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I started playing Blood on the Sand yesterday so in honor of 50 Cent's greatest virtual achievement:

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@The Dark Huntress: Ha, really? I posted about how I didn't like Green Lantern and got a surprising number of people who defended that movie like their life depended on it. Glad to know I'm not in the minority.

As for Children of Men, none of the problems I have with that film has to do with the cast. Clive Owen & the other actors are great in it, and it has amazing cinematography, but the pacing was super slow, and it just felt like it was spoon feeding the viewer with its message. Children are the future! It's a Joseph/Mary allegory about a new Christ-like figure! Smart movies don't need to tell us how smart they are every five minutes.

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Hey rain, I love you, I especially love you at home, but I'd rather you not be here when I have set plans to attend an awesome outdoor music & art festival for 12+ hours. Come back during the week, perhaps?

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Just off the top of my head:

X-Men First Class (filled with annoying characters, only Magneto/Xavier segments were interesting)

Children of Men (also boring, one-note, has one "deep" message and bashes it into the viewer's skull over and over again in an attempt to be satiric & poignant)

Green Lantern (because it'll apparently get vehemently defended on these forums)

Benjamin Button (a poor man's Forrest Gump)

Alice in Wonderland (awful piece of garbage that made a billion dollars worldwide)

Die Hard (filled with terrible one-liners and super annoying, stupid and irritating characters, though Hans Gruber is one of the best movie villains of all time)

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I'm pretty picky with my comedies and usually I view movies from a critical standpoint. I also am not fond of (to say the least) Channing Tatum or Jonah Hill, but the trailer looked pretty entertaining.

I had an absolute blast watching the film. I'm not kidding when I say that it's probably one of the funniest films I've ever seen in theaters, and one of the best mainstream comedies in years. I don't think I've laughed that hard in a theater since the first Hangover film, or maybe Superbad. The script is just so smart and packed with amazing gags & one-liners.

You need to see this film if you have even the slightest interest in it. You won't be disappointed.

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Don't listen to the troll, he posted the same thing over at Giant Bomb.

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I never understood the hate for MadTV. It was a more lowbrow version of SNL at times, but the parodies were often extremely inspired and hilarious. It was a show that, at times, was just more watchable than SNL. Not that I have much against SNL by any means.

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Nuh, uh, no way. I will not stand for such a list without the Dr. Manhattan origin story segment from Watchmen on it. Even if you weren't a fan of the film overall, that scene is absolutely, 100% perfect in every single way. It literally gave me chills throughout. To this day, I find it one of the most memorable sequences in cinema.

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Capcom makes great games, but their business practices are needlessly raising the ire of their true, diehard fans and it's just frustrating trying to support the company when they make boneheaded decisions when it comes to DLC or other things.

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Ok maybe I'm not going to fail my test, but I want this to be done with already!