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Lol What??? 0

In this issue , the cover says Red Robin Reborn... Lol , This issue literally had noting to do with red all!! But it does give you more information about raven , which i found very interesting , i had never knew Raven had 3 brothers , i always knew Trigon was here father but i never knew she 3 brothers , I also dislike the New Artist Since Issue TEEN TITANS #17 his art is not as good as Brett Booth....

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Can't Wait Till Next Issue!!!!! 0

*Spoiler* When Calvin Rose got his neck cracked in the 7th issue , i had thought they cancelled this comic , but until i read the 8th issue i got releaved that , Calvin Rose Came back to life by some kind thing for the court of owls , which this issue ends by calvin on top of ledge , about to attack batgirl , because he was ordered by the court , which leads to Birds Of Prey #21 :)...

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Thumbs Up!!! 0

Well,to start off , these young rich kids use their money to invest of diffrent people Inventions such as cars powered by wifi etc. , but what really got me interseted it when one of the kids posted a pic on some social network , with tagged location , which gets one of them freaked out which leads that they are hated by some people unknown , which leads one of them to take a powered amour suit which is kinda like a iron man suit , but it ends right there so , the book as started off in a good n...

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