Blackest Night vs. Dark Reign (yawn)

Blackest Night #1

 Dark reign started last year and has been a year long. The checklist for Dark Reign was incredibaly ridicuolus! Almost half of their books were tie-ins, then another 8 were a bunch of $3.99 unecessary mini-series. (Mister Negative, Lethal Legion, M.O.D.O.K., Zodiac. etc.) Blackest Night at D.C. however, has a much more modified checklist. With about 6 tie-ins a month, and the only mini-series reflect on their big name heroes except Green Lantern. (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash). And Marvel having losing spotos in the top 10 in the last 2 months are going to do what they always do. They will just flood the markets with their books, so D.C. ones aren't noticed, and fans will feel like only Marvel books came out. That in turn, also makes fans compete mentally for which Marvel books they want, so whena company like Marvel does that, they don't only hurt the industry for other books, they also kick themselves in their asses, nd suffer as well. Is it just me, or is Blackest Night sound nothing except a horror story that has completley addicted, and you can't help to love it, and know what happens next?!
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Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

Blackest night was so much more different from what Alan Moore, who actually came up with the idea, visioned (okay, he visioned this idea too, but I mean the one which was shown in Tales of the green lanters issue*). I liked his version better. I know this, since I`ve seen enough of Blackest night to know which one I like better. Blackest night was good/ok, of course. I haven`t read it yet, but of course it is.