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As Ajax ran at a full sprint the alien beast displayed his incredible strength by lifting a tank that weighed 62 metric tons straight into the air with just one hand. Ajax's speed did not falter at this display of strength, and he certainly felt no less confident. Just as he reached the colossal alien the tank came thundering down from above upon Ajax.

He stopped fast, digging his feet deep into the pavement causing dust and dirt to be kicked up in the air. Ajax braced for the massive impact, arms extended as the tank collided with his meaty, enormous hands. The force was stunning; it nearly staggered Ajax and caused him to sink over a foot into the pavement. The inhuman muscles throughout his body flexed and strained throughout his body, veins popped out, his teeth were clenched, but his eyes were full of determination.

Ajax could not stay in this position for long, he was very aware of that. He began to think fast about how he could turn the tides of this match and then it came to him. Despite his gigantic size compared to that of human he moved with lighting speed. He slipped out from under the tank in a spin, the aliens balance was then forced forward and Ajax took advantage.

He jumped using his powerful legs and came down with two powerful, olive green fists held like a massive hammer upon the left knee of the alien. The force of the blow coupled with the alien being off balance would surely bring it to it's knee's.


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The Jackal

The Jackal

Let his looks not deceive you for it will be a grave mistake

The Jackal is his name hailing from a race known as Prometheans, he is one of their best warriors on the planet trained from birth by his family to become the bounty hunter ever.


In a far away planet in the Andromeda galaxy a planet known to the Prometheans as

Barsoom, The Jackal was born.

(Working on it)

Powers & Abilities

The Jackal literally is the definition of a one man army thanks to his technology,skill and powers

  • Expert Marksmanship

Feats of Marksmanship include winning an interplanetary sharpshooting competition with a plasma pistol, the other competitors who were using laser based sniper rifles accused him of cheating and some how managed to get him disqualified.

(More to come)

  • Hand to Hand combat expertise

Feats of hand to hand combat include being ranked the third best on his home planet out of the other millions of soldiers/warriors

(More to come)

  • Enhanced Intellect & Intuitive Aptitude

Unlike the two previous skills his intellect and Intuitive Aptitude are inherited, all Prometheans are "geniuses" Prometheans have enhanced intellect to the point that they don't need computers their minds are super computers.

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