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@spacemanspiff85: Its probably because Marvel doesn't know what he said either, they make this stuff up as they go along under the guise that it was planned for years prior. They'll reveal what he said eventually, but it won't be until it conveniently ties into some BS event 3 years down the road, where they'll claim "you know the seeds for this event were first planted in the whisper that Fury said to Thor in Original Sin...we plan things!"

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@chubzhac: theres usually a correlation between photorealistic artists and who marvel considers top talent... With that being said I'm sure marvel will only keep the photorealistic artists on the book just long enough to solidify a fan base then they will yank them away ( classic marvel bait and switch )

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This show is not created nor written for people like us, its frankly meant to troll people like us, it's meant for people who have some knowledge of Batman (which is for them rooted in the movies and cartoons) and are too stupid to realize that the writers dangle invisible carrots in front of them for 5,6,7 seasons with no pay off.

This show will only be popular as long as it takes the audience at large (again not us/ not you reading this) to realize that you'll never see Bruce in costume...The show is at best a mediocre procedural cop drama with a mild Batman coat of paint that without the Batman stuff would have been cancelled long ago. The show needs to be less villain of the week and way more serialized, and fire Jada Pinkett Smith.

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@jashro44: The continuity is only a mess because DC refuses to solidify what pre new 52 stuff survived through flashpoint. You can't have a soft reboot or a semi reboot and make it work. It has to be 100% new/ no connection to old for it to work. That way you don't have continuity issues.

Like for example, much of pre new 52's green lanterns run is intact in new 52, including Blackest night. A MAJOR story element in blackest night is older dead characters coming back to life. This includes various characters from Earth 2 and the original Crisis (including anti monitor). The new 52 earth 1 is only now meeting earth 2 and the antimonitor is only now showing up post forever evil. But according to DC, blackest night happened prior to forever evil/ worlds end/ futures end. So were supposed to only act like parts of it happened parts of it didn't.

This is the problem thats going to arise for Marvel come this Secret Wars reboot. How much of the old matters if certain characters carry over from old to new. You can't be like, "oh hey, in this new Marvel reboot Jean Grey is alive!!!!" and also have the past Jean Grey trudging around from All New X-men. It's asking for massive continuity error.

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I'm really worried this is going to be more of a soft reboot and less of a full on continuity destruction ala what DC did with flashpoint. It would just be easier to have Marvel reboot everything.

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This just in! Steve McNiven leaves Uncanny Inhumans at issue 2!

***seriously, I love McNiven but I would be more on board with this if McNiven had an issue commitment, like say at least the first 6 issues. That way we could get at least one arc under the belt before marvel bait and switches the book off of McNiven to a worst artist.

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Marvel needs to stop using revolving artists on events in order to get them out sooner. Remember how long it took Civil War to ship? The revolving artists are hurting the cohesion of the story, and it also hurts the feeling of it being thrown together. It's also really hard for an event to feel memorable when its over and done with in 5 weeks.

And i'm firmly in the camp of NO MORE EVENTS, i'm just saying that their not going away anytime soon, it would be nicer if we had 1 a year (or 1 ever 2 years) versus 3 a year with revolving artists....

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Wells is Rip Hunter, Rip makes Thawne into reverse flash in the present, Wells whole reason for doing what hes doing is to correct the time stream. The Reverse flash we saw was a future version of Thawne come back in time. The whole reason why Wells voice changed was because he touched the suit. It Makes sense that the reverse flash SUIT is what gives the wearer the ability to travel through time and NOT the body. Well's probably used the suit originally to travel back to the present in the show.

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I still think Wells is Rip Hunter, and reverse flash is a future version of Thawne. I think the show is trying to throw off people with the Wells reveal. It's also very possible that reverse flash is a future version of Barry.

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The show is quickly running out of expendable characters, I mean say all you want that No one is safe (ala the comic) but Rick, Carl, Daryl, Michonne, Carol (who is comic book Andrea), Glen, Maggie, the baby are all far more invincible then their comic book counterparts.

Yeah it sucks that Beth is gone BUT what are we really missing? All Beth did for 3 seasons was sing at the end of episodes...