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I can agree with Power Stunts which are different ways you can use your power creatively...but outright creating new powers and/or upgrading an existing power is not the way to go. The gray line comes in DEFINING an existing power that changes how a power is perceived for future writers.

Power Stunts: Spiderman's use of webbing, Invisible Woman's manipulating of forcefield shapes.

Re-defining Powers: Wolverine after John Byrne and Chris Claremont fleshed him out beyond his 2-dimensional-ness. Scarlet Witch's powers were redefined to be about affecting probability fields.

Creating New Powers (out of character upgrades, severe redefinitions): Wolverine's over escalated healing factor. Hulk's invunerability was re-described as 'healing factor' :\ Emma Frost's diamond body (ok I never read her new story...but know her old character and in hearing about her NEW powers...I don't get the connection. I would only understand her extra mutations IF she continues to mutate more and more over time)

A GOOD power upgrade was when She-Hulk joined the Fantastic Four back in the 80's to replace Thing. Prior to her joining she could only lift upto 50 tons but she worked out on the Thing's training equipment and eventually upped her strength to lift an upwards of 75 tons. That made sense...especially after looking at the Thing's training machine invented by Reed Richards.

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I like to think that the THING's bursts of feats far and above his normal capabilities is because he has a HEART OF GOLD =D That's something that science and chemistry can't explain. Adrenaline is something more along the lines of Hulk's uniqueness. No one cares about things like the Ever Lovin' Blue-Eyed Thing...good ol' BEN!

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It's a CULTURAL semantic!!!!!!! If a japanese hero were to transition to the Americas and become popular in terms of mainstream (not just a manga import or be shackled to a japanese point of origin)...if that japanese hero were to be "Americanized" then the japanese hero would culturally transition from being a hero to a SUPERHERO. We can take classical heroes as an example. Hercules has been americanized and could be considered a superhero without much debate. But an Indian hero (from India) like Krishna, Karna, or Arjuna that may be popular in Hindu culture would not be seen as a superhero in western culture without being first Americanized.

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  1. I would rather be ...Ultron because he has a high chance of coming back and augmenting his self.
  2. I prefer to be Brainiac because he seems to be more his own person and less dogmatic than Ultron
  3. Ultron is inherently stronger without requiring extra technology
  4. Brainiac is the better planner with better technologies. Ultron doesn't come across as a deep planner. He's rather shallow and a kit basher*.
  5. Ultron and Brainiac meet each other? It could be interesting...I imagine they might be torn apart by creative differences.
  6. Post Scans Of There Coolest Feats (Plz)
  7. Ultron would win the brawl. Brainiac would win the chess match.

I see numerous sources that credits Ultron as being the creator of the Vision...but really he just added onto the core parts that were created by Dr.Hammond...so the Vision isn't entirely his own work.

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Just go out and have a lot of fun! Go see your favorite creators, see fellow fans and maybe some cool cosplayers. I did the convention circuit for two years both in front and from behind the table...its a lot of fun. P.S. I met my wife at a convention and we are still married 15 years later and counting :)

Someone was right on when they recommended bringing an empty backpack...you'll need one for all the unexpected treasures you may find and can't leave without lol. You should never have to pay for a signing...the worst is maybe waiting for a long time in line for the more popular people. But even then just strike up a conversation with your line neighbor and time will pass and you make new friends...after all you have something obviously in common :P KEEP AN EYE OUT for whenever creators find themselves sitting behind a table and no line :P That's the best time to get more conversational time and attention...most creators are eager to speak given the chance...otherwise they wouldn't be there.

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Delivered Wanda (Scarlet Witch) as a newborn baby into the world. LOL...i couldn't resist the opportunity to post this character =)

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The original CROW had an end.

Captain Marvel by Jim Starlin...had a feeling of finality to it.

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1. Adventure Time

2. Pokemon

3. Beyblade

4. Avatar the Last Airbender

5. Spongebob Squarepants

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Cosmic. Magic is a close second but I downgraded it because in stories...it is always magic that has a chance to fail, be undependable, or grow weak.