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@k4tzm4n I know you never said that TDKR wasn't going to make history (I just used that hyperbole because it read well) but it did feel like TDKR was being counted out because it wasn't brand synergy or wasn't going to have 3D money or wasn't filled with iconic heroes from past & present.
Other point about the popularity was misinterpreted, sorry about that.

We shall see in mid-July, however.
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Avengers is doing extremely well right now. It'll make a billion dollars worldwide, no question, but that 3D money definitely helped.

Here's the thing though. The Dark Knight is legendary. We all knew that Avengers was going to be huge; Marvel spent 4+ years marketing, developing and creating origin stories for its most popular characters leading up to this moment. But The Dark Knight was never pegged to by anything but a successful follow-up to a well-received reboot by an up-and-coming director. Maybe it was Heath Ledger, maybe it was the paltry line-up in Summer 2008, maybe it was the stellar reviews (Avengers has gotten largely positive reviews, but The Dark Knight was legitimately pegged as an Oscar contender) whatever it was, it skyrocketed Dark Knight into pop culture phenomenon territory.

Will The Dark Knight Rises exceed what the previous film made? Not sure- second sequels usually see less retainment than immediate sequels. But pegging this as the "final" Batman tale, the follow-up that fans have been waiting for 4 years to see, that should help. Will it become legendary like its predecessor? Won't bet against it. If Christopher Nolan can make a largely introspective, dense psychological thriller with only one proven star & a completely original property and ride it to over $800 million worldwide, what makes you think that the biggest, most popular superhero of all time won't make history?

EDIT: Sorry, wanted to add a bit more to this. Iron Man is the most popular non-Spider-Man film in the Marvel line-up. Even though Hulk is considered a more popular comic book hero, his two films have more or less disappointed at the box office, with both Thor and Captain America outselling them handily, even adjusted for inflation, though the latter two films didn't even make as much as Batman Begins did way back in 2005, without those pesky 3D prices. The whole Avengers films from 2008 on are clearer in our minds, but the fact of the matter is that Batman is much more popular, straight up. Iron Man has his buddies backing him up, but if we just base their popularity with how their films did, Dark Knight made more than Incredible Hulk, Captain America & Thor COMBINED. So you kinda can't really make the assumption that the audience is less familiar with Batman's films as they are with the Avengers' solo efforts.

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@Nudeviking said:

I'd go for Stan Lee, but alas, the Wii version gets nothing.

Wii has maybe a dozen games that even support DLC, let alone have digital pre-order bonuses. I'm surprised a Wii version of this game is even coming out, actually.

Game looks pretty...meh. Maybe when it's cheaper. I secretly hope that this is the Spider-Man 2 HD that I've been dreaming of for almost a decade now.

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Didn't love The Avengers like I thought I would...but that final battle scene was a doozy, wasn't it?

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Vegan pizza ain't half bad.

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The "Idiot Plot" where in a given film, everyone is a moron (mostly due to the arbitrary limits imposed by the screenplay) and says the wrong thing at exactly the wrong time, though all problems would be solved if someone just came clean.

For example, in the Adam Sandler movie Just Go With It, the entirety of the film doesn't have to take place, at all. If Adam Sandler straight up confesses his womanizing cad schtick to Brooklyn Decker 15 minutes into the film, you'd be able to roll credits right then and there. Instead, because he's a moron, he crafts a lie & goes out of his way to get everyone else to take part in this farce, even though it's totally obvious that he's lying every step of the way.

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I'ma kill your whole f***ing generation

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@joshmightbe: But that's what poses as "social commentary" these days, at least in film. It's self-congratulatory & talks about an important issue/period in American life (albeit in a pandering, shallow way). The Academy rewards films like that because it's, in a way, marketable & wholesome to Americans & overall a well-made movie, if glossy.

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@Mercy_: lul ur short

I would like to be taller (I'm 5'9") but it's not a huge deal. I'm one of the taller folks in my family (and taller than average for Latin males) but whateves.

However, I don't think I can date a girl my height. 5'7" or so is about my limit, unless you're Candice Swanepoel or Taylor Swift.

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You also have to understand that when you start to analyze films, you're pretty much always going to keep analyzing them a certain way. Critics will look at a film differently than a normal audience because they expect more out of films & have more experience with watching films.

Compare the John Carter review on this site (which pretty much consists of "well, the movie looks nice & I wasn't bored, four stars") to Alex's review on Screened which was much more critical (giving props to the CGI but otherwise criticizing it for the main character's performance & the cliched writing/storyline). Some people have more criteria for what constitutes an entertaining film than others.