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I want to see a death battle of this. And they go through a lot of effort in them so it be fair fight. And d can slice lightning, cut holes in time and space. Alucard would easily be his greatest threat if you don't include his version of Dracula. If these worlds were connected that be some crazy shit a 12,000 year old plus alucard vs d. Now that he some crazy shit

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Look at d's feats. It took me a while to get all of it haha. But read the books. D is an absolute beast haha. I wanted to include johnthan joestar/jotoro joe star, richter Belmont and lastly Abel. But then I thought be over kill. But I read d feats and he can kill gods or godlike beings.

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D. Has scary feats. Killed gods. Fought living deserts. Killed countless high level vampires. His blade can cut the very fabric of reality and stop regeneration in creatures. So d.

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1. D

2. Alucard (hellsing)

3. Demitri

4. This was a hard one for me to choose. But Abel. I seen trinity blood and at full power he could easily too dio. Dio maybe able to stop time but how much damage could you do to him before the 10 second time limit. Even then how. Abel is considered a vampire eater so. Dio doesn't have much of a chance.

5. Dio brando

6.If alucard castlevania had crissengrim then yes he beat kain. But since he doesn't then kain. Soul reaver. He has killed godlike enemies and defeated the devil of his world.

7. Alucard

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Novel d alone prob could solo alucard at the end

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"I love Jim lee and Geoff johns work. BUT THIS WHOLE DC REBOOT THING IS THE DUMBEST THING I HAVE EVER HEARD!!! Come on 70 years down the drain. I pray that dc only does this temporarily. That this all part of FlashPoint thing. It won't last. I don't mind the costume changes. But come on. One guy should not be in charge of the whole DC universe. He's a good writer and all. But still this is biggest FU to the writers working there and the long time fans. Is DC willing to destroy everything I grew up with, just to make an extra few bucks. Assholes. This better be a tempt thing. Or I will never read another DC comic again.

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I can play dumb comic relief characters and manipulative assholes pretty good. I Outside of those two, the other are a challenge.

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The Blonde kid Daken? Come on marvel come up with better ideas. I mean come one, Wolverine's son in the first place has the same powers as him. Poor writing and lame imagination from writers these days. Marvel needs to hire better writers, when I mean better writers.

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"WHere does an Asguardian king take a mortal girl to dinner?! Will our heroes prevail in the battle!? Will Anthy keep the cape!?"

 You'll find out next time in Midgaurdian!!!

Sorry when I saw that last part it reminds me of dragon ball z for some reason. LOL. Brilliant Chapter.
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Thanos is tough, but not bendisforce Sentry tough. LOL