Once AGAIN (AGH!) Right after Dark Reign is complete in Marvel, we get, Seige. How many years has this been going on? Civil War started this, then Secret Invasion, which directly tied into Dark reign which is probably going to tie into this new story arc.  The biggest problem with Dark reign was that Marvel made it so they help there large titles, acquire money. Dark Avengers does not need any assistance when it comes to buying issues. Well that is one crappy boook I don't buy, now what are other crappy bendis writen books is marvel going to shove down our throats? I love Marvel. I know it may not seem that way, but I wish they would stop with these awful money grubbing events. Please Respond. Thank-You! 
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@hero vs. villian:
Actually this has been going on since "Secret War", which led to "Avengers dissasembled" which led to "House of M" which led to "Civil War" then "World War Hulk" then "Secret Invasion" and now "Seige"... if you're angry, blame Bendis, Secret Invasion was his idea. He had it planned since Secret War, and never even told anyone till after Civil War.
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i am quite looking forward to siege

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im curious how far in to the future this is. could Tony really be coming back that quick? i think its someone else. Also does the combination have any significants? (349311)
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It has to be him, and it has to be now.
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y and y, i thought i read something this past week about how iron man will be returning but that Tony stark necessarily wont be, someone will be taking over for a lil while