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Loved it.... now gimmi more... more.... MOOOOOOAR!!!!!!!! :P

As for the whole "gasp! black stormtrooper" conversation which appears to be dominating part of the conversation i'm going to assume that its due to the whole "but stormtroopers are clones becuase the prequils said so".... well obviously you guys haven't been in touch with either the old expanded universe (which said that clones were phased out of the imperial army by new hope) or the new one which, in a nice little episode of star wars rebels, has shown that storm troopers were not clone troopers. Hell they even had a rebels recon video which compared the 2, and sort of jokingly (without mentioning it) explained why storm troopers cant shoot straight. i mean here are the links for it:-
nd the rebels recon here

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I'm mixed about this (I know right. a comicbook fan with mixed reactions about a total change in the creative team and tone of a book. stop the press :P ). On the PLUS side having a lighter toned book, and a bat book nonetheless, is a great move as the NU 52 <instert joke about the new 52 not being new or 52 for a long time here> has been to gritty and grim for waaaaaay to long and I do like the new art style (im just not used to it yet). But on the NEGATIVE we're loosing Simone :( and it appears to me that what little side-cast we had for batgirl for the past 34 issues (her TG roommate who made some news and her boyfriend) will be dropped completely with the new team with Barbra moving to the hipster side of the city + hipsters....really? Gotham has a hipster district? Im all for making a fun book, but a hipster book? + how is Barbra moving to this part of the city as I was under the impression that she was, well, broke with no job and living in hipster-vil is not exactly affordable on her budget? me so confused? I guess im just going to have to pick up the book with the new team and find out if I like it or not. But I think we can all say that this creative transision will not be without it casualties (fan-wise).

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I shed a tear for all-star western, its been one of my favouret pick-ups since september 2011 and never failed to deliver a good story. :,(

Batwing, although i pick it up and i do enjoy it i thought that this series had lost the plot when they decided to swap out the interesting David and the potential stories he could have had in Africa (a bloody continent) for Luce fox and another gotham centered title. Nothing bad by Palmiotti's doing, but it just wasn't a good move.

Birds of Prey: i've just been picking it up in trade and my general thoughts of it were "meh, its alright". It'll be back again soon.

Superboy: Dropped it a couple of issues back, but as with the titans book it was misshandelled from the very beginning with conviluted plot and wibily-wobilly-timie-wimey etc. and so many crossovers. It was hard to keep a trac of where the series was going and it never (after the 20-something issues i read) established a status quo for the character. hopefully we can get a soft reboot of the character which returns him more to his pre-52 self rather than the mess presented here.

Phantom stranger: - didn't read.

Pandora: - willingly chose not to read. though i do laugh at the fact that the title given to this "big" character who caused the new-52 reboot has been cancelled after 14 issues (most of which from what i could see were tie-ins to trinity wars and forever evil, had they not been there i'd have expected this book to have been canceled earlier. They had so much high hopes for this character and nobody cared.

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oh so warm and fuzzy on the inside. :3
I cannot wait. Love Arrow, loved how they introduced Barry in the series, super-emphesizing his scientific side, and loved the origin that they showed during the season 2 mid-season episode. I cannot wait for this show. Sure its CW and some of the dialogue is, well CW-ish/smallville-ish, but its the pilot episode and most of that dialogue will get ironed out once the series progresses.
+ may i point out that they made a series in the same universe as arrow and did not make it gim-dark. I mean Holly shizzle doll!!! Man of steel could have learnt a good thing or two......million lives, about that. No need for gim-gritty-dark to be fun. And this looks like a hellavu lot of fun :3

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Captain Marvel
Iron Man


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It was a nice friendly morning :) was only just able to get my hands on a copy of futures end #0 but the shop i was in pretty much went all out for the event. All the staff were in cosplay & I would make a lewd comment about the 1960s style catwoman spandex that was being branded but a) im a better person than that, b) there were children about, and c) everyone was more interested in the guy dressed up as Magneto due to the free swag he was giving away for a little game: guess the characters (2 easy ones followed by 1 not-exactly common aka not been on tv much characters... i thought i was going to win. i saw how everybody else fared and knew that i knew all of these "difficult" characters, then it comes to me and when number 3 comes out all i can say is "bloody hell?"....... who the frik is the impossible man? seriously? i missed out on my free trade paperbacks :,( ). but there were free posters, raffles, cheep cheep back issue bundles, conversations and so many lines. Smiling faces all around. :)

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As an episode looking at the turmoil caused by Moira's death i thought it was pretty damn good (Especially felicity XD). As an action piece i obviously wasn't expecting much (i didn't see any of the previews btw so i went in blind) but as a stand alone episode they were not 5 star material, but as a build up to the next (2?) episodes i think it was a good'un. BUT i agree with some of the other comments: the flashbacks in this episode were not edited well plus the "emotional" weight of loosing peter was...... wait there was a guy called peter? TBH i think that the flashback storyline of this season has been stretched beyond what it should have been, i loved the first half leading up to the attack on Ivo's ship, but the aftermath of the ship fights have not been good in my opinion (sure season 1 had its "flop" flashback episodes but i don't remember them happening as often). + Ravagers mask..... yeh, i don't need to say anything else. Why giver her a mask which, compered to the others, was less protective? (you know, apart from the whole ravager thing). Other than that i enjoyed the episode and am very much looking formward to the next episode.

