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Sherlock Holmes: Moriarty Lives #1 0

I'm a big fan of the James Moriarty character and I'll inevitably read/watch just about anything where he's a feature. With that, I did enjoy reading this incarnation of the character. It's a fun story.It's the first of a five issue mini series. It kicks off with Moriarty washing up alive (after his fight with Holmes at Reichenbach Falls) at some creepy Germanic-styled town. Then after some altercations with the 'hostile locals'. He's embroiled in a supernatural/occult themed story where he has...

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Quite happy 0

As a big Avenger / Justice Inc fan I have to say I really like the modernisation of the character. A lot of people might take issue with the more far more violent and lethal methods than he traditionally used and the lack of the paralysed face gimmick. I however think it suits his generally quite scary and off the wall personality more to have a harder edge when it comes to punishing criminals and the frozen face gimmick is pretty old hat and doesn't make much sense by today's standards. He is s...

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