Scarlet sounds good ?!

Scarlet #1

Scarlet is the new Icon project that will be launched by Brian Michael Bendis. (Oh yeah, this is Alex Maleev's FIRST independant book!) Now, I've gave bendis crap in the past. The Lindy Renoylds death in Dark Avengers drove me insane with anger. But lets NOT focus on that. It's the way the book is being marketed, I actually WANT  to read this! Why? Cause it sounds like this will give me something that I have been wanting for a very, VERY loooooooooooonng time. What is that? Bendis writing a strong character. This has been hard to find since Alias, or Ultimate Spider-Man. I hope I will finally see the old Bendis who could write a solid, strong story, and not the Avengers Bendis. You guys wanna read it?

Batman #700 Cover

Batman #700

So we finally have seen a solicitation from D.C. for Batman #700. And!!!! This artwork from David Finch is just a relief from what horrible art that Tony Daniel is doing right now. Guillem March will be doing issues #698, and #699, but TD will still be writing, and driving me angry. So what do you all thinkof Finch's cover for June's Bat-Milestone? Since this is #700, could it still be Dick? Or is this finally Bruce Wayne?!

Will this REALLY work?

The Heroic Age

The Heroic Age. Yeah. A retcon of the Avengers? Or is this just another shot at D.C. v.i.a. storylines with D.C.'s Brightest Day story arc? The good thing of this? Brian Michael Bendis won't write all of it! Ed Brubaker, and Jonathan Hickaman will be the other 2 writers. I don't know about you, but Jonathan Hickaman is  the one I am excited for the most! And John Romita JR. will be the artist! What are your thoughts kiddos!?

Blackest Night vs. Dark Reign (yawn)

Blackest Night #1

 Dark reign started last year and has been a year long. The checklist for Dark Reign was incredibaly ridicuolus! Almost half of their books were tie-ins, then another 8 were a bunch of $3.99 unecessary mini-series. (Mister Negative, Lethal Legion, M.O.D.O.K., Zodiac. etc.) Blackest Night at D.C. however, has a much more modified checklist. With about 6 tie-ins a month, and the only mini-series reflect on their big name heroes except Green Lantern. (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash). And Marvel having losing spotos in the top 10 in the last 2 months are going to do what they always do. They will just flood the markets with their books, so D.C. ones aren't noticed, and fans will feel like only Marvel books came out. That in turn, also makes fans compete mentally for which Marvel books they want, so whena company like Marvel does that, they don't only hurt the industry for other books, they also kick themselves in their asses, nd suffer as well. Is it just me, or is Blackest Night sound nothing except a horror story that has completley addicted, and you can't help to love it, and know what happens next?!

The Gauntlet

Amazing Spider-Man #612
The Gauntlet is just upon us. With a prelude from Amazing Spider-Man #611, the classic villians of Spider-Man are about to be introduced since blahhhhhhh (cough) I mean Brand New Day, how do you feel about this. Is it being done in an appropriate manner? How excited are you? 

Greg Land Strikes Again!

Seige: Storming Asgard-Heroes And Villians

Does this picture not disturb you? No? How about if I tell you that this a frightening Greg Land Seige Solicit? Yeah you better be scared know. I mean female Loki, and Spider-Woman have got that triditional land porrnface goin' on, and well Spider-Woman's got more than just that if you can see what I saw? Thoughts please!


Once AGAIN (AGH!) Right after Dark Reign is complete in Marvel, we get, Seige. How many years has this been going on? Civil War started this, then Secret Invasion, which directly tied into Dark reign which is probably going to tie into this new story arc.  The biggest problem with Dark reign was that Marvel made it so they help there large titles, acquire money. Dark Avengers does not need any assistance when it comes to buying issues. Well that is one crappy boook I don't buy, now what are other crappy bendis writen books is marvel going to shove down our throats? I love Marvel. I know it may not seem that way, but I wish they would stop with these awful money grubbing events. Please Respond. Thank-You! 

Captain America Debate

Now with the Captain America mini series, Captain America reborn (yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn) out, and thus Steve Rodgers back, who do you REALLY prefer as C.A.? I mean Steve Rodgers is the first, original, and true, Captain America, but Bucky as Captain America, I have bought into that thought, like Dick Grayson as Batman. Oh, and by the way, one rumor which really does make sense is the Steve Rodgers could become the new director of S.H.I.E.L.D. I like the sound of that last thoghtu alot, you guys?!
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