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Or he can "poof" his Medal of Honor into cigar smoke, but yeah, your reasons make sense too!;)

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It's helpful to remember that the Xavier Institute (and it's offshoots) are essentially a private school. Private schools are notorious for their reliance on uniforms that promote a, well, uniform appearance.

Don't take my word for it. Just pick up any of the New Mutants Vol. 1 appearances in TPB and you'll see what I mean. Not to mention that infamous cover of the Uncanny X-Men where Wolverine and Gambit are sparring in their classic "Xavier School" uniforms.

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and the only reason I think USAgent can stand a chance against Booster is cuz Tony Stark even said USAgent was a beast against his Machvii armor and had to be taken out first (I compare Booster to Iron Man tech alot)

I hear ya. But in all fairness, Booster's weapons haven't even been invented yet...

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He does insane damages to the Moon just by throwing his medal on it.

Impressive. But it doesn't mean a whole lot when one of his opponents can turn said medal into feathers. Or helium gas. Or cigarette smoke.....

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Not even women's, but especially not their own. They are convinced that it's cool to have vapid, empty, casual sex with any big bootied chick they see. Why is this? And lack of religion is not an excuse.

Also, for those who say it's none of my business, then why do men brag about it? You don't put something out there for public consumption unless you want a response. Thus, don't get mad id the response isn't the one you wanted.

I married a virgin, so yes there are some of us who still value a woman's virtue. As far as a man's own chastity is concerned, look no further than the cultural rot that is constant and pervasive everywhere you look. Name one television show that isn't marketed to children 7 and under and see if you can find a male character who isn't soundly ridiculed for either being a virgin, holding virtue in high regard, or seeking after a woman who thinks the same. Good luck to you on that one.

And that's just TV, music/music videos, and many works of fiction. That doesn't even count his friends in his neighborhood or at school who will often take verbal jabs at him for his pursuit of purity (when the jokers themselves probably haven't or can't get laid)! I'm sensitive to this issue because I've got two young (elementary school age) nephews and sooner than any of us anticipate, they will have to deal with this torment/peer pressure to do something they may not be emotionally/spiritually ready for. And I'm scared for them, because so many girls are sexually active so much earlier than they were when I was in school. Diseases and unplanned pregnancy are real s**t out here and I don't want them to do something because they think it's expected of them to be "cool". Whatever the fcuk that means, considering the fact that what's "cool" or what's "in style" changes every 6-8 weeks when you're in middle school and high school.

Okay, rant over. But needless to say that chastity has it's defenders out here.

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What (if any) resistance does BM have against transmutation?

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1. Daredevil. Spiderman: Daredevil's face implodes, Wolverine: Daredevil's face gets caved in.

2. Batman. Same as above.

3. Captain America (Pre-Old Man). Spiderman: Steve's face implodes, Wolverine: Caves in his skull in a couple of hits.

4. Deathstroke- Pre-New 52 Same as above.

5. Kraven the Hunter (Pre Curse) Same as above.

6. Green Goblin. Spiderman: Breaks his face, Wolverine: Knocks him out in a few shots.

7. Scorpion Spiderman:breaks his jaw, Wolverine: breaks his face with multiple hits.

8. Tombstone, Spiderman:Breaks his face with a few shots , Wolverine: Breaks his face with a few shots.

9. Roughhouse Dunno who this is

10. Kaine Spiderman:caves in his face in a couple of hits, Wolverine: does the same

11. Eddie Brock Spiderman:5/10 chance of knocking him out, Wolverine: doesn't knock him out

12. Namor Spiderman:Doesn't knock him out, Namor registers the hits but they barely hurt, Wolverine: Can't do anything.

13. She-Hulk Same as above

14. Doc Samson. Same as above

15. Sasquatch dunno who this is

16. Wonder-Man Doesn't feel a thing

17. Thor. LOLs at them.

Roughouse & Sasquatch. For your reading pleasure.

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A plumber that can run & jump stomps Bowser every time.........

A plumber armed to the teeth with a variety of mystical weapons. Batman would need to equip himself with a crapload of Nth Metal weapons to survive this.

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in b4 every guy comes up with an excuse why they would win.

How's this for a non-pervy method to victory: In a street fight, nearly anything goes. From improvised weapons to throwing debris in your opponents eyes/face to blur their vision, etc, etc... I might win under those conditions considering that despite her being both a woman I out weigh by 70 lbs. and am 5 1/2 inches taller than she is STILL an elite level athlete with decades of muscle memory and combat training.

No way I'd be able to take her under the Unified Rules of MMA though....