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@vert1g0 said:

Matter/energy/time manipulation

It often gets silly

I agree. Basically Green Lantern ring like powers. In the wrong hands, it can devolve in to silliness easily.

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makes a good point. Being stepped away from the comics world for a number of years, everything looks convoluted peering back in...let alone peering in for the first time. I found overview to be very enlightening and there should be something like this review at least every three months so that newcomers can get a sense of the comic world(s). During the mid 80's and early 90's when there was first explosion of Superman books, I would've been able to tell newcomers what the difference in all those books were, what the general stories were about and the general vibe of each title so that a new Superman fan would have a better idea of the style of Superman stories they would like to read.

Especially when there are multiple books for the same character, everyday people need a guide.

What AVENGERS book, What X-MEN book, What <fill in the blank> is good to get started on and why. The feel and vibe of the book in my opinion is most important when getting started. I appreciated a lot of Imagin_Man15's insights especially in Swamp Thing and the Bat titles.


p.s. - I have a hidden contest in this thread that got lost, if anyone cares to do the Take One - Give One voting for subjects for me to illustrate =) http://www.comicvine.com/forums/gen-discussion/1/anyone-interested-in-character-sketches/689247/#2

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All entries are in:

  • Plastic Man with pants (5)
  • Lobo (5)
  • The Neutron (5)
  • Roscoe Dillon, The Top (5)
  • Vixen (5)
  • Static Shock (5)

Start VOTING =D Take One - Give One style. So take a point from an entry and add it to another entry. If an entry reaches ZERO then that entry is eliminated. At the end of two weeks if there are multiple entries still standing, then the one with the highest number wins. I'll post the FINAL SKETCH on this thread for everyone to enjoy.

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4 minutes left

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voting doesn't start yet. This is the last call for entries :)

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JUST 2 HOURS LEFT before this content closes!

So far:

  • Plastic Man with pants (5)
  • Lobo and JL (5)
  • The Neutron (5)
  • Roscoe Dillon, The Top (5)


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I started to think about this and had some top characteristics in both male and female...then I realized it's not that bad that I couldn't tolerate it unless there were a gazillion duplicates of the same characteristic! I like variety. Extremes in personality and looks provide character foils for each other. But if something became repetitive across multiple characters then it seems like that is the artist and/or writer's own idiosyncrasies showing through.

- Albert



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