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Freaking wow. This is a real character, yo? WTF???!!!???

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I got beat.... now it's their turn

LOL! I don't know whether to laugh or cry on this one, for real. But yeah, if the kid is acting up in public or private diplomacy is visibly failing, then stricter methods of getting the point across are in order. Drawing blood and/leaving bruises that don't fade in 24 hours/ breaking bones/ leaving burn marks, etc.. THAT kind of stuff is universally known to be over the line, so there's that. The real (read: adult) world works under the exact same principle. It's kind of how while both jaywalking and premeditated murder are both illegal, they carry DRASTICALLY different penalties with law enforcement and the court system. You might get a cop who's having a good day that'll warn you to use the crosswalk when they catch you jaywalking, or you might get that a-hole cop who'll write you a ticket for jaywalking. Depends on the circumstance/jurisdiction. But EVERY cop will arrest you on sight for committing a murder! There's no pu$$y-a$$ "time out corner" for that one. You're getting sent to prison or perhaps the gas chamber, end of story.

Sorry @wolverine08, but you on the wrong side of this one! See above for more details.

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@lol: We called it a draw and went out separate ways. That thread was almost two years ago, way back when I was still introducing myself to Orion, and that thread was more in part due to my own introducing of said characters.

Back then I'd go into CAV's knowing very little about my character, so that I could learn more.

That being said, all this time later, @heraldofganthet and I share the same state of mind in a Thanos vs Orion battle.

I would love to pick that thread up again, knowing what I know now of Orion.

Sorry for not getting back to you guys earlier. I was getting ready for my friends to come over and watch the Mayweather fight last night!;) To address your question(s) @lol, the more I learn about this Void guy the less I like him. Paul Jenkins should be drug tested for coming up with that bullsh*t. To think that a plot device of its power level should arise as a result of a chemical compound such as the Super-Soldier Serum (even if said version of the aforementioned Serum is 90,000 or whatever times more potent than Dr. Erskine's original formula) is absolutely preposterous. *sigh* *smh*... That said, I see him wining a fight with Orion eventually. Unless Orion decided to Boom Tube his a$$ to Care Bear Land. Let's see how long he lasts in the "cheeriest place in the multiverse" (hahaha!!!;P). Seriously though, I see Orion having the same level of success (or failure) someone like a non-jobbing Thor would have against it. Whether or not Thor has actually faced off with the Void yet, I don't know because I simply haven't read all of the stuff he's appeared in.

The Thanos issue is a little different because while he is certainly capable of exotic methods of attack like sorcery and has a great technological base of weapons he can pull from, his go to method is to get his hands dirty, so-to-speak. He likes to tank and scrap. He'll shoot the occasional energy blast for variety. And he's no joke. Jim Starlin's homage to Orion's father is a formidable villain. Don't think I don't know that. It's just that similar to the Hulk, Orion can also get stronger and more dangerous nigh-indefinitely. The difference is that unlike the Hulk who uses superhuman levels of adrenaline via anger to increase his physical stats, Orion has the luxury of manipulating the Astro-Force for this task. By doing so he can tap into the literal "Wrath of the Source" to increase his strength, speed, durability, energy projection, energy/matter manipulation, his healing factor, reaction time, etc, etc, etc... Thanos could 50/50 with Orion. I'm more than prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt on that one. But Thanos is by no means one-shotting Orion, especially with Mother Box protecting him from psionics: The one method that has on at least two occasions forced Orion to halt his attack temporarily. Orion can contend here, mon ami. Against that Void thing however, that's anybody's call. Especially considering the fact that Marvel seems to come up with new powers for that thing every other day. Sheesh.

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I disagree, opposite what you think i never said Orion is weak

Then let me take this opportunity to apologize right now for putting words in your mouth. I try not to do that, so again sorry about that:(

but he is not even on Surfer level and maybe is only with me but now you are overrated massively Orion.

I actually haven't believe it or not. In fact, Orion is closer in power (both level and application of said power) to the Surfer than you may realize. But this should come as no great surprise as they both have Jack Kirby as their creator and their powers are remarkably similar despite the decisively different wells they draw their power from. I'll elaborate more on this later as necessary.

Orion vs Void or Thanos is not even close, Orion is just a little above Superman

1.) I admitted that this Void guy is drastically overpowered. He'd eventually win IMO. But Orion would not be as easily cast aside by Thanos as you may think.

2.) Orion is in truth leagues above Superman, even in his bloodlusted, sundipped state. And his powers go a long way than just slapboxing at the Class 100+ levels.

Void and Thanos eat guys at his level for breakfast. Seriously. Thanos or other characters at his level not would fight Orion for all eternity i doubt he can't even scratch Thanos or pass his shields while Thanos can one shot Orion IIRC Orion vs Thanos been done in a CAV between @nickthedevil probably the mayor deffensor of Orion and @killemall who leave now the vine for a few mounths and nick thinks Orion could beat Thanos but after end the CAV nick himself admit he are wrong

I never saw the CAV you speak of, but Thanos isn't the only one with great shields here. That said, Orion is not so easily one-shotted. Not by brute force anyway. The only times I've ever seen him one-shotted was against telepathic opponents. This is when on those occasions he asked Mother Box not to intervene on his behalf. She has (among Her many abilities) the ability to do a battle assessment on any opponent he faces. She'd pick up on Thanos' TP/TK and actively shield him from both. Leaving them to the FTL slugfest, high octane energy blasting, matter manipulating brawl you'd expect from two titans with their respective powersets/levels. Could Thanos eventually pull off a victory. Sure. I wouldn't put it past him. He's done a lot that would lead one to see that as a potential outcome. But Orion would not go quietly, and Thanos would know that he was in a fight that day for sure.

