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Atlantis stomps.

For starters each of their ground troops have the phyical stats to casually move in the bottom of the marianes trench, where the pressure alone would crush tanks like tin.

They have complete control of the majority of the planet, and all coastlines would fall fast.

They have giant magical sea monsters.

Important nations could be sunk easily by the trident of neptune.

I don't know if the whole military can do a thing to aquaman on his own.

Atlantis has the complete advantage.

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Post-crisis E2 superman is standard kryptonian.

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@dextersinister: You can't apply that kind logic to comics, especially not cosmic beings. That doesn't prove anything in this instance.

Your misinterpreting the other instances. Mephisto and Galactus were just damaging the universe, and odin and set were slightly threatening the fabric or the multiverse and not the whole thing.

And maybe it is PIS in those cases, but the CCU's have time and time again proven they have that much power.

Omnipotent usually means near-omnipotent, which the cubes have proven they are. It's worth noting that the pink dude is mephisto, the lord of lies. That said, everything he said checks out perfectly and his plan to beat the goddess worked.

Why shouldn't thanos be able to do that stuff? He was smart enough to make the infinity gauntlet work, something I believe Reed Richards lacked the intelligence to do.

@daak1212 said:

Im pretty sure at this time none of them were Cubes. This instance was before the ret-con I believe. We also forget the power of the Cosmic Cube here, remember in what was the Space event where they fought the Elder Gods and Thanos was with the Guardians of the Galaxy, where Peter Quil and Nova destroyed the universe with a cosmic cube that was charged to what 20%?

It's even better that they weren't cubes. The cubes are much more powerful.

The cube Star-lord had was near dead, but could still one-shot Thanos. They never used it to bust a universe, but the cubes have shown multiverse busting potential.

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@highaccuser: I just showed one, that was strands of different realities he was looking over and rewrote one with another he liked better.

He re-wrote one. That's not multiversal in nature or scale.

You never provided what Thanos could do, I don't know the context behind those different beings.

There's no context except this:

Cosmic cubes impose limits once they begin to mature. This means Thanos is capable of far more than what Kubik can do, and he's shown multiversal power himself.

I also asked for altering for a reason, destroying is easy, a bog standard time machine can do that, felt on every plane of existence seems to be horribly overused hyperbole. Why not provide the scan of Thanos making the universe scream yet for some reason no one on Earth noticed.

Altering is easier than destroying? When has this ever been established by marvel? Theroies don't equal power levels or facts. If it's not established, it's useless. I also can't think of a single other time every plane of existence has been affected, so it's definently not overrused.

Thanos made the universe scream WITHOUT the cube.

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@highaccuser: Galactus isn't that powerful, at his height he can bust Galaxies.

Can you show me Thanos with the cube having the ability alter the multiverse? as that would make no sense unless he had a +1 cosmic cube considering there are multiple cosmic cubes throughout the multiverse.

Thanos only fused with the universe, but other cubes did much more.

"The resulting reality war would shred the fabric of existence"

But this is Kubik, a cosmic cube being with self-imposed blocks on his power. Thanos' cube didn't have these power blocks.

He can hold entire universes in his palm.

And again, he's nothing compared to an unbound cube.

When two unbound cubes(beyonder and molecule man)fought, the impact was felt on every plane of existence.

Legion has no multiversal feats, while the cubes do.

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@highaccuser said:

Legions best feats are reconstructing the universe and killing the elder gods. The cosmic containment units have shown far more power than that.

Greater than the ability to alter whatever and whenever you wanted

He also would be entering the fight knowing every way it could play out, one of his powers took the role of villain in that series and had the ability to see through every possible timeline.

Yes actually. Like defeating doctor doom with galactus' power with a mere thought, nullifying the entire multiverse, threatening to destroy the multiverse while at power levels nothing compared to standard, affecting every plane of existence without meaning to, etc.

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@highaccuser: well then "Speed Force Bart">>>>>>> Wally >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> everyone else

Let's face it, without that amp, bart is nothing compared to what Wally can do. Imagine if West had absorbed the SpeedForce. He would probably be a blur to Hunter...

Pretty much. Speedforce wally would probably destroy conceivable physics by breaking the reality barrier, and I don't even think that's a thing.

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Brainiac by prep.

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@highaccuser: that' strange... it just doesn't seem right for Bart to be the most powerful flash...

He was immensly amped.

The series also depicted Bart as able to hold his own against the rouges powerless and had him one-shot WW and MM in that state so...yeah.

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Bart can't do this, only wally stands a chance and he could just speedsteal team 2

You know this bart when he had the whole speedforce right? He was beating down Zoom in this state.