The British Side of Marvel


Over the years, Marvel Comics has made full use of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. So much so, only the US has a richer history within the Marvel Universe. There are so many British, British associated and original Marvel UK characters, objects and locations to choose from. This is a comprehensive list of everything you will need to know about the British side of Marvel!

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Posted by jack16ichigo

Great list very extensive :)

Although I notice you missed off And Northern Ireland at the beginning............

Posted by highwayguy

@jack16ichigo: You're absolutely correct. Sorry about that. It's been amended now :)

Posted by jack16ichigo

@highwayguy: Cool,cool glad to help :) and like I said it's a great list you got going,must have taken you ages :)

Posted by highwayguy

@jack16ichigo: It has taken quite a while. But I enjoy researching into Marvel UK and British characters. I've searched and searched through Marvel.wikia, Marvunapp, and Comic Vine to find as many characters as I can.

Posted by jack16ichigo

@highwayguy: Yeah you can really tell you went to some great lengths and effort :),what particularly interests you about the UK ?

Posted by highwayguy

@jack16ichigo: I'm British myself. And have been a fan of Marvel and DC for as long as I can remember, especially the way characters interact within their respective universes. But Marvel has given UK fans a little universe within the Marvel U of our own over the years. No other country can boast what we have outside of the US. The unique characters are simply amazing and interesting. I wanted to collect as many as I could into one list.

Posted by jack16ichigo

@highwayguy: Yeah me too :) and it's true we've gotten more characters than probably any other country besides America,I bet Canada's a close second though at least for Marvel anyway........

Posted by highwayguy

Maybe Russia over Canada for Marvel. That's where they got most of their villains in the 60's. ;)

Posted by kid Apollo

WOOOOW you have no idea how long ive been waiting to find a list like this! My mom is British so ive always had a soft spot for characters from the UK, i had thought about doing a list like this but didnt know where to start. great list!

oh and my Dad is Canadian and you're right, the Russians are represented way better than we are. maybe im biased because ive grown up here in Canada but most of the heroes that comes outta here are super stereotypical and somewhat annoying, ie- Sasquatch (for obvious reasons), Puck (his name/hockey) Earthmover (wears a dam Oilers shirt)

Posted by highwayguy

@kid Apollo: I'm glad you like it, Apollo. Thanks.

I agree. I've had this conversation with a Canadian friend on another forum. The characters connected to Alpha Flight seems to be all that the Canadian side of Marvel has. That really surprised me.

Posted by John Valentine

Great list!

Posted by Pixel_Kaiser

This list rules, good job. So many awesome characters.