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I liked wolverine and the x-men too but online it shows some of the second season and its gets more complicated and aweful. I likes the 90's tv show the best. No cable??? also i would want to see rachel and maybe rachel fighting emma frost like in the comic.

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@hexthis said:

EDIT: I didn't look at the responses the first time over but some of you are seriously are just so pushy right off the bat. Give the OP some leniency, you don't need to be jerks straight out of the gate.

I love the X-men title with an all female cast, I'm thrilled Storm and Psylocke are back, and I think they made huge leaps and bounds as far as women go. But, it wasn't that long ago it was just plain dismal. They still have to clean a few things up too, I am still very annoyed with Marvel's continual disrespect for Jean Grey who is easily one of their hottest commodities. Cap was dead for a second but since Jean died before, she must remain as such (even though the 'Phoenix' is all about destruction and rebirth). Also, Mystique, fricken Mystique is being straight up abused beyond belief. I don't know who hates her up at Marvel but they need to get over it, someone needs to read her solo or anything pre-Y2k. They are intent on making her a complete s--thead to end all s--theads.

But the OP is right, it got pretty bad....

- Jean Grey was killed again

- Storm was married off in an offensively ignorant way, Quesada said it was to appeal to female and black readers. Funny, domesticating Storm and retconning a past with the only other black character as famous as her....just think about that. She went from leader to complete non-presence.

- Boom-Boom was very ignorantly disregarded after years of character development to comeback as a complete ditz after Nextwave (still hasn't been remedied, btw, someone needs to read her Wikipedia entry at least).

- Psylocke came back...only to be taken out continuity with the Exiles and, really, Marvel just surrendered her to Claremont as if he had some exclusive ownership of her. Same with Sage.

- Rogue was a team leader for a hot minute then instantly demoted and rendered comatose.

- Jubilee went from being iconic in the 90's to hardly being featured at all.

- Polaris and Rachel were in space FOR-EVER

It's like they put all of the most iconic and famous women in front of a firing line. The absolute rock bottom had to be this though...

lol that is the scariest x-book cover i ever saw. But yeah im sick of marvel making it all about the guys, there are more guy titles then gals like wolverine. How many comics does he need 100??? lol

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@chiq said:

There was this poll on another website which asked which possible future in ANXM 25 do you want to become reality.The top 3 choices were: 1st place- Kitty and Magik ongoing, 2nd-Magik as Sorcerer Supreme and 3rd-Emma Frost as the white knight for Shield. The 4th choice was bondage Jean sitting on top of a throne of men.

The X-girls were getting all the votes

i would pick jean because she looks like a great bad guy. Then wolverine can snap her out of it,lol.

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LOL that preview of Uncanny. Bendis is trying too hard.

Yup, lol

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@tyger said:

Cyke is good, but he doesn't have half the tail as Spider -Man. Or half the crazy babes Wolverine has. Though he may be a 'quality' over 'quantity' type.

Yeah, he has his standards. Very specific type : Preferably Redhead, telepathic and linked to a galaxy-consuming force of destruction.

Being clones and all, do the Dark Phoenix and Goblin Queen count as one, or two?

Phoenix force posing as a human??? No, plus its freaky.

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reed richards is rich???

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Bendis said something about her meeting Cyclops in that Last Will issue. But after BOTA and Trial its better to take everything he says with a grain of salt.

Hope is currently in X-Force but is in a random unexplained coma.

Aka this is Marvel telling us nicely she is in limbo.

Hope will wake up when she has to battle jean grey in the future, lol.

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i picked serious and silly :)