Batman: The Dark Knight.........Why the wait?

I have been out of the Batman comic books for quite a few years and finally decided to make the jump back in once I heard about the new Dark Knight series.  I bought the first issue on Jan. 1.  Needless to say I loved the issue.  Art, story were both top notch.  After reading I set it aside and then kind of forgot about it assuming I would see the next issue on my last week in Feb comic run and it would spring to my mind that I need to by issue 2.  I go to the comic store that week completely forget about it and leave.  Last night I was putting some recently bought books away and spot issue 1, then realized that I had forgotten to pick up issue 2.  No problem go into the store and ask and its revealed to me that the release date for issue 2 is March 23rd!!!
Now that it is finally almost here I have lost the desire to read the comic series.  I am going to pick up issue 2 in hopes that it is a good enough read to get me back into it instead of just dropping the series and leaving Batman behind again.  So the question becomes......Why couldn't DC stick to a monthly release for this comic between issues 1 and 2 but it looks as if the rest will be following that monthly release time frame?  I am not a avid follower of DC comics so maybe I missed something but, that series just lost a lot of my interest by taking a almost 3 month time off. 
Anyone else run into the same thing with other comics?

Posted by webling

My Local Comic Store (LCS) gets a lot of delays with orders from DC since we're on the west coast and the distributing company is on the east coast. For the Bat books there seem to have been a lot of delays at least for Dark Knight, Inc., and Batwoman. Also for this book, delays should be expected as David Finch is doing the writing, drawing, and covers. That's a lot of work for one guy. But yeah, the delay did hurt this title a little bit (G-Man agrees in his review of #2) I, myself reread the first one the night before I got issue #2.

Posted by Omertalvendetta

Not to mention the third issue took another 3 months before it came out... thankfully, issue 4 was only two weeks after... 

Posted by arcanineryu2

you cant rush perfection! just ask any deadpool fan.

Posted by MasonK565

I read the first issue and loved it, but from the second on I found it difficult to get into. I am just gonna try it again after the reboot.

Posted by moviegeek17

it most likely got delayed because you can't have david finch's detailed art with him writing a really good story, not many people can do both now a days