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River Tam (from Serenity) > Spike

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Gil Kane was one of the first artists I noticed growing up reading in the late 1970's and 1980's. My first exposure to his work was when he worked at DC Comics drawing Superman and Justice League. His dynamic perspective and anatomy and stylized line work are forever etched into my mind.

I also first learned to draw women (at the age of 10) by using carbon paper to trace over his lines. *From a story about the Justice League going to rescue the Atom who was a giant in a subatomic universe ala Liliput.

His mastery is missed.

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Thanks! It's great to hear a lot of thoughtful and enlightening responses! (and @Daredevil fans - sorry about the comparison to Batman...as an 'outsider' I couldn't distinguish any great differences between the two, but now I see and understand)

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Having only read one issue in the mid 1980's, I was just curious what it is about the Daredevil character or books you find appealing? Does he offer anything unique that can't be satisfied by characters like Batman?

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Dr. Stephen Strange ...would be a homeless person still wallowing in the streets.

The turtles (Michaelangelo, Leonardo, Donatello, and Raphael) would be living an uneventful turtle life doing turtle things in the sewers of the city.

Steve Rogers probably ended up working for some advertising firm ala Madmen since that era would just be starting.

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@Pyrogram: and not to mention all the trouble he always gets himself into...many times over.

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@Pyrogram said:

Wolverine would be dead somehow.

lol. so true

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All the CHILDREN of superheroes...Most of them don't make sense. They have to be artificially aged or come from an alternate dimension. They only water down the original heroes they came from. Then you get that weird sense that the original hero is...OLD,..or worse yet the original hero may be related to a lot of heroes in a kind of incestive way.

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Because comicbooks are a niche pop-culture regardless of content that is alien to the casual reader.

What the original poster posted were pictures of [dark] gory illustrations. It doesn't mean that comicbooks are no longer 'nerdy'. It just slid around the outside perimeters on the scale of geekdom to the gore-geek side. The same can be said for any niche that is not overtly manly...videogames, anime, death metal, movie-buffs, fantasy football, toy collecting, etc. They all subscribe to some level of geekiness.

If it isn't mainstream popular then its nerdy/geeky. All the popular movie superheroes transcend that geek stage to a point. But if you start to delve too deep into continuity and obscure facts about the same mainstreamed superheroes then you dove back into the nerdy/geeky realm.

It's all relative and the boundaries fluctuate. Its the core that sets everything apart.