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@mitran: http://www.businessinsider.com/reporter-asks-gravity-director-if-its-hard-to-film-in-space-2013-10 it was a joke and pls can we not derail this thread

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Lol i have left this forum for so long, last time i checked here, sentry was considered a joke in the forums, and n52 supes had this stupid PIS feat of lifting the earth for five days straight without sun, and barely even breaking a sweat, plus he had a FTL feat i think not sure how sentry can win

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@scorpion2501: well i know man, i just wanna know what is so great about it, just curious, not to confirm my opinion, i mean could be viewing the film from a completely different angle so i wouldnt appreciate it as much

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Yes i made one, it was about a perfect society , nothing special but i thought out like how it can be a foolproof utopia with perfect order without restricting freedom, and how would this world be in 1000 100000 years from now, not a comic booky one, a bit boring really haha

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@mitran: it wasnt man, otherwise the budget would have been in the billions lol

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Hi forum, havent posted in quite a while, but here something that has been bothering me lately i watched the film, which was so billed as a bold new film, a new step in film making, showing the endless possiblilities in how we can see films and all sorts of bloated praising, 97% on rotten tomatoes, given perfect scores by some of the strictest of critics. What could go wrong right? I was kinda skeptical but gave the film a try.

But OH MY GOD, that was one of the worst most awful boring film i have ever seen in my life, seriously i demand that ticket price paid back, i mean what is this a terrible plot, the characters have no personalities, or even give you a reason to care for them, yet they are praised for their performance. The scenes were so drawn out it was freaking crazy, the tension was not their and no amount of first person views is gonna change that. And the laughable plot has been done sooooooooo many times, here it is just in a space setting with as many cliches as you can cram, i mean i would have liked it if it did deliver on its promise of providing a chilling captivating atmospheric thriller that it was billled out to be.

So just to confirm i am not crazy, can someone tell me what was so amazing about that film, what was the appeal? And just to confirm, i enjoy ultra slow paced films, in the matter of fact my taste in films covers pretty much everything and i am seldomly critical, even if i dont like a film or whatever i always see what its appeal is, but here man this is a piece of trash.

Sorry for my english, and i am not trying to diss the film, i hope fans dont attack me, as i am genuinely curious about this

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@powerwoman: how are you, yeah i have been really busy in the past year or so

i just got back into comics

@CitizenBane thanks , are there any other storylines that explore the fate of the survivors?

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i think i read zod say there were about 7000 after many suffocated in space, what happened to those guys?

and why did the story have to be so unnecessarily tragic?

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hi guys please, i have a couple of questions about bioshock infinite (no spoilers please)

1- do the voxaphones really explain plot holes and stuff like that?

2- possible stories ( where ever bioshock is mentioned, i see comments like looper, inception like ending and stuff like bookstock, so is it what i think it is, i mean can i really guess it? or will it blow me away like everyone says)

3- why is the AI, so damn awful, they seem to know exactly where you are and they never, ever miss

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@SamRevlon said:

They come out as exclusive, but in the end they all become universal.. Look at DMC = Devil May Cry, they remastered the collection in HD for xbox 360, as well as Zone of Enders and a few others. It all comes down to money and playing the market right, pushing a game to be exclusive just amps up the value/desire of said game, but around 4-6 months time its on both platforms.

well then there is LBP, GOW, uncharted ,resistance, heavy rain and lot more that are more than likely to never come out on another platform