Bendis is starting to be a tease



In all of the first two instances, do you know what happens? The New Avengers DO NOT fight the Dark Avengers. And in the third one? A possible fight is interrupted by Thor. 
I'm really starting to think Bendis is teasing us, and that the Dark Avengers (who I reaally wanna see be beaten by the good guys) may never fight the New Avengers! If they do, I hope it does not feel rushed, and the plot won't make sense. (which I've got a good feeling that is probably what willl happen.) And as the Spider-Woman Motion Comic, I thought Bendis was going to do something really awesome with it. Boy was I dissapointed.  

Who Is More Overrated



In your minds everybody, please say between the two, who is more overrated? 
Doctor Doom?

Favorite Movie Trailer

There are many comic book movies that have came out this year, nothing spectacular, but out of the ones that have, what one had the trailer you loved the most? 
       This was y favorite. (alot of people would probably say the same thing)  
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Jeph Loeb WHY? WHY? WHY?

I don't know how you guys feel about this, but I'm gonna say this. Jeph Loeb is an AWFUL writer! Red Hulk? RED HULK?! You call that entertainment?!  He has basically came out and said that he is writing it for 8 year olds. And how is it getting in the top 10 every month? The Long Halloween was the best thing he has ever written. Hush wasn't that bad either. But seriously WHY?! Pleez leave your comments and fellings on this matter. 

Is his design a ripoff?



Alright, Romulus. His fave has finally been revealed to the mass comic book reading/Wolverine fan audience. Now does the look of the guy kind of remind of at least 3 people. The claws out of his hands remind me of Wolverine and his son Daken. His clawed fingers also remind me of the archenemy of Wolvie-Sabretooth. Oh yeah, his hair is kind of mutton-choppy, like some body else we all know who has mutton-chop hair.  So do you guys feel the same way way? Pleez leave a comment! Thank-You.
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