How DC should handle the new Earth 2

So this is in response to G-Man's article on Earth 2 being a bad idea. I respectfully disagree and think it could work wonderfully.

Alternate reality's are not a new idea within American fiction (or human fiction for that matter) and have been a part of several sci fi/fantasy franchises which are the primary audiences for superhero fiction. As several commenters have pointed out, Marvel has never had a problem with the concept and that never seemed to stop them from gaining readers. The new Star Trek movie used the concept and as far as I've been able to see that has never been a complaint or detracting factor of the film. In fact, Fringe is a show that has taken full advantage of the alternate reality idea for a 'mainstream' audience. LOST, another JJ Abrams production, even used it in the sixth season. Every Star Trek show has used the concept at least once. Hell, The Wizard of OZ is probably the most widely recognized films that uses the concept and one of the most well known films in America and the world. Any film or TV show that uses time travel paradoxes has dealt with the concept. Doctor Who anyone? There are numerous other mass media examples outside of comics that deal with the idea, so I think I can move on past the point of its not new and people are used to the idea even if its not used that often.

I think DC should do this, I think they should take a page from Marvel, and then do them one better. So DC should make this their "Ultimate" world minus the part with overlapping characters. Keep the number of titles limited (4 or 5), have the team book (JSA) be the driving narrative of the world as a whole, and then have the most popular of the characters in this world have their own on-goings. Don't let there be a Superman or Batman in this world. Pick someone else because those guys have enough of their own books as it is. Let Captain Marvel have his own title and let Stargirl have her own title. Have the leads be characters who aren't in the DCnU.

Then do the Ultimate titles one production element better. Do the titles weekly. DC has proven in the past that they are quite capable of doing such a production with 52, Countdown, and Trinity. But lets keep things simpler, tighter, and better by doing them in seasons. Have a team of two or three artists per book and have them create 20-25 issue seasons with two or three months in between. People will wait and return. TV has proven that. The season structures will allow for everything we get a in normal comic book with but with a sense of an impending end to each season will retch it up the tension and excitement because we know an end is coming. Have each season of each title in start in the break periods of other titles. So, if titles A and B are printing simultaneously and ending then titles C and D should start when they end.

People may complain about how DC has too many worlds and that's fine. I have a solution for that too. Let the Earth 2 titles be printed by a new 'company'. DC should create a new imprint and not even put their logo on it. Let people think that these comics are by a different company. Who cares if people don't know if its an imprint and not a different company all together because DC will still be putting out quality comics and making money. How many people know that Disney actually owns Touchstone Pictures, ABC, or ESPN? Disney still makes money and no one thinks twice about it as long as their entertainment is still good.

Should they do crossovers between the DCnU and this new Earth 2? Maybe. If the story is good and accessible, who cares if they do? People want to be entertained and if a crossover will do that in a quality manner then I don't see why not. Personally I would love a crossover to happen and have it matter to both worlds.

These are my thoughts on the matter. What do you think?

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Posted by buttersdaman000

Have separate titles for each book so people will know that the book they are reading is an alternate universe. Also have a fixed resolution for these alternate universes. Use these titles to build up to a new crisis.  
(But give me my Powergirl!) 
.......(And Wally West!!)

Posted by ThanosIsMad

Earth-2 should be one book: Justice Society Infinity. Pick up the threads from the JSA plot where Power Girl went to Earth-2 and found out it wasn't her Earth-Two.

Have Superman missing, Batman dead, and the mainstrays Power Girl, Huntress, and Robin (Grayson). Make it about the legacy characters with Alan, Jay, and Ted still involved. If they want to do Captain Marvel without him interacting with Earth-0 characters, they need to do it on Earth-5 since that's the universe with only Captain Marvel related characters in it.