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i love to read a ton of image titles, but they arent that mainstream though. i think with the amount of books the big two publish, the readers have more than they can handle already just reading from them alone.

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First off i will say that i am a big walking fan, but here i am baffled as why is TWD is that much more popular than invincible, and outsells it by like 5:1 in diamond sales, invincible barely cracks the top 150 while twd is at top 15.

I mean werent there like a billion zombie books before at that time, the only thing was special about the book was its tagline , as it never ends and the main characters can die. Yes they are fun and nice , but god are they slow, and the amount of repetitive plot threads is way too much, hell even some the characters are repetitive like how Abraham is a re skinned tyrone. Anyway invincible is everything i want in a comic, full of interesting plot threads that actually get resolved, mostly contained in its own comic , no read this issue of another series, the characters really develop and change, there is no status que. basically there is never a dull moment in it. Why didnt the comic take off, just like the walking dead, if TWD was a fresh take on the zombie genre, invincible was just as much so, it even came before it.

And yes yes i am aware the show increased its popularity despite it being much worse than the comic. Anyhow i feel i am rambling here, but the fact there are very few who read it, very few who discus it, this board is usually dead, and those who read it , read it in trades man,

And another reason why i am annoyed about its low sales, is it seems now that kirkman is giving it a much lower priority and the comic has been really troubled by all these delays, like month in month out. Take it however you want it , yeah there is a bit of fanboyshness here , i felt i really wanna say this .

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@2cool4fun: @toptom: @higher_evolutionary:More scans

Batman/Superman 7

Tanked blows from Batman,who is amped by an alien technolgy that increase his strength and give some precog capabilities.

Blitz Toyman while withstand Batman's energy blasts.

Tanked blows from Mongul without being KO'ed.

sorry man i have been out of the loop for quite a while so i 'll ask, what is precog? and just how strong is n52 mongul, i know how strong he is in the pre52 but this one .... no idea, plus why doesnt he ever use his speed? he could dodge those attacks

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@king_stranglehold_da_first: i know this was more than a week ago,

but how? where are they, or do you mean alternate universe, or future ones like kal kent? or do you mean a character who has is more powerful aka has powers like reality manipulation or some sort ?

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@whowatchesthewatchmen: you are talking about sa superman, and he sneezed a solar system, and he was hit by mr mxy's sneeze magic or whatever, normal humans infected with this could sneeze cars away, normal humans, imagine superman with this enhanced sneezing,

Anyway measuring sa supes power is redundant anyway, he has much higher ones.

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@powerwoman: wow thats crazy lol can you elaborate more ?, i am still here i mostly just read the articles , read reviews here and there ,a bit busy, nice to see you again :)

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Well , i think those his more absurd feats, usually have no relevance storywise, and it seems obvious that the writer put it there to please , entertain fans, making superman like some circus performer with a new trick every now and then. But when it comes to the actual stories i am sure a lot of the writers have to tone his powers, ignore some, especially his show off feats, to make it feasible to write for him.

But make no mistake superman, is the strongest dc superhero or at least in the top 5

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@wolverine08: saw the room, opinion still stands.

@constantine: yeah avatar sucked and all, but i could see why some would like it, but in case of gravity it was so hyped up by the critics in such crazy fashion, i couldnt help but feel terribly dissappointed, i expected a masterpiece not this

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Hi guys i am really curious now, just how powerful is the mighty supes now? Does the lifting the earth a million times still stand, has gotten more powerful? New powers, new equally strong enemies?