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If Marvel Super Heroes had an MMORPG where you could take on a Mentor, Stormguard is the sort of character I would expect to come out of something like that (if your mentor was Captain America). Meaning I'm saying that the character looks like a Make your own character from a super hero MMORPG...Or he possibly looks like the villain from a fake sequel to Blank Man.

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@jonny_anonymous: I agree with you to some extent. I feel like Marvel knew the Guardians movie was coming out, they obviously needed to throw the guardians into the spot light fairly quickly in the comic world at the onset on the Marvel NOW soft relaunch. And it was REALLY bad timing that Thanos Imperative had just happened and Star Lord was akin to dead sealed inside the cancerverse. They weighed their options, on one end you had the comic fans of Abnett's Guardians who (at the time) were a VERY small percentage of comic readers (I was one of only a couple of guys at our local comic shop that read cosmic books). And on the other end you had an easy out via them acting like Thanos Imperative never happened. They had a massive Deus Ex Machina in the end of AVX with the phoenix miss balancing the universe and yadda yadda. They figured that they needed to capitalize on guardians asap (attaching McNiven to the 1st arc) and they couldn't spend the massive amount of time needed to explain how Star Lord lived or where the hell Richard Rider was. I was very mad about this situation from the get go only because I felt like the faithful Abnett guardians fans were discarded. Marvel achieved what they wanted, Guardians is now a very high profile book and thats great but they needed to find a happy medium between the older fans and the cash cow associated with building hype for the film...

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If this show is in anyway linked to the ultimate Spider-Man/ agents of smash/ avengers assemble universe then I'm not going anywhere near this. Also if Jeph Loeb has anything to do with the show I'm also done, I'm so sick of the guy destroying cartoons and then arguing that older comic readers shouldn't be watching them because there meant for kids...

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I can still VIVIDLY remember how mad comic readers were at the onslaught event in the 1990s. Alot of us stopped reading Marvel after it happened. I really hope onslaughts evolvement ends at just the armor and not the person. I really don't want a repeat of that garbage...

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Its frustrating so soon after Age of Ultron that the villain is coming back, but I guess nobody liked that event.

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I can't believe how a lot of what sucked during the 1990's in comics have come back recently. I know people say that trends work in 20 year spurts but this is just creepy. Running through a list...

1) Onslaught

2) Spiderman 2099

3) Gatefold covers/ Holo covers

4) Doomsday

5) Overcomplicated costumes

6) Scarlet Spiderman

7) Characters needlessly getting replaced by other characters

8) Valiant comics is a thing again

I'm sure theres way more of these comparisons that I'm missing, also it's very possible that I hated Onslaught so much back in the mid 1990's that just his appearance (in armor form) is why I bring these comparisons up.

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@brinkthemoviemyfavoritemovie: I've read Green Lantern since the mid 1990s and John's run was one of the best runs I've ever seen (for any book). Now with that being said I've tried 4 different times to get into the GL since Johns left and I cant do it. Nothing matters anymore, they do these GL events just because thats the structure that Johns established but they always come off like deviant art fan fiction of a real comic. Like imagine that after Johns left GL that all GL books stopped, then a group of internets fans drew their own continuation of the story, THAT's what current GL feels like. Its this pale comparison to John's run, forever living in it's shadow. It's like watching 2nd graders put on a play sequel to Shawshank Redemption that nobody asked for.

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I still see no reason why to read any GL book anytime soon since Johns left, the art hasn't been great in comparison and the stories lack any sort of impact in comparison to how universe shattering Johns run was over and over.

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I really hope the artist doesn't shift off of this book after the 1st or 2nd arc (ala Invincible and Walking Dead). I'm in love with Azaceta's work.

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I really respect Alan Davis but i've never liked his artwork. It's something about the softness of his lines that I don't find appealing. I feel like i'm the only one that doesn't like his work. I actively avoid books he draws. I'm the same way with Steve Dillon, Pasqual Ferry, and Salvador Larroca.