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Not that bad, but pretty close. 0

OK. Siege. Bendis is just so full of crap, especially with New Avengers, and Dark Avengers. That has really turned me off from the Siege. Not to mention Tom Breevort saying the Siege would "destroy" Blackest Night. So as in Dark Avengers Annual, and Siege: The Cabal One-Shot, We see a ripoff of Civil War where The Hood's Gang attack Volstagg, and cause an explosion in Soldier Field, and kill a bunch of people. I'm sorry, but why the fuck is Volstagg in CHICAGO where asgard is floating over OKLAH...

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The Misogyny of Brian Bendis Returns! 0

Wow man! Bendis keeps his @#$%  of crappy avenger stories hitting us hard. And man those this issue wreeak. Well, Bendis hasn't been doing any mysoginy in his books, I thought he realized that women are actually people not objects, man was I wrong. A prologue of 2 girls with cheating abusive boyfriends that are going to a dinosaur restaurant (What the &%&*) mysterously  dissapear. And Venom, okay Mac Gargan has no balls to be Venom, Eddie Brock is the TRUE Venom, anyway, he feels sad for...

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Best issue by far! 0

Well since I do not enjoy any Dark Avengers book mainly cause Bendis has done what I hope he could have done on it, Matt Fraction who is an amazing writer has pulled it off for me, an issue of Dark Avengers that I can say I love! The dialouge (after the Dark X-Men are fighting the old looking Sentinels) is really good. Fraction writes Osborn perfectly, and pulls off the fact that Dark Reign in the Marvel U is coming to an end. Luke Ross' pencils are terrific. I love how he also writes Osborn wea...

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Offensive Comic 0

This comic is not bad for the awesome Deodato art, but for the horrible writing. Brian Bendis does what he does best, deaming eomen and making them look unimportant. The Sentry (who is a hero) rips off Morgana Le Fays Head! Seriously!!! A women getting her head ripped off? By a supposed hero? This book completley offends me, because I always raised to respect women and treat them as equal, not to put them equal as to us guys in comic book gory deaths. Anytime a woman is killed by a man in a comi...

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