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Tim has to save the town from Rorgg! 0

I Dared to Battle Rorgg, King of the Spider Men: A small town of Mexico is invaded by giant Spider creatures, and it is up to one boy who reads a lot of science fiction comic books to save the town. While I thought this story had a lot of potential, with a “War of the World” like storyline, the way Tim drove off the spider-men in the end was very silly, and almost laughable. I couldn’t take the story seriously based on how it ended. I Found the Lair of the Lizard Men: A ruthless escaped convic...

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Chan must outwit Fin Fang Foom 0

Story Information: Fin Fang Foom: Chan Liuchow lives in the Island of Formosa with his father and brother where they are under attack by the Communist. Chan’s father is disappointed that Chan doesn’t do anything active like his brother to save their land. Chan concocts a plan to rid the Communists his own way, by awakening the monster Fin Fang Foom. Chan has the herbs to awake the monster and also put him back to sleep, and goes to the crypt in the Inland where the Monster sleeps. He succeeds i...

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Casey's plan takes off! 0

Wow, how awesome was this issue? It had so many shocking moments that made my jaw drop. We find out what the plan really was, and how Casey actually succeeded in it. It was also interesting to see Zoe’s reaction when she comes in contact with…whatever that thing is, and she also recognizes him. Jade is also back now, but is she the same old Jade? She seems different and perkier. Ike deserved what he got from Casey, and I also like how Hunter and Casey’s relationship was getting closer. Overall, ...

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Could have been better 0

Casey comes up with a plan on how she can save Jade, but she needs the others help. Zoe, Ike and Hunter go in with Casey’s plan, but Jun backs out of it. However, will the plan go off especially when one of their own team members is a traitor? I didn’t think this issue was as good as the others because it didn’t have that excitement or thrill that the previous issues had. Most of the book is spent on the gang preparing for the plan, and getting to know one another (and even that wasn’t a lot). I...

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The Hour of Release Draws Near 0

The issue starts off in an interesting manner where we see a woman trapped in a prison in 1490, trying to communicate with the person in the next room. Flash forward to the present day where Jade is taken to some weird examining room and Casey is trying to figure out what happened to her. I felt really bad for Jade in this issue, but I also wonder what will happen to her. It was interesting to see the Spanish woman try to save her in the laboratory, and how this storyline interconnects with the...

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Will the team drown on the first day of school? 0

It’s only the first day of school and students already find themselves in hot water during detention. Each of them have a different reason for landing in detention, but the horror starts when the sprinklers go off, and the water doesn’t seem to drain anywhere. Will the students drown in their first day of school? What an exciting issue! The way that Pamela tried to stab Jade freaked me out, but I thought the most shocking moment was once again, the ending with Jun. It was interesting to see Ike ...

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Amazing first issue! 0

I thought this was a great first issue. We get to meet all the freshmen and get a glimpse of what secrets and horrors the academy is hiding. This issue gave me the creeps sometimes (especially the cliffhanger in the end) but it also made me laugh out loud, like when the girls meet perky Pamela. Even though the book is a little confusing in the beginning because you don’t know what’s happening, you cannot put it down because you want to know more about the characters and find out how they are go...

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Great read for the most part! 0

Human Torch: The Human Torch is watching a car race when he sees one of the cars start burning. He notices that whenever a strange plane goes over one of the race cars, the car catches fire. He tries to save the driver but is too late. After most of the cars are burnt up, the winner Ross, blames The Human Torch as the cause of the fire, and the police put him in jail. In his cell, The Human Torch meets Johnson, who tells him that Ross uses his racket to fly the airplane to eliminate the competi...

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The issue that started it all! 0

I am not a long term comic reader, and while I have read a few issues of Marvel here and there to know the history of the superheroes, I only recently started reading the Marvel series more frequently. With having said that, I thought this was an amazing introduction to the Marvel series, as it introduces some iconic characters, and shows how vibrant they are from the first issue itself. Here’s my recap to each feature: The Human Torch: A wonderful way to introduce the character of the Human To...

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