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Anyone see Wreck-It-Ralph in the background? Couldn't relate or attach to these characters from the recent mini-series and 'Ends of the Earth' tie-in, but it is Disney animation. I'm interested.

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I'll be picking this series up. Jae's art looks stellar as always. The real World's Finest.

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Dexter Soy's artwork is stellar. The man needs to be doing a Spidey on-going. His work on Captain Marvel is dope, but you can tell what character he wants to be drawing over at Marvel.

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Ellen Page as a ninja came to mind.

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DC was probably just going to use him, while editorial ghost writes their BS stories. I was going to pick those titles up BECAUSE of Fialkov. Whatever, Josh has my support over at Marvel. Interested in his Ultimates run and currently his stellar Alpha story. Can't wait to hear about his upcoming work.

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Is it possible if Gregg could make it to the upcoming Friday podcast to talk about the shows? I know Tony and Gregg are the only ones who follow Young Justice and Green Lantern respectively, so that'd be awesome since Corey, James and Sara don't watch either shows. Would appreciate it! =)

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Why did I love the show? I always loved DC's animated franchise. Animation, voice acting and plots are always stellar.

What was my favorite episode? Young Justice: Bart Allen's arrival ("Bloodlines") & GL: Steampunk Lantern =)

Who was your favorite character? Young Justice: Wally =( & GL: Oddly enough Guy Gardner...

What was your favorite scene? Young Justice: Flash reunion and the Vandal Savage+Darkseid & GL: Ch'p's cameo

What was your favorite fight? Young Justice: The trinity fighting alongside their partners & GL: Hal vs Guy

What was your favorite line? Young Justice:{Blue Beetle}: "Wally West will soon cease to exist." =( & GL:{Ch'p}:..-salute-

What was your favorite joke?: When CN and DC released the new show line-up...what a joke.

I would've said all of them for each question, but that'd be too easy. Hopefully these phenomenal shows carry on in the future. Best wishes to both creative teams.

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Obviously the continuation from the zero issue months ago. I'm kind of not looking forward to such a long arc again. One of the cons of only coming out once a month. The story line is too long to keep up the momentum. Even though I love Snyder's works, it's going to unfortunately drag on.

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Fraction creeping on Sam just made my day! lol

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