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Heat could be a by product of repeated concussive force. Think of it as friction acting on a material. the actual beam doesn't have heat but the point of impact will produce heat over time.

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The problem with corporate business is that unless you are making hand over fist and have the extra revenue in profits to burn, the shareholders may be putting pressure on the company president or Editor In Chief. What if the numbers came back that mini-series of already existing monthly books significantly increased revenue by 200% for the quarter. The shareholders will want more of that.

I'm not a numbers guy but I've been around to know how business at the upper levels operate. What it comes down to is the company president or chief executive officer NEED TO have the moxie to say "NO" and present an alternative plan and how that plan will ultimately grow the company. BUT, if the company doesn't meet the plan and grow, that executive who presented the idea will probably be fired from his position...so a champion of the fans (and the property) will be gone.

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Death of Superman - it was so contrived and underwhelming (should've been more epic) that I could not suspend my disbelief

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The only edge a female character needs is GOOD WRITER who can give a woman that depth of character!

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To be honest I LOVED IT. I first started reading Superman in the late 1970s as a wee little kid...and always marveled at the extraordinary feats he could accomplish that was barely in the realm of comprehension. This little preview took me back to that time. As much as I loved John Byrne's Man of Steel...I really missed that part of Superman that would let him fly into the center of the sun and lift planets. I think with modern day writers we can see the return of THAT Superman without degrading into silliness.

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Nice necro on this thread...I enjoyed it and AGREE!

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Aside from drawing basics like perspective, depth, and volume Anatomy is your first step. Learn how the skeletal structure is able to move and swivel to see what positions are possible. Next is the muscle groups and how it fits onto the skeletal structure...and how it makes shapes. Next and the longest journey is how the muscle groups flex and relax. All along the way you can play with dynamic poses. Friend me on DA and I'll give you more indepth constructive criticism with drawings to guide you. http://holaso.deviantart.com

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Thanks for the post - i loved CGW books when they came out the first time. Great creators

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@Jonny_Anonymous said:

@Holaso: Superman wasn't that unique, his powerset, first name and nickname all came from other characters

Want to tell me where everything came from? ;) You don't have to answer it if you don't know. I think his inspirations were radically different enough that he would count as unique in his time. Technically you can say nothing is unique because everything was inspired by something. But in terms of modern day SUPERHERO, Superman is unique.

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Superman is only obvious 80 years later! During his time there was nothing like him....all the copycats came afterwards. Where will Wolverine be in another couple decades? We already see a lot of copycats ...too many characters have regeneration/healing factor and claws...50 more years from now he won't be as unique as during his most popular days..I agree Superman and Spiderman are top contenders