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Don't forget was stomping Equus, who was designed to combat Superman, was taking hits from Supergirl, and almost gutted her with his claws.

Karate Kid was slicing his arm clean off with a simple karate-chop and breaking his legs.

WHILE he was terminally ill.


Gangsta. Equus needs more showtime up in these Battle Forums.

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To my own surprise I dont know too many of the cast members in this battle scenario, I do know that the shocker not jobbing is no joke though, he cant be touched IIRC due to his suit.

It repelled a sniper's bullet from the Punisher, but Shocker himself said that he didn't know if the suit's repulsion field would withstand another shot, so there's that...

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Canary. It will be a close fight anyway (Wade's greater stats vs. Dinah's greater skill) but since it's in-character, dat ass and dem tittays will get Black Canary the eventual win (Deadpool will be totally distracted the whole fight).

Story of my life.... Deadpool will lose for the same reasons (LOL)!!

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True, the X-Men show had a great intro sequence. But as an 80's baby, no intro will be more awesome than the "Thundercats" intro. Now THAT was quality programming right there!!

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We can all agree that Elektra is a terrible movie, but nothing as terrible as Catwoman. And I think we can all agree that X-Men: TAS is The Greatest super-hero cartoon ever made. With Batman: TAS coming in a close second.

Also despite my dislike of the JLA's system, I still like Solomon Grundy.

While I did enjoy the X-Men show back in the 90's, I still preferred Young Justice. Batman's show did indeed prove that Bruce Timm is a BAUS!

As far a Solomon Grundy is concerned, he is comics prototypical big, invulnerable, not so bright brick. Gotta love the guy for that. I doubt we'd have his scientifically based counterpart the Hulk if Grundy hadn't raised so much hell back in the 40's, tell you the truth. But I'd rather deal with Banner any day than have to deal with Grundy since the Hulk would only kill me. Grundy would kill me and eat my brains!=P

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  1. No doubt about it, Photon is a powerhouse. With that said, I must reiterate that Stargirl's foundational powerset is the entirety of Monica Rambeau's (with of course the singular exception being that she doesn't personally turn into differing energy forms). I vary my position on the Sentry as a whole since the speculation is always "Stable Sentry is this powerful, but the Void is this powerful, when he's unstable he's this powerful, then you factor whatever the hell the whole Death Seed powerset thing is...." Ugh. It's enough to give you a migraine. Anyhoo, if he can be manipulated energy-wise, and if he's ever been defeated before (even temporarily), then I'd love to hear how it happened so that I can be both brought up to speed and remember it in a future thread where he may appear.
  2. Wow. This Gorr guy sounds like a BAUS. Taking that into consideration, Asgardians do indeed have a healing factor of sorts that can be accelerated via mystical energy. I am unaware if it is strong enough to regrow limbs and/or prevent death by decapitation. If the girls can simply incap Thor (and a killer with the speed and the anatomical knowledge Cheetah possesses could certainly pull this off) one or several tendons at a time (something she's already proven she's capable of doing to Wally freaking West), or simply ripping his head from his shoulders, then that would count as a victory for their team as far as he personally was concerned, and thus remove him from the board. If WW gets full equipment for this battle, the Sword of Hephaestus could also potentially perform this task.
  3. Telepathic control of Black Bolt is simply one option available to MM. I actually prefer my original method of her telekinetically rotating him 180 degrees from where he's standing in a split second in the direction of his buddies. It wouldn't matter how much TP resistance he has since he only weighs 250 pounds, and MM can lift thousands of tons via TK. He'd be a feather to her and she could easily turn him around at the speed of thought and weaponize his scream before he or his teammates even knew what happened. She could also telekinetically hold his mouth open if she really wanted to be an a$$hole, but that's just cruel...
  4. N/A
  5. Nefaria is a beast that by my estimation doesn't get anywhere near the mileage he should get in these Battle Forums. That said, most of the assaults upon him have been physical and energy projection based. He's a certified tank, but he still has to think to maintain his physical coherence. He also needs to rely upon gravitational forces remaining a relative constant to retain the integrity of the Ionic Matrix that masquerades as his physical body. If Stargirl decides to alter the gravitational bonds that hold his ions together, he would drift apart not unlike a raincloud after a storm was over. This wouldn't kill him of course, since he would eventually reform himself. But by then he'd be so far off-board that he could no longer contribute to his team.
  6. This... is difficult for me to accept considering the fact that if she wanted to, Stargirl could independently shield each and all of her teammates from the outset of this battle. Teammates who are individually durable and/or fast enough to vibrate themselves intangible (although MM has that ability at a complete standstill). Thus teammates who don't particularly NEED her protection, but could get it anyway. Her shields have yet to be broken by anything in the DCU, regardless of power level. I too wish this fight was taking place on a Promethium planet so it could survive this melee, but to be quite frank WW is more than strong enough to contend on strictly h2h terms with any member of the male team. Supergirl too, actually. I didn't include MM in that mix because (while she's no slouch on the squat rack) she has SOOO many other ways to punish an opponent than just hitting them. Including the devastating option of "Martian Vision". But I digress... This fight is a lot closer than you may think, mon ami. Nobody stomps anybody here.
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makes me really sad now that thor is now a lady, whats next betty ray bill?

