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originally drawn Cannonball was a lanky big-eared teenager.

Starbrand had a prominent nose that he couldn't even hide underneath a full mask.

--- of course as LATER artist took on the characters they 'beautified' them to an average standard :\

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Lifelong Superman fan here. Glad you all can finally join me =D

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How can you be sure that CALVIN in his room didn't IMAGINE that his MOM saw his CLONE? (Imaginated reality like Time Travel is a complicated issue) :P

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Being a long time Superman fan, a new take on the character is nice...BUT, the general audiences really need a differentiating villain to make the hero stand out and mean something. Luthor is done. The only other supervillains that are colorful enough to wow an audience would be BRANIAC, DARKSEID, or DOOMSDAY. Zod is too much of a 'superman' to really stand out unless they take the time to build his character. :(

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Comic book science is faked...some writers do a good job while others do not. I was reading a comicbook the other day and was totally jerked out of my suspension of disbelief because the scientific jargon was a load of cr@p. The writer was obviously stringing together phrases and concepts he heard but doesn't understand to make the comicbook science "believable". (I wish I could find that reference right now) - But anyways, science in comicbooks can't be used in real life because a lot of times there is a MISSING PIECE of the PUZZLE that comicbooks fill in that doesn't exist in the real world.

Take for instance Einstein has long searched for the key to connect Relativity and Quantum Mechanics...he never found it. In the comicbook world that one little small key piece would just be assumed to exist.

Another example is "gravitons" as being a subatomic particle that can resist gravity...which enables gravity control and flight for a number of Marvel characters. Obviously 'gravitons' in their definition is 100% fabricated. No such particle exists.

Another overused example is being able to 'tap into other dimensions' to control energy sources from there. Who did the research to even begin to peek into that other dimension? We have nothing to even be able to prove that other dimensions exists let alone tap it for resources.

A down-to-earth example is Spiderman's webbing. I can't think of any combination of standard chemical compounds that would be able to make a fluid that can be compressed and gels into a sticky stretchable when aerated that would be able to support the stress of a 50 ton force.


Comicbooks are essentially a niche SCIENCE FICTION. Writers build on tid bits of facts today to write fantastic stories of things that "could" be.

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THANKS everyone...now I feel like doing something nice for someone else :D

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Who else loves Nightcrawler? [nonchalant bump]

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Just because I am unfamiliar with all the Nightcrawlers from the other dimensions...I read up on it here on his character entry in comicvine...it looks like there was only ONE Kurt Wagner -

It's kind of a shame because there are only a few superheroes with moral standards and a high regard for life who can also be cool and fun loving.

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You can't judge how stale an artist is by character sketches...based on what i've seen of his Aquaman, he looks like he has some nice dynamic compositions. His anatomy is spot on. His character renditions above are a little 'generic' but I DO like his Cyborg. Cyborg looks sleeker for sure.

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It's a shame you aren't getting the traffic. Nightcrawler was my FAVORITE X-men of ALL TIME (PERIOD).

My first exposure to the character was in X-Men VS. OBNOXIO the CLOWN ...LOL - I've never seen such an original character before (early 1980's) Nightcrawler was the FIRST superhero that felt more than just pictures and sounds ... the writer made sure to remind us that each time he teleported there was an unmistakable scent of BRIMSTONE in the air. (As a kid I had to look up "brimstone" in the dictionary :P) ...That character felt the most REAL than the others because of that and he LOOKED cool to boot! He embodied what it means to be an X-men more than the others because he was mutantly freakish on the outside but absolutely noble and good-hearted on the inside. I kind of miss the dynamics his character brought. I miss Wolverine calling him a 'fuzzy elf' and that he was close friends with Kitty Pryde. I liked that he wasn't your typical muscle bound strong superhero. Marvel hasn't told enough stories with Nightcrawler.

When Jim Lee drew the Marvel superhero collector cards, Nightcrawler was the only one I wanted and kept.

Most of all I love that he could be a dark character but still have a FUN attitude and perspective on everyday life when you get to know him....it sort of describes ME =)