The World of Codename: V (CBRFiction)

(From's DC New Dawn project)

In 1941, as the Second World War threatened to overwhelm the British Empire, Winston Churchill formed a covert organization of scientists, soldiers and superheroes to battle the Axis' war machine. On that day, Codename: V was born. Years later, the organization has grown into the United Kingdom’s first line of defense against any threat, be it power-hungry madmen, supernatural entities, or otherworldly invaders. For now, then and forever, Codename: V will stand for one just cause… Victory!

(Set in the fictional British city known as the Capital, Codename: V are the UK's answer to the Justice League of America and the equivalent of Marvel's MI13. For monthly fan-made DC NEW DAWN SOLICITATIONS of Codename: V, check out the sticky thread on the DC Comics forum at...

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