Captain America Debate

Now with the Captain America mini series, Captain America reborn (yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn) out, and thus Steve Rodgers back, who do you REALLY prefer as C.A.? I mean Steve Rodgers is the first, original, and true, Captain America, but Bucky as Captain America, I have bought into that thought, like Dick Grayson as Batman. Oh, and by the way, one rumor which really does make sense is the Steve Rodgers could become the new director of S.H.I.E.L.D. I like the sound of that last thoghtu alot, you guys?!
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Posted by LauraX23

I bought Captain America Reborn haven't finishes reading it tho!! ;)

Posted by Vance Astro

Steve Rogers is the better and one and only Captain America.The mantle should die with him.That way Bucky will have to find his own persona and that will be better for him.Taking mantles drops the responsibility on the character to live up to the hype.It was cool while it lasted but now..I would rather Bucky make a name for himself.

Posted by InnerVenom123

Why is Reborn boring to you??? Brubaker planned it from the begining (Incase you're one of those people who think it was a random decision) infact, he planned it to happen within the first year of Steve's death! But then he tries writing Bucky alone, liked it, then delayed Steve's rebirth. And Steve IS Cap, like Eddie IS Venom, like Spawn IS Al Simmons, like Batman IS Bruce Wayne, etc. You get the point. :P
Posted by The_Martian

I like Steve Rogers better. Bucky wasn't bad as Captain America, but he doesn't feel like Captain America, like Steve does.

Posted by hero vs. villian
Because it's going nowhere. Its just setup setup and more setup. Plus Marvel is only putting in a mini series just to get more money. It can be told in the regular series.
Posted by King Saturn
Steve Rogers is Captain America  ! Bucky was good holding down the fort for a while... but Steve is the real Captain America
Posted by Meteorite

I'm on the fence about this. At first I was pissed off that Steve died, but thought that it was appropriate that Bucky would be the new one. Now that Steve is coming back, it makes me a bit pissed off that he didn't stay dead. Realistically, it would be better if he were dead since the impact would last for ages and in real life people don't come back from the dead.

Posted by Truex

Steve Rogers is the only Captain America. Bucky has been great but he needs to become Fury's right hand man or something.

Posted by hero vs. villian
You know there is the rumor about him becoming the new director of S.H.I.E.L.D. Hopefully Steve could be both.
Posted by InnerVenom123
@hero vs. villian:
Well technically the main series stopped while "Reborn" is going, so they're making the same amount of money either way.
Posted by hero vs. villian
The series doen't need to be stopped. Marvel only stopped it so they could put out reborn and make more money off of it. Plain and simple. 
Posted by InnerVenom123
@hero vs. villian:
Well, yeah. Do you think they'd have made the same amount if Reborn had been an arc within the regular book? It's just good buisness. lol. I myself am enjoying Reborn, and am very curious to see what's gonna happen, though I know what WILL probably happen, it's still interesting. And hey, at least it's not Secret Invasion. lol.
Posted by hero vs. villian
I think Marvel just wants to get all the money they can get from us. i don't wann sya that because Marvel is my favorite comic publisher, but right now D.C. is doing a good job with their pricing.
Posted by InnerVenom123
@hero vs. villian:
Marvel NEEDS the money. I think. Since they're not all the way merged with Disney yet (NO, no stories are gonna be changed. If it was FOX we'd have to worry.) they need to jack up prices, they DO have some high-budget movies coming up. And if my extra bucks pay for a good Avengers movie, then it's money well spent. 
If its not for that, then maybe the economy. If it's just mindless greed, I'd agree with you, but since I don't know, it's just... uh... I don't know. lol.
Posted by War Killer

First off, It's Rogers, there's no D in his name, second, I really think S.H.I.E.L.D. is dead, so there's no way he'd become the new director, plus he's a soldier, and likes being on the front line, not sitting at a desk. But to answer the question, Bucky's great as Cap, but Steve is Captain America, but really, Who said their couldn't be Two Captain America's?

Posted by Yung ANcient One

Theres already several Captain Americas... i think Steve needs to call it quits... Barnes... got this one... IMO... if we should have "2 Captain Americas" that be stupid IMO... if both wore the costume... then OK... but Barnes needs to get a new codename... he could be American Soldier or whatever... We already got US Agent... and PAtriot... so one more Cap look a like wouldnt Hurt...IMO

Posted by Tyler Starke

Steve rogers should be cap, but with Buckys cap costume, cause it's way cooler and shiny :)

Posted by joshmightbe

i liked bucky as winter soldier

Posted by Lunacyde

I love Bucky as Cap, but Rogers just goes better with the Shield IMO...Bucky could be aweosme with a different name and persona.

Posted by War Killer

I still don't get why Steve can'tjust carry the shield and Bucky just keep wearing the Bucky Cap uniform...

I mean they look okay here, and Bucky looks cool even with out the shield.
Posted by hellfiregod529

I say both, Two of them could work. Even give Buck a similar shield. It'd be cool to see Steve and Bucky work together again while both are wearing the flag.

Posted by Korg

Bucky can be Captain America. Steve can be Captain Altruism.