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@erik: hell yeah!

You better start praying because I'm back!

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@veitha: nice backstory, I'm feeling like doing my own =x

I'll drop the real deal later on..

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@killerwasp: oh, those OP characters, they are anything like space marines?

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@veitha: are you ready?

David Alleyne (Prodigy) + Noriko Ashida (Surge)



  • Attack Prediction

Prodigy is able to predict physical attacks directed at him, allowing him to easily avoid or counter them. Prodigy was able predict Wolverine's attacks when learning self-defense, managing to holding his own against the veteran X-Men. While Prodigy would not be able to defend against an energy attack, he is able to decipher where the attack would come from. For example, if Cyclops were to fire at him, Prodigy would be able to use his power to learn where the beam would be aimed towards, since Scott uses his skill at aiming.

  • Psychomimetic

Prodigy's mutant ability allows him to telepathically gain/duplicate the knowledge, mental skills, and abilities (mental and physical). Not only does this make him incredibly skilled and even smarter depending on who's near him, but it gives him a better understanding of his teammates' skills and how to best have them work as a unit (each person's abilities complimenting another), making him a natural leader. A side effect of his powers are self-imposed mental blocks, which prevents him from retaining the knowledge he absorbs, forgetting whatever he has learned after a short period of time (the power is completely involuntary). It's possible that Prodigy's mutant ability could allow him to copy others powers, however it's unknown if he could.


Expert Leader/Strategist:

Prodigy is a natural leader and strategist. He has the combined leadership skills of Cyclops, Storm, Rogue and Wolverine among others; he also possess Cyclops' strategic knowledge. Prodigy has been compared to Cyclops and Moonstar, because of his ability to come up with plans during the field day events and out on missions. His natural leadership skills have been enhanced through contact with various X-Men and his time as co-leader of the New Mutant Squadron.

Expert Hand-to-hand Combatant: Prodigy has all the combat skills of Wolverine, Shadowcat, Psylocke, and Gambit, among others.


Prodigy is naturally intelligent. He completed college level courses while in high school, operates complicated technology, pilots the Blackbird, and built the Danger Cave, all without using his powers. He also possess Beast's knowledge of science and biology, Professor Xavier's expertise in various subjects, Iceman's mathematical comprehension, Shadowcat's computer prowess, his father's culinary aptitude, the Magical know how of Doctor Strange, along with the education of most of the other X-Men and his fellow students.


  • Prodigy wears a visor/goggles with a head set and digital display for computer access, data analysis, and information files.



> Surge is a mutant with electrokinesis.

  • Electrical Absorption:

She absorbs electricity at all times: from static in the air, electrical appliances, outlets, etc (often causing lights to flicker, etc). She can't control the absorption, and thus must wear specifically-designed gauntlets at all times to regulate it.

  • Lightning Blasts:

She can discharge the energy through lightning blasts from her hands or other parts of her body. The upper limits of this power have yet to be determined, though these attacks remain considerably powerful when used effectively.

  • Superhuman Speed:

She has the ability to channel the energy into bursts of super-speed. Her top speed has not been officially calculated, but she once ran from upper New York to the mountains of Colorado in one afternoon. Apparently, she can run at several hundred miles per hour, and retain that speed for several hours.


Surge is a native Japanese speaker who speaks English fluently, with little trace of an accent. She has an aptitude for leadership, and has had some training from Wolverine in hand-to-hand combat.


  • Power Gauntlets - The latest version of her gauntlets were made by Forge and are lightweight and more efficient as they have a adjustable knob to change the level of intensity in her blasts, as well as allowing her to control the input of electricity at a more stable rate.

*When it comes to intelligence/morals/decisions, Prodigy will carry the personality of the character.*

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@apolio: I suppose I'm team red right?

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