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Would everyone STOP running off on their own? It's so infuriating. Beth tried to run away to get a drink before Daryl could follow, Glenn tried to run away from the soldier & his crew, Maggie ran away, Bob walked off on his own. AGH! Can't these people stop and maybe come up with strategies for 5 minutes before scampering off on their own? It's really selfish and infuriating when they do that.

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I liked this issue but I can't imagine Kitty could really co-sign on any of Scott's bull. I'm sick of his character getting away with everything. Even if you take the death of Charles Xavier out of the equation, he still protected the Phoenix Force by betraying allies (the Avengers) and launching a crusade that could've cost the lives of many heroes. He's such a tacticionist, he never shuts up about it, yet his "master plan" every time is just to go ape-s##t on the enemy. Anyone remember how well that worked out during HoM? His mismanagement and arrogance has had colossal ramifications even without the influence of dark cosmic powers. So to hear him rationalize to Kitty and have Kitty remotely accept it is kind of a hard pill to swallow.

Scott would be a much better character if he were just the new Magneto and OWNED it. He basically already is, hearing him turn to sentimental mush in front of Kitty was just more woe-is-me crap. All the events leading up to his possession by the Phoenix force were set into place because of HIM and he had many, many chances to go back on it while he was beating up Avengers, you know, his friends.

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Rictor/Shatterstar- Because they're the most realistically-written, the most unique, and they don't appear to need a whole lot of melodramatic gimmicks to continue to be interesting.


Scott/Emma - When written well (Torn, Astonishing X-men, Joss Whedon) they are amazing but a lot of the time they're a mutant Barbie and Ken....who is wearing GI Joe's camo.

WORST (a few)

Mystique and Sabretooth- Sabretooth is an idiot, why would Mystique be into him? It's never made sense. Ok, sex, one night stand, sure. But read anything lately with those to kicking around Wolverine recently and you'll quickly realize they make eachother very 2-dimensional.

Northstar and Kyle- I just penalize this one for being insincere. Marvel never does anything interesting with Northstar except attach him to Dazzler (so not stereotypical, right?) but he's all of a sudden SO important when Marvel needs to prove they're progressive. But where is he now? And honestly, Northstar isn't ready for marriage! I LOVE him but he's narcissistic and totally self-centered. He never even got to date! It was rushed and, frankly, Kyle is so uninteresting. Marvel would never do this to a straight character because they are soooo worried about them not being interesting afterward (MJ & Peter, anyone?) but they can totally throw Northstar under the bus just like they did with Storm and Black Panther.

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I thought "Wolverine and the X-men" was incredibly good and great at integrating all these different plots and subplots. I can't believe they never found a way to keep it going, it's absurd, especially when it was so much better than the Avengers shows. Cartoon Network only holds on to those shows for 2 seasons as well which is also absurd. Batman, X-men, and Spider-Man were where it was AT in the 90's and they all went on for quite a while.

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Kitty could kill basically anyone if she phases and points an object through their heart/head/whatever and then goes tangible again. Kitty's actually incredibly dangerous in combat, she just doesn't kill very often and doesn't fight dirty typically but if she did she could kill a lot of people very simply. Powerful people too, she could kill Hulk that way or Iron Man or Cap.

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@adamtrmm said:

But for now, she was the only one to pull Wanda out of her perfect world where everyone treats her like nothing happened and she is a well accepted hero.

That's ridiculous, Wanda hasn't been apart of an arc yet wherein she hasn't been confronted with her past. In AvX, Hope went out of her way a few times to disparage Wanda as did young Jean Grey and as did all of the X-men in the Children's Crusade. Wanda has been the subject of scrutiny ever since she returned, Rogue is just the first to make a full-time job of it much at the cost to her effectiveness as teammate.

The comparison between the two isn't correct, every murder Magneto committed had a precedent, as for SW - she committed a gene and identity genocide, not by taking their life (while many of them used their powers in life-or-death situations, and thanks to her one-sided decision, died as the result), but she erased their characteristics and a deciding part of identity, she erased the base of their self-identification and exposed them to physical risks, being unable to defend themselves with their lost abilities in the face of the threats that only waited for this exposure to strike them off-guard. The only comparison that actually bears a resemblance is an EMP during Fatal Attractions, that left life-supporting devices, flying planes, etc. out of an energy-supply, BUT it was an act of retribution, act of war, as a response for blockade that could've end with his men deaths. Devastating? Yes. Baseless? No. What base did Wanda have? Poor girl, daddy didn't bye her a Barby. =(

You're saying Wanda eliminating the x-gene from a vast number of mutants is worse than Magneto outright killing people? A "gene identity genocide" is worse than just an old fashioned, run-of-the-mill mass murder/genocide? Magneto's electromagnetic pulse also hardly encompasses all his crimes, there were several points where he tried to forcibly assume a fascist hold over whole countries through guerrilla warfare which often resulted in hundreds dying. It's not an "act of war" to doom thousands of civilians with an EMP in retaliation to the opposing side, it's an act of terrorism. An act of war would've been disabling the blockade, not murdering people to make a point. You think it's justifiable just because it was retribution?

Also Wanda's situation was a tad worse than her father not "bye-ing" her a "Barby". Unlike Magneto, Wanda didn't orchestrate or meticulously plan M-Day, it was the outcome of her having tried to resurrect her children. She and Dr. Doom tried to harness the lifeforce, unaware that it would cause Wanda to go mad. Anyways, as we know, the House of M universe was Quicksilver's idea as an alternative to losing Wanda which he could bear the thought of. When Magneto murdered Quicksilver in cold blood right before Wanda's eyes she had a colossal breakdown and with 3 words stripped 90% of mutants of the x-gene. The Scarlet Witch was possessed, she was crazy, and she had all of reality resting on shoulders when she said "No more mutants". Those are some pretty exceptional circumstances.