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immmmm not really caring much for this. The success of justice league heavily depends on the success of Batman vs Superman (are they really still calling it that? why not Superman/Batman or Worlds Finest. why the "Vs" part?) and to be honest I'm not hyped about that film. After re-watching Man of Steel the film just gets worse and worse (for me anyway) and seeing as the same director is directing all 3 of these films i'm not going to go and pretend that i'm all for it. Metal-men is a ballsy move i must say... but still no wonder Woman film? The superhero movie race started a long time ago and DC/Warner are not even competing.

On the plus side, DC are winning when it comes to their TV franchises, both live action and animated (..... except for Teen Titans Go! of course.) and i am looking forward to the new flash series, Gotham and the John Constantine series. Let marvel win with the Movies and let DC win with their TV broadcasts.

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They damage the industry in so many ways. Now i have read some crossovers, be they company wide or certain gropings within the company (i.e. the batman books) which have been good and interesting, but I've also read some which were just irrelevent, unnecessary and a case of "rinse and repeat" as far as the stories are concerned. In the current comic climate we get around a dozen crossovers every year and even though these crossovers are meant to "change the status quo forever (i.e. until the next event)" we have no idea what the current status quo is as we leave one crossover and just wander straight into another one. No rest, no time to recover and no time to consider what the major outcome and results of these events are. For example; in Forever evil we know whats going to happen. The crime syndicate is beaten, dick grayson is not dead and the justice leage roster changes to that superman is out and lex luthor is in. BUT we know (especially with Johns, who doesnt finish a story but instead just writes the beginning of another one) that this will just flow into "Dark Reign: DC edition", then "Siege: DC Edition", "Age of heros" etc. There will be no rest and because there would be no rest we have no idea how the outcome of these stories would actually affect the universe. How many justice league issues will we get with lex luthor as its leader before hes whisked away in another event? How will the world react to their heroes after the events of this major catastrophy? How will the... oh wait here comes a new event!!! With no status quo present whatsoever why should we care about these events?

After Flashpoint we get a (as DC advertises it) brand new shinny and better universe *crickets, crickets* but before we could get settled into it we were thrown 2 crossover events (not company wide): Night of owls and the culling. One was an example of a good crossover event which didnt impare much on the actual major stories and, if anything, added more to the mythos of the character and his related titles. The other was an event which tried to "shake up the status quo" of 3 titles which had barely even begun and which didn't even give their characters proper "down time" to mull over the events of said crossover before flinging them into other events/cancellation. I've already poked fun at the issues with the constant stream of crossovers which was Geoff Johns run on the book (good crossovers none the less... except for brightest day) but the fact still stands: green lanterns status quo is meant to be him being a space cop, saving ailien worlds from different badies and such, yet with the constant flow crossovers we have to have the character tell us that himself rather than have us watch him doing it. Trinity War was pretty much set up from the beginning of the new 52, a new universe in which we were promised that no major crossovers were going to happen straight away (que the culling and night of owls 6 months later) yet in the set up to trinity war we had "throne of Atlantis" a justice League X Aquaman crossover, followed by trinity war which was then followed by the totaly new event Forever Evil which is, essentialy "Avengers Dark Reign + JLA vs the Crime Syndicate". We have had no time to see how these events have affected certain characters and because of that lack of time we dont care about them anymore.

Now if your playing a long game such as say 20 issues of JL after the events of forever evil with Lex Luthor as leage leader comprised of single issue stories to 3/4 parters max after which the next event (be it major or minor) comes up at east then we've had 20 issues i.e. 20 months worth of new world building: 20 months of character development after the last major event. 20 months to actually give a damn. Then we'd care about events. For example, Marvel didn't get to issue 6 of superior spider man and say "ok, time for otto to go and peter to come back now". We waited 30 issues for that. 30 issues of wanting to get petter back whilst also (even if unwillingly for some of us) giving a damn about what ottso superior spiderman was doing. With the constant sluth of events we dont get that breathing/ "giving a damn" time and in most cases it just shows how little of an effect the actual event had on the universe (looking at you age of Ultron).

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Firstly: Dat cover art.

Secondly: Yay! Earth 2!!!

Thirdly: so tom wayne batman isn't going away and the "main" characters of this book aren't the ones being focused on (on the cover at least) for the first issue...... whatever happend to that premis of a world without the trinity? wasn't that meant to be the tagline for earth 2 (i know, i know. creative shift mid-way through a story = NUbatman, NUlois (a.k.a. not Ma Burckel), NUsuperman and NUjimmy = complaints from fans who were promised a series about the characters that we associate with the JSA). Honestly have nothing wrong with Val-Zod as the new earth-2 superman (and i'm assuming that he's wearing the crest for the house of El and not that of his own house because on earth the crest of El is known the world (or whats left of it after Taylor blew it up) as the symbol for superman: earths mightiest hero ergo Krypton family heraldry has nothing to do with it).

Now i love earth 2, but as with many folks here, since the "creative team shift" the premise of the series has been completely lost with several story strands (the mystery behind the death of Green Lanterns lover, what happened to Commander Steel in the fire pit and who is the red lantern?) just going unanswered for michal-bay-esq explosions, certain characters being re-cast (Earth 2 Roy Harper is now a very, very white Conner Hawk & Lois Lane as Red Tornado rather than Ma, Burkel the first female superhero?) or mixed up (apparantly earth 2 batman took his super drugs which give him super powers for an hour from metamorpho rather than hourman), as such although i am exited for a new series expanding upon the earth 2 mythos I don't want it to be a NuSuperman X NuBatman X Powergirl X Huntress story "co-starring the Justice Society of Earth 2". Batman might sell books but the people who pick-up earth 2 aren't looking for a batman story.