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Plastic Man deserves his own series and some villains!!!

A couple of them could be serious villains while most of them should be comic reliefs.

Agreed. Him and Dr. Mid-Nite as well.

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Exactly. And him doing this to her, Virgil, and/or BL could prove detrimental. Perhaps even stompworthy in some people's point of view. Unless this battle ends up in Limbo where Majik is allegedly all-powerful. That could be problematic, IMO...

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To be honest, i'm not very knowledgeable on most of the DC characters. But if i'm not wrong, Bloodwynd has the same powerset as MM. That and the combined power of Blue Marvel should be enough to bring the other team down.

Bloodwynd's base powers are his healing factor, super-strength (Class 30-50 with the ability to increase it further if the battleground is a site of great carnage or loss of life by drawing in the pain of the victims into himself), necromancy and the ability to control zombies, flight, teleportation, a Ghost Rider-like Penance Stare, and mystical optic force blasts.

But yes, when the Martian Manhunter possessed the Blood Gem, J'onn had access to both his and BW's powersets. Nasty!

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A scan with who ?

A scan of Blue Marvel "healing" Monica Rambeau and subsequently increasing her powers/control over them. I think it was back during the "Iceman VS Blue Marvel" thread if I remember correctly.

And if he can do that, then adding Starlight to an already loaded SC Neo might be seen by some as stuffing the ballot box, IMO. Especially since I've prohibited the Phoenix Force in this battle.

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As for starlight and captain marvel or spectrum or pulsar or phton, they both have the same powers, with starlight adding her teleportation to it

Correct. And for this reason exactly, I purposely benched Starlight in favor of Monet. I figured having her, Photon, BL, and Virgil on the same team as Blue Marvel would look like overkill considering he has the potential ability to boost any/all of their powers to all new levels (@realitywarper provided a scan of him doing this exact thing to Photon in another thread).

So Starlight (and the Shadowspire) will be sitting out this round. At least for now.....;P

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Without hax items for the Heralds, team Darkseid wins this. The Heralds will give it a good try, but they lose in the end IMO...

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Bobby can reform. He can control temperature but she doesn't have to have heat to attack. And I still don't see how he hurts her, which is why I said "or stalemate". You brought up Jeans forcefield so I mentioned that team 1 has forcefield also. I've seen the Xmen prep for battle hundreds of times, yet I can't recall once when they ALL started inside a force field. If it's not in character, then I don't assume they will do it. It is in character for Spectrum to blitz.

This is correct. To the best of my knowledge, there are at least 5 members of the Neo (thank you @lordofallhumans for that cool nickname:) that have shields [Mr. Terrific, Steel, Icon, Black Lightning, and Static]. I'm unsure about Monet.

And while Hawkman lacks shields, he does have Battle Armor (which I'm uncertain how it will interact with Rogue's new proximity powers). Perhaps @ancient_0f_days, @matchesmalone21, and/or @beatboks1 can school us on how he might contribute here...


It is in character for Jean to shield her teammates is my point, and she will certainly shield herself. Does anybody on the opposing team have any notable defenses to a telepath that can psi blast and mindrape Juggernaut through his helmet? If not from the safety of her own shield Jean can take Monica out and probably everybody else. I wasn't saying Bobby would be the one taking her out only that he has defenses against the attacks you mentioned. Then there is the fact that with Jeans help Rogue can absorb powers without touching and the effect still knocks her opponent out, like she did to Colossus when they were fighting the Neo.

It's always a pleasure to have you post in on of my threads, mon ami! No sarcasm. None whatsoever. As far as the underlined point, I know that in an armor several models ago, Steel was able to completely evade on different occasions telepathic and telekinetic attacks on his person from telepaths as strong as Maxima and J'onn J'onnz by cycling his body and armor between several different tesseract dimensions simultaneously at speeds way too fast for me to try and explain. Jean would easily be peers with those two if she were a DC character, no doubt. So it stands to reason that since Dr. Irons has upgraded his armor many, many times since then that he at least retains that ability, or perhaps a further refined version thereof.

It's good to see that this is a pretty good match-up, though. I hate making spite threads!;)

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Doesn't rogues powers work through proximity now...also she can amp up with everyone's powers before she goes all in...

Apparently so. But with the prep time it's possible that either Steel and/or Mr. Terrific would not be caught unaware by this detail. It's plausible at least...

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You really know your stuff, mon ami!


Yeah I was thinking of Nth metal's anti magic angle. However, Mercury was also supposedly immune to magic. She was able to shrug of magical blasts from some hell lords however when it came to Magik...

Also if it is a mystical metal, Magik can cancel anything magical as well. (1)

I think need to see how great the other team is at planning a battle more then say building a machine....If someone on the other team has taken down elder god level characters then it should be a good fight. Someone who has the craftiness and the guts to put everything ...and i mean everything on the line to win.(2)

1.) No, Nth Metal isn't mystical. It instead possesses the ability to absorb, deflect, and/or negate magical energy it comes close to or in direct contact with. Unlike Uru (for example) which is intrinsically magical, Nth Metal functions as a sort of Kryptonite to Chaos Energy fields (magic). So there's that...

2.) Well, I'm probably going to have to tag in @the_red_viper, @ancient_0f_days, @oceanmaster21, @iconrocket123, or perhaps @matchesmalone21 for this info, but there are hundreds of years of experience on the Shadow Cabinet Neo's team. I doubt that they would be caught completely flat footed. IMO...

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