of moral negligence .. where someone is guilty of an illegal, dishonest, or unpleasant action or where suspicion is aroused .. where there is a confrontation between opposing witnesses .. .. INS AUGE SCHAUEN is usually connected with DISAGREEABLE FEELINGS .. .. disagreeable =embarassing =peinlich =unpleasant .. .. [ETWAS ERKENNEN AN, RECOGNIZE] cannot replace [INS AUGE SCHAUEN] without an alteration of meaning .. .. For instance, [der Wahrheit ins Gesicht schauen / sehen] or [die Wahrheit erkennen] are usually connected with DISAGREEABLE FEELINGS .. .. [Hänschen klein] Joyful reunion after 7-year absence .. [INS AUGE SCHAUEN] is linked with [AGREEABLE FEELINGS] .. [Kommt daher die Mutter sein,

Schaut ihm kaum ins Aug hinein] .. In the case of "Hänschen klein", [INS AUGE SCHAUEN] cannot be replaced by [ETWAS ERKENNEN AN, RECOGNIZE] without altering completely the real meaning! .. .. It follows that [INS AUGE SCHAUEN] is not synonymous with [ETWAS ERKENNEN AN, RECOGNIZE] .. .. Isn't it interesting? .. Das ist kein Spaß! . .. synonymous =suggestive of =linked with =gleichbedeutend .. .. [INS AUGE SEHEN =envisage - vorstellen] is usually connected with UNANNEHMLICHKEITEN .. envisage (danger - Gefahr etc.) .. ins Auge fassen etwas zu tun (doing sth.) .. ins Auge fassen = im Geiste betrachten .. .. .. .. .. .. There are several METAPHORICAL CONNECTIONS between some words beginning with THE ARABIC LETTER [ح], transcribed by [h] .. [حـب to love, to desire] + [حياة life] + [حن sehnen nach, to long for sb.] + [حم dear, cherished] + [حواء Eve=Hebe, The Mother of All Living] + [حية Serpent] .. .. ..​hs-24grammata.com_.pdf .. The Apotheosis Of Heracles .. 5. Hebe, Heracles’s bride, may not, perhaps, be the goddess as Youth, but a deity

mentioned in the 48th and 49th Orphic Hymns as Hipta the Earth-mother, to whom Dionysus

was delivered for safe-keeping. Proclus says (Against Timaeus) that she carried him on her

head in a winnowing basket. Hipta is associated with Zeus Sabazius in two early inscriptions

from Maeonia, then inhabited by a Lydo-Phrygian tribe; and Professor Kretschmer has

identified her with the Mitannian goddess Hepa, Hepit, or Hebe, mentioned in the texts from Boghaz-Keui and apparently brought to Maeonia from Thrace. If Heracles married this Hebe,

the myth concerns the Heracles who did great deeds in Phrygia, Mysia, and Lydia; he can be

identified with Zeus Sabazius. Hipta was well known throughout the Middle East. – She is there called Hepatu, said to be a Hurrian word,

and Professor B. Hrozny (Civilization of the Hittites and Subareans) equates her with Hawwa,

‘the Mother of All Living’, who appears in Genesis as Eve. Hrozny mentions the Canaanite

prince of Jerusalem Abdihepa; and Adam, who married Eve, was a tutelary hero of Jerusalem

(Jerome: Commentary on Ephesians)

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