Blog 17

Congrats to me for completing the super sup check quest, and now I only need 4 more blogs to finish the next quest...I think!
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Blog 16

... ... ... ... yeah another eventful week... ... ... on the bright side today has  new episodes of batman and star wars but yeah...bland week
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Blog 15

Getting closer and closer to completing Super Sup Check quest and the blog and topic thread quests...weeee commence the countdown!

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Blog 14

I saw the conclusion of Siege of Starro episode from Batman Brave and the Bold... I liked that it was sorta like a Justice League episode where many of the characters were present, but a bad thing was almost all of them had no lines at Big Barda, Mr. Miracle, Huntress, Fire, Blue Beetle, etc etc... Only Booster Gold, Aquaman, and Captain Marvel really had lines of the heroes that were present... 
And of course the ending was pretty sad... and of course, even then, Vixen didn't have lines either lol
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Blog 13

Nothing to blog about really, but I want to get rid of this blogging quest faster, so let the nonsense ranting begin!  rabble rabble rabble

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Blog 12

Was really upset that I missed the Starro episode of Batman brave and bold, but I did get to see the new star wars clone wars episodes which weren't that great either to be honest...Shaak Ti didn't do anything really...such disappointment considering I hear that she's like the second strongest next to Yoda...
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Blog 11

I finally finished watching the complete Daria series on dvd and it was very much worth the money I paid for... 
It brough back a lot of memories and it just makes me miss the 90's even more, even with the original music in the series gone, I could still remember bits of it that was played during the scenes. Awesome show!

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Blog 09

So I'm a reality tv junkie, and the part 1 finale of Top Chef was today, and the premiere of the newly reformatted top model was today too.
Both shows were pretty good today!

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Blog 08

So I finally got around to watching my Daria Complete Series dvd set.  It was still in its shrink wrap and I bought it like two weeks ago....i Just never had to the time to sit back and watch it!  With school and work, things been really busy, but I decided to play it and I love it.  Sadly they had to change the music they used because to licenses the soundbits would cost them too much money, so all the memorable 90's songs that were in the cartoon were edit  out with generic background music...but its still good and i love Daria!

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