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I definitely think the show has massive possibilities if it's handled right. They seem to have a pretty kickass voice cast, the designs are (mostly) sticking pretty close to the original, and I've barely seen Snarf at all! I'm always willing to give a new animated show a chance, and I try to keep up on them, and I have to say, the potential for this show is high.

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Bruce is a great character. He is. He'll always be the first Batman, and to a lot of people, he'll always be the greatest. But a lot of people would be a bit closed-minded to say that Bruce Wayne should -always- be Batman because he's the only REAL Batman (I've heard that argument time and time again). Dick is Batman now, and I love that because it's a real evolution for the character and for the mythos because of his stark contrast to Bruce. In truth? Bruce coming back sorta tainted that for me. I'm a firm believer that, unless there is a severely unforgettable and amazing reason otherwise, a character who dies needs to stay dead. Maybe at one time it was cool, but it just happens so often anymore that any of the grandeur of it has just faded off. 
I also agree with Babs that you don't necessarily have to get rid of one character to have another, but what happens when Dick and Tim get to be the same age as Bruce? There's going to be a point when people start to realize that Tim becomes old enough to be married and have children, and Bruce is still in his early to mid thirties. Now, Bruce could easily still pull off crime-fighting up to his 40's (Hell, Bruce Willis can still kick ass at his age!) with the sort of shape he keeps himself in. 
I haven't had a chance to read Batman #666, so I only have a few scanned images of Damien as Batman, but if he's truly as good as I hear he is, then I think that it would be a rather fitting series of events. Of course, eventually, I would want to see Terry as Batman, and I think the idea of Damien taking on the role of his behind-the-scenes guide works well. Bruce is the standard, and as such he's a standard that Terry has to fight with to set himself apart. If he never met Bruce personally, that puts Bruce at a much more mythical level for Terry, hearing only stories and legends in a way similar to civilians and criminals. This really would bring it home for Terry, that suddenly he's part of this legacy of the Dark Knight. Not just the replacement for the old man.

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Honestly, I prefer the cities that are created for the continuity, like Gotham and Keystone. Because it actually sort of helps make it feel like it's a little more real. Gotham City could exist, I just haven't been there yet is all. I mean, both Metropolis and Gotham seem like two sides to NYC, but if Superman and Batman both called their Base of Operations in Metropolis, it would take away from the fact that they exist apart from each other as much as they do together. Me? I'm from a little podunk farm in Kansas, just like Clark Kent, so I can relate to him. But if you picked a specific, existing, town, I'd feel that connection a little less because I'd focus more on "It'd have been cooler if I'd have lived in that town instead of this one."

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Let's face facts- If they'd given Hal his iconic costume, he'd have looked like a space ballerina. Don't get me wrong, I friggin HATE the movie suit (It just looks fake, and the mask doesn't seem to be properly fitted to his face). The Flash? We've seen an attempt at a live-action version of his suit before, and I'm pretty sure thousands of babies cried in unison. Batman? In real life, what's so scary about a black and grey unitard? We have to be realistic, people. If a super hero was to come onto the scene in today's world wearing brightly colored spandex, it doesn't matter if he could bench-press a planet! Not a single person would take him seriously (unless they lived in San Francisco). Sure, you want to try and pay homage to the classics, but you need to learn to bring it into the 21st century!

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I think her getting her legs back is just a little... convenient. So many big things happen in both DC and Marvel's universes that later just get reversed, like saying "We can make any decision we want, and if we don't like it, we'll just retconn it later!" I loved Barbara as Oracle. She was the brains behind the operation, the all-seeing eye that saved lives without ever having to throw a punch (Well, once in a while, but it wasn't TOTALLY necessary). The point is, this is a thin line that DC is walking, and if not handled delicately, this could blow up in their faces, much like Bruce's announcement that he's been funding Batman. I have trust in DC, but I can't help but wonder if maybe they're starting to simply run out of ideas.

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I think you're right, as a Robin he was always more of a sob-story than anything else, and it was how his career as Robin ended that made him remembered how he is. It's also the fact that, while he won't admit it, he's still trying to be Dick. He's sticking to his guns and showing that there's no line he won't cross to achieve results, but in the end, he's still trying to prove to Bruce that he can do this. He's still trying to prove that he can beat Dick at the whole "saving Gotham" thing.

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 Manganiello if we're going from those three. I heard talks about the Rock and John Cena and about threw up, but I only heard it once so that's a load off my back.

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That's a toughy. I don't like Kyle's first one, honestly, but when he reformed into a more classical look, it was a bit better. Still, Sodam Yat as Ion probably takes the cake.

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Gotta say, Vietti and Bourassa did a great job with the look of the show. It's very dynamic and animated, but manages to do so in a way that I haven't seen since the days of the Timmverse of animated DC.

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@VanTesla said:
" look good but at 33 seconds in Ryan realy looks to animated... especially the mask and eyes... I hope they tweak it before release date. "
Yeah, I agree. It looks FAR too fake. But that's because they decided to digitally paint on his costume rather than give him a real one. So what do you expect, I suppose.