Scarlet sounds good ?!

Scarlet #1

Scarlet is the new Icon project that will be launched by Brian Michael Bendis. (Oh yeah, this is Alex Maleev's FIRST independant book!) Now, I've gave bendis crap in the past. The Lindy Renoylds death in Dark Avengers drove me insane with anger. But lets NOT focus on that. It's the way the book is being marketed, I actually WANT  to read this! Why? Cause it sounds like this will give me something that I have been wanting for a very, VERY loooooooooooonng time. What is that? Bendis writing a strong character. This has been hard to find since Alias, or Ultimate Spider-Man. I hope I will finally see the old Bendis who could write a solid, strong story, and not the Avengers Bendis. You guys wanna read it?
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Posted by FLCL1

cool, ill read

Posted by hero vs. villian
Remember, read before pay. You don want to PAY for it, (if you know what I mean)  :)
Posted by InnerVenom123

Why did the Lindy Reynolds death drive you insane?

Posted by hero vs. villian
Because of the way it was depicted. I found it offensive. But, that was the way I saw it. I posted a blog, and everybody disagreed with me on it, I still feel the same, but lets NOT BRING THAT UP AGAIN!
Posted by rbysjti

the hair doesn't look good, they should have painted it brighter.

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

Nah. Looks like something I`d find boring. The art`s great, though. Naturally.