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@erik: @lunacyde: @ferro_vida: @dane:

It should be noted that my character will not suffer any damage or discomfort by the "Cataclysm" considering that with the Azrael suit, Inferno can pretty much walk through the fire. So that should be an advantage for us from the beginning.

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@alessandro_souzamarques: Are you ready?


Opening Post

TEAM @higorm

> Argus

Basic Information:

Argus is likely named after Argos Panoptès, the all-seeing giant with a hundred eyes from Greek myth.

Nick Kelly, born Nick Kovak, was a federal agent, working undercover in the Keystone mob scene. He fed all the information he learned straight to the Agency.

While deep undercover investigating one of Keystone City's criminal organizations using the alias Nick Kelly, federal agent Nick Kovak was attacked by a Bloodlines Parasite named Venev, which changed his body genetic chemistry, and gave him special powers. Still not sure what to make of it all, Kovak continued the investigations and using his new abilities took down a division of Keystone City's crime boss's. Keeping his new attributes a secret and deciding to retain that secrecy he decided to develop a masked identity. Hence with a re-outfitted armory suit and and spoils from the FBI's weaponry Kovak created the guise of Argus.

Powers and Paraphernalia:

PowersAgility / Attractive Male / Healing / Intellect / Invisibility / Shadowmeld / Stamina / Stealth / Super Sight / Super Strength / Unarmed Combat


  • Physicals - Nick has been physically enhanced to be 5 times normal in strength, speed and agility.
  • Argus vision - Nick sees all the electromagnetic spectrum. Infra red, Ultra violet, xray and radios waves. His vision also allows him to see through deceptions and perceive the truth in things. with it he has been able to code break, see through illusions, predictive sight to see outcomes about to happen of current events, and movement read. He has also been able to see the weaknesses in armor and things.and see how things fit together.
  • Shadow Meld - Nick is able to meld with shadows to be completely invisible.
  • Healing factor. Nick has an enhanced healing factor that has allowed him to regenerate eyes after they were gouged out and to heal from 3rd degree burns almost immediately.


  • He wears a leather teflon fiber weave as armor.
  • Carries a titanium alloy nunchaku (heavy as all get out).
  • Carries sonic grenades and sonic ear filters to protect him.

> Devil-Slayer

Basic Information:

Eric Simon Payne, also known as "Agent of Death" and "Reaper of Souls".

He was recruited by the hybrid demon-woman Vera Gemini and her Cult of the Harvesters of Eyes, serving as their Reaper of Souls and Agent of Death (assassin). The Cult honed Payne's psychic powers and gave him his Shadow-Cloak, but he quit upon learning that they wished to bring about Xenogenesis, restoring to prominence an ancient demon race that once ruled the Earth. Taking the name "Devil-Slayer," he dedicated himself to fighting demons.


PowersAgility/ Danger Sense/ Gadgets/ Healing / Illusion / Casting / Levitation / Marksmanship / Mesmerize / Omni-lingual / Power Item / Psionic / Stamina / Telekinesis / Telepathy / Teleport / Unarmed Combat / Weapon Master

The source of Devil-Slayer's telepathy is unknown. He possessed the power to cast a telepathic screen over himself, altering his appearance to the people who look at him. He could telepathically jam gunlocks, levitate himself, and decipher languages. Devil-Slayer wore a Shadow-Cloak, with which he could teleport to other dimensions, and through which he could draw weapons from any age in history. He wielded many different weapons, including a staff that acted as a protector against harm, a blade that hungered for demon blood, a mace that wielded negative energy, Dragonfang (Valkyrie's sword) and a futuristic gun.

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@highaccuser: here comes da rating!

I've seen most of your battles and one thing you need to improve before anything else is formatting. I kwon that you are looking for a rating about your debate skills, but presenting your arguments in clean and organized way is also important to the outcome of the battle, since you have to consider the ones who need to read your arguments to vote. Take a look at @thetruebarryallen battles and the way he organizes it, it's good not only for the voters but also for your opponent, your debate has only to gain from it.

That leads me to say that you should focus more on arguments and less on scans. If you take a look on how most of the legends and hall of famers around here rely on words instead of images. Sure, a scan is always important to illustrate an argument or prove a claim, but when you see too much of it it's not a good sign.

Furthermore, I would say you have a good knowledge of the characters you use in debates, and know how to argue against your adversary, poiting out what you know isn't true or actually capable of happening the way he/she thinks it would.

I believe you have improved taking into account your first battles compared with the latest. Keep up the good work!

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@erik: That's fine, I've agreed with Floopay reasoning about how his character would be able to avoid the shot. One question, the "one kill rule" remains for the next round or we will have something different?

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Vote goes to @nickzambuto due to a superior overall debate.

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@lunacyde: @erik: Okay, good to know. Actually they finally answered, but if needed in the future we'll know how to proceed. We're working our strategy, will post soon.

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@highaccuser: probably Spartan with combat gear and Void-Powered. Anything less than that is too weak to fight Superman and anything above that is too strong.