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I love the horribly out of place photoshopped blur tooled earth behind the watcher on the cover...

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The death of power ring page annoyed me, but not because of what happened. It annoyed me because the artist forgot to draw sinestro's cape in the image and it was a flagrant omission. It reminded me of the types of mistakes John Romita Jr. makes when drawing a comic, it felt rushed...

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Im still very happy I dropped the book when Johns left. I've thumbed through each post Johns issue and nothing has made me regret my decision. It still seems to me like the writer is trying too hard to grasp the epicness that was the Johns run and failing horribly. The 16 bucks I'm saving a month (from all 4 GL titles) is now being put towards more consequential comic books.

On a side rant WHY are all of Billy Tan's characters so stretched? they all look too tall and too lean.

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@dman1366: Thinking about 1990's resurgence

1) hologram covers are back (forever evil)

2) continuity stinks

3) spiderman isn't really spiderman

4) onslaughts back

5) overly designed costumes are popular again

6) deadpool is popular

7) Gatefold covers are back

Anything else? I'm sure I'm missing a bunch of other comparisons...

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I refuse to buy this book because Marvel refused to admit that it was out of continuity when it started. Now I'm supposed to just accept that this is another Avengers family book?

So, lets go back...Avengers just came out in the movies and it was awesome. Marvel knew they needed an Avengers team comic that mimic'ed the movie version with the same 6 characters. So we get Avengers Assemble which started out as an out of continuity Avengers book created for people who were interested in reading comics but too afraid of the massive continuity. A comic created wherein if you saw the movie you could understand the comic.

So...the movie introduced Thanos at the end, the comic continues that with Thanos attacking the Avengers. With Thanos "dead" in the normal universe due to his sealing in the cancerverse with Nova Prime and Star Lord how could this comic possibly be in continuity with the rest of 616 Marvel?!

The cashing in on the movie isn't what bothers me, it's Marvel refusing to admit that Avengers Assemble is what it is. It's a comic that shouldn't be affecting the other Avengers titles because it started out in some alternate time line that didn't care about what was happening around it.

Avengers Assemble is that stinky kid in your grade school class that your group of friends all hates but manages to enter into your friends group merely by standing near them over the course of 4-6 years into high school. He's that friend that by your Junior year in high school you question,"how the hell are you in our friend group?! didn't we all hate you in grade school?!" and subsequently he's the 1st person you stop talking to when going to college...

Sorry for the rant about this but I truly see Avengers Assemble as a symbol of everything that is currently wrong with Marvel in terms of continuity. Marvel is all about wasted potential recently,and more importantly their all about continuity errors.

We are in everyway in a resurgence of 1990s Marvel...and ever comic reader should be afraid of that...

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All I keep thinking is how in 15 years time we are going to look back at the Hulk Armor and question what the hell we were all thinking. In the same way we all look at Rob Liefields character designs from any time period...lol

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@gl2814_1: Also I need to look at it from a financial standpoint. The book is not to my taste anymore and by dropping the book i'm saving 15 bucks a month (at least) that I can put towards other stuff. The ONLY reason why I don't ever read Batman is because if I read one book I usually have to read the family of books associated with said book. And as many of you know theres like 15? Batman books. By reading Batman I'm nearly doubling how much money I spend on books per month. Theres alot of guys who shop at my comic shop who only read Bat Family books because it's such an investment to read it all.

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I feel bad saying this but I've actually dropped all green lantern books post Johns leaving. I got the 1st issue of each book coming out of the creative change and I wasn't feeling it at all so I dropped every GL. I hope eventually GL books get to the level that they were at with Johns but in the history of Lantern, Johns run (since Rebirth) will be known as the greatest run on the character ever. And I find it really really hard imagining someone else taking the book to the same level that he did. I also feel bad for all the GL titles coming on directly after him. It would be like a garage band coming on after the Beatles.

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I HATE simonson's artwork. I dropped the book once I found out he was coming on. I understand a lot of older comic readers love him but his art reminds me of bad John Romita Jr. art. It all looks rushed and way too cartoony. And it looks even worse coming on after Yu. I don't mind art changes on any book but I don't like it when its a very stark contrast. Having Simonson come on after Yu is like having Alan Davis draw an issue after Steven McNiven.

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Thinking about it the Vision in the final panel is probably the one torn in half by she hulk in Avengers Disassembled (10 or so years ago). This is most likely why She Hulk was the one to go (from a writing standpoint).

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