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Check out http://www.indiegogo.com/drawingtablet

Wolverine (after 1992 convention sketch)

Basically, I'm equipping myself (with your help) to be in a position where I can publish digital comics easily. I'll draw any superhero/supervillain/original character for essentially $1 of your support. if you mention you are from comicvine, I'll also give you a special shoutout THANK YOU in my first production! =D

*EDITED 8/24: See FREE CONTEST below...

- Albert

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wickedragon says:

"Let me pair up what I think are fair opponents for this task. Batman vs Iron Man I'm starting with the two power houses. Lets face it, for all his intelligence Bats have a latex costume. Iron Man is smart enough to be strong enough to fight pre-WWH Hulk on even terms. Bats would become a greasy stain.

This first statement is undeniably biased :P I'm sure you have read Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns. Even Bats will "SUIT" up in full armor to fight obvious super powers on even terms.

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Nice concept. I remember a good bit of them. Although I didn't see any sea monkeys. I'll have to go over the list more closely.

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What makes the ULTIMATE universe significantly different? If you were to describe the main universe against the ultimate universe.

I thought I read somewhere that it was geared towards more mature audiences?

Are the plots and story arcs more involved? Can your average reader distinguish characters between the main universe and the ultimate universe?

What makes the Ultimate universe a must read? It seems that it would splinter the readership rather than bring NEW readers in.

Tell me more.

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Can ION resist godly magic?

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As far as statistics, The Silver Surfer and each of the Heralds have the approximate strength to lift weight measuring in the hundreds of tons. If Superman Prime is the same as SilverAge Superman, then the Silver Surfer's Strength is a mere 0.0000001% of Superman Prime's Strength. Five heralds will bring that number up to 0.0000005%

Also Superman has been described to move at a speed that is a large percentage approaching the speed of light.

The only way the heralds will put up a fight is if they use their powers creatively and in conjunction with one another. It would be a good fight.

Only Galactus himself would be able to give SMP a significantly difficult fight.

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Granted all the heralds are able to survive in the center of a sun, but can any of them move 5 planets simultaneously? The Silver Age Superman was able to do such a feat...and Superman Prime is ESSENTIALLY the SilverAge Superman escaped in the modern age.

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With respect to the POWERS described on this site, what is the difference between PSYCHIC and PSIONIC?

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Is there a way to find content in other people's blogs? Also, how can we find topics in forums or do they just became impossible to find when they are old?

There are some topics that may be of interest to others without being rehashed over and over.

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Back on topic...

How much is STRENGTH and how much is psionically assisted? We've been hinted to that Superman exerts a psychokinetic field that is able to hold large structure together without collapsing on it's stress points. We've also been hinted to that it helps to lift objects that Superman concentrates on so he doesn't have to "lift" the object per se but instead "move" it.

I like to think Superman's strength is in the millions of tons range, the equivalent of the HULK when he is angry.