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Taskmaster because Prometheus has no data on him. If Prometheus had data on him however, I'd definitely put it in his favour.

In a shared universe he would. But I'll play along: If Prometheus lacked data on Taskmaster, he would have data on all of the other people who are assimilated into his composite style of h2h combat. That said, Prometheus has in his standard gear Taskmaster's two worst nightmares:

  • Magnesium flares and halogen strobe pulse waves are constantly emitted from his helmet in 360 degrees. This light show (for lack of a better word) is purposely disorienting and would be a huge detriment to a man who enjoys watching as well as fighting his opponents. And..
  • Neural Chaff. This weapon made of yet to be revealed substances works similar to aviation Chaff in that it all but destroys the ability to concentrate for anyone within 30-60 feet of his person. He developed this weapon primarily to combat Green Lantern Kyle Rayner, but found it to be an extremely useful tool to overpower nearly anyone in a h2h type of scenario. Without the ability to put two cogent thoughts together (let alone a combination attack of punches and kicks), Tasky would go down hard here.

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He knows, he put Orion above Thanos, Void and other people who can kill him easily

I'm learning more and more about this "Void" character everyday, and the more I discover the more I think that Paul Jenkins was smoking something when he created him. That said, I don't think that either of the two examples you stated could kill Orion "easily". Void is simply OP, so his powers are apparently whatever Marvel decides they are this week. Orion would probably go down in a fight against him that would be remembered forever in both of their universes. Orion VS Thanos however, would indeed be an awesome battle and if Thanos didn't have any hax items going into the conflict (Cosmic Cubes, Infinity gems, HOTU, etc..), these two would fight each other for all eternity. Seriously.

The Wolf of New Genesis is not as fragile as you may think, mon ami.


Who do you think will win?

While @killemall did indeed lay out some serious upgrades that Ultron has gotten over the years, I still think that Orion could destabilize his outer shell electromagnetically in a similar fashion to what Magneto did to Wolverine back in the 90's. His AI floating consciousness is a problem though. I'm sure Mother Box can Boom Tube his AI conscious to a planet that has no life and/or no tech for him to invade like Jupiter. Hmm... It's anybody's fight for me due to Orion's (and Ultron's) insane levels of natural durability, Orion's force fields, his healing factor, both of these guy's massive energy projections, Orion's energy and/or matter manipulation, so forth and so on....

This one will be a long, loud fight either way it goes, IMO...

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Again ask you, who can beat 'your' Orion?

What do you mean by "his" Orion?

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Orion is getting an omnibus edition in March so chem86 should wait for that one instead.

Don't play with my emotions, dawg. You better send me a link that provides conformation on this (as opposed to internet hype) or imma be pissed!

Seriously though, where did you hear this? And how much is it going to cost?!!?

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Thanks for the great recommendations! I'm a big Jim Starlin fan, Cosmic Odyssey I'll probably check out first, and branch out from there :)

It's sitting on my bookshelf right now. Gates of Apokolips was written and illustrated by living legend Walt Simonson, and he brought the same love and epic illustrations to Orion's book that he brought to Thor's nearly 30 years ago. He did invent Beta Ray Bill after all, so the man can tell great stories. Really good stuff, and I hope these get the ball rolling for you into other DC titles that before now you may have passed over!

Keep me posted and PM me with updates (good, bad, or ugly) as you travel through my list of DC classics!

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I'd start with "Orion: The Gates of Apokolips". A great cosmic tale centered around Orion and the Gods of the Fourth World. Good stuff. I'd also recommend any of the TPB's of the JLA Vol. 1 (during the Grant Morrison/Howard Porter days). I haven't read any of the New 52 stuff, but Pre-Flashpoint (oh yeah, Flashpoint. That could work too..) Checkmate is some quintessential spy/international intrigue/metahuman stuff. If you like governmental ramification/Tom Clancy type stuff like Youngblood or SHIELD, you will probably like that. Any of the JSA Vol. 1 TPB's by Geoff Johns were poetry in their awesomeness (this was also before everybody started hating on him, sooo...) Not to mention "JLA/JSA: Virtue and Vice". What a roller coaster ride that was...

Another great place to start would be "Cosmic Odyssey". This Jim Starlin penned story combined super heroics, magic, cosmic power, and the Source (which in DC is where cosmic power and magic intersect) and makes for one hell of a ride. Years before anyone had ever heard of an "Infinity Gauntlet", this was Starlin at his finest. This story was published literally months after John Stewart first received his ring and it left long lasting ramifications in the DC Universe that stretched all the way into the "Blackest Night" saga.

"Emerald Twilight", both "The Death of" and "The Return of Superman", "The Blackest Night", "Zero Hour", aw man... It's a lot out there, mon ami. Start with these and I (and perhaps others) will give you more to hopefully wet your appetite!