SHHHHHH!!!!! Marvel can hear you!!!!!!

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Catwoman was universally denounced. Not even Hallie Berry in ripped-up, skin tight, midriff exposing leather could save what was obviously a bad script from the beginning.

That said, don't make me bring up "Elektra"! (LOL)

You're a good dude @reikai, I'm sure of it. I'm just sorry that you feel so negatively about the JLA. They get the job done, and the Reservists are among the most diverse in comics. By the way, Orion has powers that Superman could only dream of, and Steel is a LOT more than a sub-par Superman with a sledgehammer. But I suppose that is neither here nor there...

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Stargirl and Cheetah are weak links. But Ms Martian has TP which is a massive advantage.

Incorrect. Cheetah was blindingly fast as far back as the Golden Age of Comics. Recently (Pre-Flashpoint), she was further enhanced due to her training with Zoom becoming fast enough to repeatedly hamstring Wally West at her new cruising speeds. No one on the Marvel team has a chance to hit her, let alone harm her. Stargirl? See below for more details...


Sentry for the win. They can't deal with him. Stable minded Sentry is stronger than then Void and still can reform himself. It still takes a soul-attacking power or massive energy-manipulator like Photon to deal with him.

....With the singular exception of transforming her physical body into the energy form of her choice, Stargirl possesses every power Monica Rambeau does. Photon's entire powerbase (formidable as it may be) is simply the foundation of Stargirl's powers. She can also create Green Lantern-style constructs, manipulate gravitational anomalies, drain incalculable amounts of both radiation and/or cosmic energy from sources such as stars as far away as the Horsehead Nebula and beyond, and many, many more things, mon ami. So, if it's a high energy manipulator that's needed to shut down the Sentry and take him off the board, then the DC team has way more than enough in the form of Courtney Whitmore to do exactly that.

Cheetah is the main problem for Marvel team, but:

Thor can be slashed or even cutted through, but will barely slow him down. Gorr cutted through his body in two different occassions and Thor was still fighting and even destroying planet and moon around him.

I know nothing of this Gorr you speak of, so I won't comment on him. But I question this cavalier approach you say Thor will have to being potentially disemboweled, due to the fact that he seemed VERY concerned about that very outcome when Wolverine (who I assume is at a much lower power level than this Gorr guy) was mind controlled and sought to do exactly that. Cheetah would pick every square inch of flesh from Logan's bones before he even knew he was being murdered, so Thor would have much more to worry about from her than whatever damage the former Weapon X could do to him.

Count Nefaria is being of pure energy. It doesn't matter if she will slash him or not.

Fair enough. But he still has brain patterns, and the ionic bonds that keep him in soild form are susceptible to gravitational manipulation, thus dispersing his essence. Either that, or Stargirl flinging him above the Ecliptic. And that's only if he survives Miss Martian telekinetically pointing Black Bolt's head/scream in his teammates direction in the first place...

Though, Blue MArvel and Black Bolt could be her target. Neither have really too many feats against that kind of damage.

Fair enough. We agree on this. See above.

Telepathy could be the factor against CN, BB and BM if not Sentry. Massive attack on whole team would cause MM insanse becuase of Thor's and Sentry's mind. Either she won't be able to touch them or - which is more possible - she will be stunned by their minds, like Phoenix Emma Frost.

She wouldn't need to take over all of their minds. Black Bolt would be more than enough if his powers are as lethal as we are told they are. Turned against his teammates, he'd be a deadly weapon in the Ladies arsenal, IMO...

WW and Supergirl needs better striking and durability feats to be compared to anyone here beside Black Bolt.

All Wonder Woman has to do is touch the ground for a moment to heal any damage done to her, if they could ever breech the Aegis formed by her bracelets in the first place. @pokeysteve could tell you more about that. As to Supergirl, I have personal doubts about placing restrictions on a Kryptonian's striking power. They tend to be rather good in this area, by my estimation.

I highly doubt that Stargirl's powers can succesfully affect Marvel characters here.

You would be wrong about that. Just ask diehard JSA fans like @beatboks1 how scary this chick is. In a good mood! Let alone when she gets mad!

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I believe this is what is called, "ownage."

Nick you knucklehead! You know that I love ya like a brother from another mother, but you shouldn't rub salt in the wound like that!=P