Gargoyles! Get it together Marvel/Disney

Gargoyles was a brilliant, brilliant cartoon. That reached far beyond its allotted station in life and the time it it existed in. The Shakespearian connotations and the 'going back and forward in history' to tell the story was immense. It gave the series a deep mythology and real integrity. The overall plot was also absolutely stellar. The villains were seldom black and white. David Zanatoz being one of the most interesting, complex and compelling villains to ever appear in a Saturday morning cartoon. The moral dilemmas presented were always quite thought provoking as well.

What I'm trying to get across is, this was a great show.

Now that Marvel & Disney are in cahoots. Do you think that they should bring Gargoyles into the good old 616? Or failing that should Marvel give us more Gargoyle books. OR even maybe, give us another cartoon from Marvel Studios (just cut another deal with Netflix ect)? Do these things not sound like earth shatteringly good ideas?

Apart from two great seasons, a third season (that purists like myself don't wanna talk about) and a really good SLG series. This awesome property has been stagnating for years.

It's enough to make you daydream about taking a blunt, rusty butcher knife to Disney executives for being so stupid and so goddamned short-sighted. What is going on? I can almost understand back before they had Marvel. They had a certain type of kiddie/brain-dead image going then to uphold. Fair enough I suppose....

Hold on, it didn't stop them from making Pirates. Did it? Oh and while I'm here

Pirates of The Caribbean -

Disney Exec: We need an edgy franchise, guys..... Oh I know we'll just ignore this really good property (Gargoyles) that would suit this purpose just fine. That we have full ownership of, is actually a great concept and with an already existing (hungry for more) fan base. We'll just pretend that doesn't exist and not make a big budget movie of it or anything for that matter. Instead, we'll do a summer blockbuster based on a theme park ride we have laying about!" (It worked out pretty good for them but... Shut-up, ok.)

Anyway, Now they have a perfect banner to present it under. They could do things that they couldn't under Disney without breaking a sweat. Not only that but a pre-established universe that Goliath and company could seamlessly slide into. If they wanted to go down that road.

Why aren't orders being shouted into telephones and emails being fired off to prospective writers and artists or animators and voice actors? Why aren't deals being hashed out with the expressed purpose of bringing back Gargoyles into some sort of media for us all to enjoy?

Does anyone feel how I do? Like we are being robbed of something that ought to be a thing? What do you think? 616 inclusion? A shiny new book all to themselves? A new TV show? A live action movie (look, if they're doing Guardians of the Galaxy)? I would love to hear something from other Gargoyles fans. What are your views? I need details, copious details.


Another snippet of info on new Moon Knight ongoing.

I've got this little theory that though the impression is that Spector will be wearing his moon-themed three piece suit for this series. He may bust out his Carbonium armour/traditional look for particularly powerful opponents to level the playing field?

I dunno if this is going to happen (obviously) but this recent tweet here by Declan Shalvey suggests ( total maybe) that the armour/trad costume will be making an actual appearance (not just a pic on a bloggers computer screen in one panel, in the first issue) pretty soon. Anyway, here's the tweet -

Not a lot to go on I know but I'm thinking it's the armour. As apart from this tweet, we've all seen a couple of the variant covers. Spector is rocking his classic look. So it would be very strange if they were ditching the hood and cloak shtick completely?

Or we could be seeing a different costume entirely? A Moon-scuba suit? A Moon-space suit? (or would that be a Moon-moon suit?) A Moon-Mech? A Moon-Bat suit? (just kidding.) Or it could be following the non-superhero costume style of the Moon-three piece? Maybe Moon-track pants? Moon-pyjamas? A moon-bathrobe? Moon 50's dad??

Please don't get me wrong. I love the new business suit look.( Even though I can't tell if he's going give me a very convincing ad pitch. Tell me "greed is good!' Or murder me with an ax for getting a reservation at Dorsia). I'm just not sure if I want Moon Knight to have more motif-themed costumes than a Batman action figure line or Tony Stark's closet. I suppose it could work is it didn't go too far??

Anyway, please share your thoughts and speculations?