hi my new blog is what was the best line of 2013???

I think it was in avx consequences 4

when magneto said this

What is your favorite quote and i cant believe im saying this but magneto is a genius and he fits perfectly with the new UXM.......also did anyone see that magneto in uxm3 told scott that why does scott keep thinking his the leader of the new x-men??? i wonder if magneto would challenge scott to a duel to see who is the new leader!!!

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@god_spawn hi sorry t bed you but can you plz move my blog to the xmen forum, my computer wont let me move it there only to the ones it suggests

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@hopesummersforthefuture: I for some reason cannot move it as it does not have a formal thread attachment to move. I would instead suggest just copying and pasting everything into a new blog and attaching it to the proper forum.