It's not entirely exonerating of Wanda, she shouldn't have messed with Lifeforce to begin with but I don't think she could've foreseen those specific consequences and I would understand why a mother would do everything she could to save her children. I think people referring to M-day as genocide is a trivialization of the term and it doesn't even accurately reflect the term. An important component of what constitutes genocide is that it is "systematic", meaning that it is methodical or organized. That was not at all the circumstances of Wanda's situation.

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@koays said:

With Jean, I've always been a fan of her character, but the idea that with all the characterization that Cyclops, Beast, even Storm have had since she died, the only stories ever written about Jean were about the Phoenix or Scott....it's sad. I'm not saying I don't wanna see her reaction to the events since she died, but I bang my head everytime someone mentions how special Jean was and even as a fan or her's my first thought is "All she did was smile and get possessed and now she has a school named after her?!?!?".

Jean deserves to be explored more, and story wise the narrative needs it.

Jean has practically become the ultimate Woman in a Refrigerator, perhaps even more so than Gwen Stacy. She isn't remembered or reflected upon for having any distinct qualities, just for dying young, beautiful, and perfect and for filling both Scott and Logan's tormented hearts with angst. Jean is only ever explored to further Logan or Scott's pathos or to canonize her using the Phoenix force. Her death means less and less because it's beginning to define her, it's as though all anybody can see of her character is her relationship with the Phoenix force, her sacrifice, and Scott & Wolvie's unresolved grief.

Jean is much, much, much less interesting dead. She needs to come back and go through something similar to Magik where she's entirely disassociated with humanly concerns and disassociated with the Phoenix, darker and less goody-goody than she had been. She needs to be rebuilt from the ground up because there's so much potential in her character.

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Magneto's taste in women is so confusing. He's so unpredictable, he slept with Lee Forrester after she left Scott, he got with Ameila Voight after she left Charles, he fell for his physician, he slept with Wasp and was angry at her for dismissing him, Omega Sentinel was another one he had this cute little affection for, and, just like Charles, he had thing for jailbait Jean.

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I like the X-men title because it has some of the most underrated characters like Monet, Typhoid Mary, and Karima Shapandar, it's also one of the only all-female books ever that isn't campy or reductive. You stop noticing it's all women actually, they just tell genuinely good stories.

I don't get why Uncanny Avengers gets so much flak, I love it, I feel like it's one of the better-written and more thoughtful titles of Marvel as a whole. Also, it has interesting conflicts like Captain America addressing the slaying of the child Apocalypse, I feel like it's one of the only titles that deals with consequences of past events in an interesting way you don't typically see. Also, it's realistic the X-men might have to work with the Avengers, they live in the same world and obviously they aren't aware they're comicbook characters so they would think to be like "Wait, I'm an X-man. I shouldn't be here. This is an Avengers-ish title". The only thing about that I don't like is how unlikable and unforgiving they've made Rogue, it kinda makes sense but she's gotten too carried away with the hating on Wanda. She slept with Magneto who intentionally has killed many more people than Wanda ever had. I'm sorta waiting for Wanda to mention that to Rogue "Okay, stepmommy, why don't you judge me some more then go sit on my terrorist father", hahaha. I did like this exchange though....

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@koays said:

@hexthis said:

It's funny how Claremont was so adamant Jean stayed dead and yet he tried 3 different times to get knock-off Jeans incorporated into the story and was successful twice. First, he introduced Rachel (same powers/similar appearence) then he made Maddy who was essentially Jean's evil twin and then he tried to have Sarah Grey join X-factor instead of Jean and somehow have mutant powers. As much as I like Claremont's classic arcs, he started to lose his touch after a while because all of those solutions to Jean's absence are sooooo soap operatic. This is a huge trend of Marvel's, don't resurrect Jean just throw in multiple versions of her, they never want to admit she's an asset to the X-men franchise. It's getting crazy. Mutant Zero was a Jean tease, Hope was one as well, Rachel was a sort-of Jean replacement, Maddy too, and now we have young Jean...so that's like 5 different Jeans at this point?

BUT what the hell?! Maddy can come back. Maybe she could even have a confrontation with young Jean?


It seems like Marvel is afraid to right a Jean Grey story because she's too powerful or they feel they'd have to incorporate the Phoenix....and yet we've gotten more Phoenix exposition when Jean isn't around then we ever did when she was. You would think that with all of the importance they seem to right about her character someone might want to try to explore what that character is.....and I don't think for a second that O5 Jean Grey counts.

@avenger85 When "Young Cyclops in Space" fails and ANX's sales drop maybe they'll realize how bad it is to rehash old storylines.

I love the "too powerful" excuse. Wolverine can die and come back every issue, Iron Man's suit can withstand and technologically manifest anything, and Thor is a flat-out god yet they've managed to find things for those guys to do. They killed Nightcrawler, they killed Cable, they killed Johnny Storm and brought them back almost instantaneously but at the idea of Jean coming back after a decade plus people are like "NOOOO! SHE MUST REMAIN DEAD! IT SHALL NEVER COME TO PASS!".

If they really cared Jean was too powerful they'd just have her remain telekinetic and telepathic with more reliance on her physical prowess like Psylocke. But instead they merged her with the Phoenix in "Endsong"! They could care less. "We need to promote Guardians of the Galaxy by familiarizing our readers....trot out Jean's corpse! People aren't reading Uncanny, let's not fire Greg Land, just elude to Jean's return somehow. Crap, we need Second Coming to sell really well...make Hope look like Jean a couple times in the covers!"