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I like team 1...versatility is off the charts...long range and energy based attacks as key elements...whoah...whoah...Thor and Hulk...Vision as well...with prep...much closer match and great one dude...good job...

Thank you, mon ami! Kind words indeed. This is the EXACT outcome I sought with their roster! *brofist!*

Mr. Terrific has some sizable prep feats...feats wise team 2 has the chops...but team 1 is right there on their behinds...just not sure what they are going to do against Thor and hulk...

I'm going to wait for the input given by my fellow Viner's to give my final thought but as of now...this is where I'm at....

Also...I appreciate the invite...thank you...

You're quite welcome. Hopefully you'll get the chance to chime in later!


Omfg...I hate you so much for pitting all my fave superheroes into a battle royale..ugh team 1 has Icon and Blue marvel..they can take Thor and Hulk..but Hulk vs Blue Marvel..he can't take Hulk no matter what.. Icon can and will stomp Thor..especially since he won't be holding back....as for the others, the balance is messed up so I will call it a goddamn motherf#cking tie!!!

Sorry about that! Didn't mean to put you into an inner turmoil (lol)!


I dont know enough about some of these characters to say for sure. It's a close fight.

Who is/are the mystery character(s) to you, mon ami?


I wanna say Team One.

Cool. How do you think they pull it off?

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As it is, there are only four actual threats to Darkseid on the X-Men's team:

  • Older Bobby, if he gets over himself and starts living up to his potential
  • Jean Grey, pulling out another WTF power
  • Magik, dropping him in Limbo may be the only way... but it might be a terrible idea. (and BFR isn't allowed anyways).
  • Old Scott, assuming his new 'all out' blast can actually hurt something approaching Sentry-tanking levels.

Reason why I dont count:

  • Storm, she has human durability, no way of stopping or avoiding the Omega Beams and is telegraphing her attacks harder than anyone else (meaning she is going to get shot the instant the weather changes).
  • Wolverine, he can go for the eyes, but it's unlikely to slow Darkseid for long and Hulk gave us the result of getting that close.
  • Kitty, I dont think her intangibility is going to save her from a pair of quasi-mystical optic blasts.
  • Emma, off chance that she isn't crippled here, getting into Darkseid's head is about as bad an idea as jumping naked into a chemical waste dump.

I could hug you for these responses, mon ami!!:)

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Shadow Cabinet Neo:

Icon, Mr. Terrific, Steel (all non-Entropy Aegis feats applicable), Monica Rambeau, Static, Monet St. Croix, Hawkman(Pre and Post-Flashpoint feats applicable), Black Lightning, Twilight, Blue Marvel, & Bloodwynd


Captain America (Rogers with SS Serum), Iron Man (all Extremis feats/armors and below are applicable), Black Panther (Pre King of the Dead stats and equipment), Thor (with Mjolnir), Hawkeye, Hulk, She-Hulk, War Machine, Tigra, & Vision

Location: Central Park, hot August afternoon

Starting distance: 200 feet apart

Both teams have 3 hours prep, both teams VERY UPSET due to a Twitter war gone horribly wrong

Who wins?

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Loved this episode. Made me want to read Hellblazer #11 again.

Also, anyone else notice Zed wearing a thong? ;)

Oh yeah. I had to rewind it just to make sure that's what I saw! Yay!

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In all fairness, the "one-handed" scan is of her wearing the "Jupiter Suit" which increased her strength to amazing new levels...

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1. Steel is made of "organic" steel. His body is as hard and strong as steel but it's not an ore so unless someone can show magnetism working on steel it's not a given.

In combination with his Psudocyte-based healing factor, this will present problems. Good call.

2. Hawkman wears NTH metal and one of its properties it to control and negate electromagnetics. There are feats of energy attacks simply not working on HM for this reason and of tracking devices not worki g on him.

Why do people always forget this...?

3. RT is an air elemental that resides in an android form. Using his power to destroy RT simply unlocks a stronger more powerful opponent (one that soloed the JLA).

And the Crime Syndicate, but who's counting?XD

Not sure who wins but Magneto won't take out those three as people say

Couldn't agree more, mon ami!

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"Welcome to the 'Vine"! I love both of these guys, but Jim Rhodes doesn't have anywhere near enough firepower in his entire suit to take Steel down.

Good effort though!

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Jada Pinkett Smith. She and my wife are the same height, weight, complexion, cup size, not to mention the same workout schedule every week.

It's uncanny really...